American man suffers racism in Sweden

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Hi, I’m American and have lived in New York City most of my life. I’ve been living in the richest part of the city and have a successful international job. I am Filipino-American. My friends come from all different backgrounds: white, black, hispanic, indian, asian, you name it. I just moved to Sweden the last 11 months and already have I experienced racism 3 times! It was nothing hostile but I can account for 3 situations and the 3rd one was today, that’s why I searched for “racism in sweden” online. Here were the incidents:

1. I was walking my bike home on a rainy night and 2 drunk Irish guys were smoking outside a pub and cracked jokes in English how I just came off the boat from China. Assuming I didn’t speak English I just said “I’m American. I hear every word.” and walked away.

2. I was riding my bike home and a guy yelled “Nee-How”. Not so bad, but offended to assume I’m Chinese.

3. Today, I went to the supermarket. 5 Swedish kids around 13 years old (I’m 32) were bullying me! I’m 32 and twice their size! How were they bullying me? They just said stupid comments like, “Having a party tonight? Nee-How.”

Again, these incidents were minor. They were just comments. It’s just surprising to me that a culture that I assumed to be so advanced compared to the rest of the world is still struggling with racism issues. I guess Sweden is a bit more homogenous compared to New York. In all 3 occasions I walked away but I feel like educating them. It’s so difficult to have an intellectual conversation when the first impression is ignorance. I sometimes feel like packing my bags and just going back to NYC.

I don’t want to experience this every 4 months while I’m here. But I also want to fight for my belief and teach these people how ignorant they really are. It’s a battle that can’t be solved through violence but education and discussion. I’m starting to believe it’s only an American Dream.


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  1. my friend , do not compare the US with this stupid uncivilized( seriously,just becuase a country is in europe does not make it civilized)countries . US is 100 times better than all this white trash countries. human rights do not work these type of countries(germany,denmark,austria)US is the most civilized nation in the whole world and ı hope it always stays the best one.

  2. that is quite interesting i mean almost unbelievable . i ‘ m from middle east and been here for monthes ,never heard even such a thing from any one !

  3. Yas, you shout shut up before you say anything.
    You call Sweden uncivilized and white trash? Just look what the heck is happening in the US.
    Racism there is much worse than anywhere in Europe.
    “US is the most civilized nation in the whole world and ı hope it always stays the best one”…the best joke I have heard in years. All the killing sprees that seem to be happening in the US almost every week..the death penalty….yeah, thats really “civilized”.
    And sorry to burst your bubble, but USis not the best country in the world, especially with the crumbling economy. There are a lot of nations better than the US – including most of Europe.

  4. Hey I’m 19 year old black american female. I was recently becoming interested in Sweden because of it’s spotless war record in modern times. I was curious about it’s diversity and how it might potentially harm me. Thanks for providing insight on this matter. I think it’s quite disgusting that Sweden prides it’s self on being a Humanitarian yet treats HUMANS who are as common as them inferior simply due to color.

  5. The original story seems to be quite unbelievable …. to me it seems like a work of fiction really.
    As for the “FromThisEarth” comment, the problem is that Sweden has already too many people from outside of Europe. Basically there are people from Africa (including northern Africa) and the Middle East, arriving here, bringing their own problems with them, forcing them on our lives etc etc.

  6. I agree that there is an intense culture clash due to life style differences.
    But how much can you use cultural differences as an excuse to resort to racist and discriminatory actions ?
    If anything it would just intensify the matter and make it worst.

  7. Just give the Swedens their own medicine back… them what it feels like when a nation rejects them for being a backwards and ignorant people from the kids upto their parents. Screw Sweden. It’s a little no nothing country that makes little difference in the World. To me, Sweden means nothing.

  8. Sorry to burst your bubble David, but Sweden is the best country in the world to live it.
    And, unlike USA, Canada, Australia, England or France, we are pretty much ethnically clean…unlike those countries.
    We do not need any more immigrants from Somalia or Iraq, because all they cause is problem.

    • ahhhh,sick of the minority of nine million arrogant people who think they are the best in the world. But joking apart, do you really know anything about USA and Australia?

  9. Danne,

    I am Scandinavian (not a Swede though) and I am so ashamed of you. People, please understand that individuals like Danne are in the minority. Most Scandinavian countries are welcoming societies, but we do have a few bad elements. I apologize for individuals like
    Danne. The only thing I agree with, it’s that Sweden is not a white trash country simply because of people like Danne. Danne, by the way I am blond (probably blonder than you), blue eyed and tall. Does that make me a better person? I rather surround myself with people that are dark, short, intelligent and not white trash like yourself. By the way folks, Sweden has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Wonder why?

  10. By the way, Adeola, I am sorry about your experience. Any civilized person would be ashamed of their countrymen treating any other human being the way you were treated. Only ignorant, feeble minded people would try justifying that children mock someone who looks different from them. The best sign of civilization is shown by the way we treat others, not just humans but EVERY creature on earth. Anyone making comments such as “ethnically clean” belongs with the Nazis, who by the way, were not the most intellectual people. In fact, they killed intellectuals because they were jealous of their intelligence.

  11. Danne,

    Do you have anything against tanned, blond, green-eyed Australians? I love surfing, camping, and enjoying nature and yes, people, all kinds of people. I am married to a gorgeous South East Asian gal I met in Canada and I wouldn’t have it any other way. By the way, she has a doctorate degree whereas I only have the equivalent of a Bachelors Degree. According to you, who is the most superior one? Me, with my Caucasian looks or my ubersmart wife? Got news for you, we’re both special in each of our ways and in our own humanity. So, chill and stop spewing hatred on the internet. You still wanna blame someone? Blame your government comprised of white folks like you and I. They (the white men, because there aren’t that many women) are inviting the very foreigners you find revolting to come live in Sweden. The immigrants didn’t just one day decide to jump on a boat and come uninvited. So, why don’t you hold accountable the real culprits of the state your country is at and stop taking all your poison out on the immigrants?

  12. so you are calling me a white trash just because Im speaking the truth that it, although censored in Swedish media, that in the major cities the crime is on the rise and mostly within the muslim minority.
    The fact is, not only in Sweden, but in all of Europe, that if EU allows more people in, mostly muslim, all of European countries will become muslim. Welcome to Eurabia.
    And I am sorry, people like me are not minority.
    The thing is, most of us agree see the problem, yet most are afraid to speak up because they will be assumed to be racist for no reason.
    There was this case a few years back…2 swedish girl were coming back from a New Year’s party..guess what happened? They were gang raped by 5 somalis. According to your statement, this is ok for them to do it, just because they are non-white.
    I do feel sorry for you if you can not see the difference between a real fact and racism.
    The problem is the left winger parties. They like the whole one-nation, one-race crap. Socialists and other left wing groups are the real threat to the world.
    I would ask for an apology, but I guess I can not expect it from someone that can not distinguish the difference between racism and reality.

  13. Oh my God, Danne no one is justifying violence, much less rape. That just goes to show how twisted you are. Have you considered committing suicide? You’d do us all a favor!! I am terribly sorry, as much of the civilized world would be, for the rape of that innocent girl. She has nothing to do with you though, so please show respect and refrain yourself from using the misfortune of others to make your point. Like Mark, said, blame your government and become active in electing some right wing, NAZI party that will satisfy your “ethnic cleansing” desires. Until then, it is SWEDES who are inviting foreigners. You’re hatred has filled any room left on your brain for intelligence.

    • I feel sorry for you Kiki. You are obviously one of those that dont mind having your country overrun by muslims. That is your problem.

      But to the point…why am i getting blamed for speaking the truth, no matter how harsh it is, while it is guys like David and yas that started the whole problem?

    • ánd yes, it is the Swedish government that invites all the foreigners. Same goes for all the other Nordic countries.
      They are all left wing governments and all the left wingers are a plague to this world.

    • and I feel sorry for you because according to you, right wing is the same as nazism. I do feel sorry for you and i think that perhaps you should learn the difference.
      Plus throughout history, the communists are responsible for more deaths than the nazis.

  14. I dont have anything agaisnt other people, just those that create problems in my country. And whether people like it or not, the truth is that Sweden has problems with some immigrants group.
    If you read my previous comment, you would see that I am not spreading hatred, just stating facts.
    if you dont like the truth, then I cant help you.
    And yes, I am blaming the government for the way things are. It was all in my previous comment.

  15. Second of all, racism is everywhere. Doesnt matter Sweden, USA, Canada or any other countries….whether you like it or not, its everywhere.
    And then I can say that I am proud to be white and to be Swedish. And there is nothing racist about that statement.

  16. There is nothing racist about being proud of who you are, but talking “ethnic cleansing” is ludicrous. Saying that I agree rape is OK is beyond stupid. How are those “facts”? Posting your garbage on four different posts because you are so consumed with hatred and agony is PRICELESS. BLAME YOUR GOVERNMENT. And, who elected your government?? Oh, the MAJORITY of Swedes!! You want the truth: here it goes: I am white, I am blond, I am as Nordic as can be and I am not full of hatred like you. I LOVE HUMANITY, I LOVE PEOPLE OF ALL RACES. There!!

  17. Hey Danne, do you know what the word CHILL OUT means?? You might want to have my educated Asian wife explain it to you, since you don’t seem to get it. Gee, I’ll lose my sleep thinking you’ll feel sorry for me too, you piece of white trash!

    • Just want to say that as an swedish man living in the US all acts of rasism i have encounterd is Black vs hispanic or Black vs white. And before you say anything i have bin to 47 states and its all the same.

  18. Hi and peace to all. Danne just proves how far hatred and intolerance can get you. As of for me, I will make sure I never touch Swedish soil. Why would I need to, when I can visit and enjoy other countries that will value the money I bring as a tourist? I am always well treated anywhere I go because I treat people with respect. If you are not going to respect me, then why bother with you?

  19. Danne,

    Up until now, I thought that Sweden was a model society where people from all over the world could live and work. Your comments have sent shivers down my spine and I hope I never come face to face with people like you. I am a refugee from one of those Arab countries. I came here because your country volunteered to give me asylum after I was imprisoned, tortured, and threatened to death in my country. I am an engineer and from the moment I came, I’ve done nothing but work, show respect for the norms of my host country, and paid my taxes. I go to mosque, but in no way do I discuss my religion or culture with people in your society. How can you say that I am contributing to the arabification of Sweden, by simply existing, working and paying taxes? If you want to know the truth, I miss my country so very much, but I cannot go back and risk being killed. You may think of me as an unwanted immigrant, but I will tell you that I would have not hesitated to risk my life to save that girl you mentioned from being raped.

  20. Of course here in the US we have problems with racism, intolerance, injustice, etc. It is not a perfect nation by any stretch of the imagination. As an American, I admit we have problems and a long road ahead of us to reach a level of improvement in human rights. However, had the article being about a non-white being attacked in the US, most nationals would have responded with indignation, not denial. The only reason why this forum is focusing on Sweden is because the person on the editorial happened to have experienced racism in that country. Hence, the subject is Sweden and not New Zealand. I think that Kiki had the right attitude for offering an apology for what happened. If someone abroad told me they were attacked in a NY subway, I would respond by saying, “I’m sorry.” I would not go on a tirade as to how the US was no more dangerous than Germany, China, and so forth. That’s simply lame. And to turn this into a discussion on other races and immigration is ridiculous when the editorial is about a wealthy Filipino-American (neither Muslim nor Somalian) who was made fun of by Swedes because of his Asian features. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that a wealthy Asian American deserves more respect than someone of a different race. Everyone regardless of economic class, creed, or ethnic origin does. But the central subject of this article happened to be wealthy and filipino, so I was simply expecting the answers to be tailored to this person. Ignorance happens everywhere and we must combat it when and where it happens!

  21. Ok, this will be my last post (hopefully), because I am getting sick of this.
    First of all, I am really surprised how narrow minded most of you are. Political correctness has clearly gotten the best of you.
    It is scary that you guys call white trash someone just because he’s got different opinion. You accuse me of being intollarate, but to think of it, you are doing exactly the same thing.
    So much for the freedom of speech and being able to have a view that you want.
    To Mark – just because I decided to stay within my own race, does not make a racist. This proves my above point – being able to make the choice that I want.
    And you read everything carefully, you would read that the whole “rant” was against those immigrants that come to another country, cause trouble with the law or force their own ways of living on us.
    Someone said about Sweden having a spotless war record in modern times – that could not be any further from the truth. All I can do is suggest some reading on that subject.
    And the last thing, my rant was in response to stupid comments made by David and Yas…so you should get off my case.
    Anyways, sorry for any problems.

  22. To Danne,

    Sweden does not have a “spotless” war record. They negotiated with the Nazis to avoid an invasion similar to the one in neighboring Norway.
    If you don’t like political correctness, then you don’t have to participate in this forum. Who’s getting on your case? You sound delusional and your response is certainly no match to Moustafa’s, Kiki’s (a Scandinavian), and Mark’s.
    All of those individuals have made valid points supported by facts. What you offered instead is accusations that others support rape and talks about “ethnically clean” societies. Please do not come back to this forum. It’ll be good for you and for the rest of the world.

  23. There it shows how “carefully” you read. If you actually read it, you would know that someone else mentioned about Sweden having “spotless” war record. I simply clarified the thing. Sweden did help the Nazis. They loaned them the money for building war ships, they allowed them to use swedish yard to build them, they supplied steel and machine parts and allowed the transportation of ore from Finland through Sweden. Of course Sweden “supported” Germany, they had to chance to openly contest them. They had no choice, but to do it. They were cut off from the rest of the world. But don’t forget, towards the end of the war, Sweden helped rescued many Jews. For example, Raoul Wallenberg saved close to 15,000 Jews which dwarfs what Oskar Schindler did.
    As I said, all the people in this forum had their valid points and the right to have their own views.
    So did I. We are all entitled to have our own views. Some people dont like it, can’t help it. That is what the freedom of speech is all about.
    And i actually doubt the validity of the original article.
    And do not confuse (as Kiki did) “ethnic cleansing” with being “ethnically clean”. The first one is what the Soviets and the Nazis did in their respective countries. Being ethnically clean means that a nation has none or very little mixture of other ethnic groups.
    So you say my comments are no match to Kiki’s and others? By confusing a single thing, Kiki just really proved otherwise.

  24. Danne,

    How about your accusation that Kiki supports rape? You keep skewing that question, why? But to give you credit, you are beginning to sound a little more rational than in your earlier postings. Huge improvement! Now, I did not say that there were not good Swedes. I did not say that Sweden is a bad country. Yes, Wallenberg did a lot for the Jews. The point, however, was that Sweden, as a country, does not have a spotless war record. Saying that would be tantamount of saying Germany does due to Schindler’s or the Weisse Rose’s actions. That is why I never judge a country by the actions of few, be it for better or worse. You are admitting Sweden’s collaboration with the Nazis. I know they had no choice, there were difficult times, etc. However, that just proves that the country does not have a “spotless war record.” I am not judging your government at all. I am simply saying is that when you collaborate with a regime such as Nazi Germany’s, well it doesn’t make you a neutral state, much less have a “spotless record.” Also, you need to be careful with the way you present things. Your statement that Wallenberg’s records dwarfs Schindler’s, is not correct. Yes, he saved more Jews, that’s undisputed. However, remember, the circumstances under which Schindler operated were perhaps far more precarious. Being in the lion’s den, is far more dangerous than being outside the cage. I’m not trying to diminish credit to Wallenberg, I am just trying to be fair to everyone. And, last, Danne, of course you are entitled to your opinion. Giving your opinion though, does not entitle you to accuse others of supporting rape, make sweeping generalizations about all immigrants and races, and use the words “ethnically clean.” I know you tried to defend the use of that term, however, a homogeneous or mono-ethnic society would be more appropriate. Ethnically clean implies that multiethnic societies are what, dirty? Clean, according to whom? That is why Kiki brought up “ethnic cleansing”, because when individuals such as Hitler or Milosevic speak of making a society “ethnically clean”, they perform and justify “ethnic cleansing”, which equals genocide.
    By the way, just like I am giving credit to Danne for improving his postings, I like to say that others, Mark, I am talking to you, have no right to call Danne names. I didn’t notice before Mark’s last posting. The term “white trash” is very offensive, so please refrain from using it. People will get defensive and react to it, just like they would to any other label. This forum should be about a friendly exchange of opinions, not insults or stereotypes.

  25. Wtf?
    Everyone here fails.

    @OP: This is a made-up story. I can tell, because the phrase “Nee-How” would be completely foreign to Swedes. Our Asian population is also almost non-existant. Nice try though.

    @Danne: Take a chill pill. I know your type and your views are fine to have. Just stay at stormfront and don’t bother the rest of us with them.

    @Kicki: Sweden does not have one of the highest suicide rates in the world and Danne isn’t just making this up on the spot. Sweden’s integration policies have largely failed so I can understand his frustration even though I wouldn’t turn to racism like he has done.

    @Moustafa: So one person changed your opinion of Sweden? Says more about you than Sweden.

  26. @M – Just because I decided to stick with white women, does not make me racist. If a white woman can freely choose to be with either a white or a coloured man, a white man can chose if he wants to be with a white or a coloured woman. There is nothing racist about it.
    And I take offense to your Stormfront remark.
    On the other hand, yes, I do support SD, because, as we both agreed, swedish immigration system has failed. I am sorry, but if Malmö and Helsingborg has a close to 30% muslim population, it is simply wrong. Other swedish cities are not far behind. Let’s put it this way, years of socialist rule, has damaged the structure of our country.
    @Jenny – thanks for your comment. I don’t think I expressed myself the way I intended.
    I agree, I should have used the term “homogeneous” or “mono-ethnic society”. The term “ethnically clean” brings bad things to mind. Lots of people confuse it with “ethnic cleansing” and misunderstandings can cause a lot of problems.
    As for Wallenberg and Schindler, I need to make a little correction to your comment. You pointed out the difference in being in the lion’s den and outside the cage. Don’t forget, that Wallenberg was also working in the lion’s den as he saved thousands of hungarian Jews and, don’t forget, that as a diplomat, he was working out of Budapest and Hungary were one of the Axis countries. So he was risking as much as Schindler.

  27. You people are all digressing … Jenny was right the first time when she said “This is about a Filipino-American” What’s the Filipino population in Sweden that the sight of this poor man caused such uproar?

  28. Danne,

    I see your point about your concern over immigrants, especially when you made it clear that you have a problem with those that break the law. So, I don’t think that makes you racist like others are suggesting.

    I also see Jenny’s point and agree with her in that Schindler’s situation may have been more difficult than Wallenberg’s, being that Oskar was in Germany, as opposed to in the occupied territories. Let’s not forget how the youths of the Weisse Rose paid with their lives for simply distributing pamphlets against the regime. I think it’s always hard and inappropriate to assess who sacrificed more, who is more of a victim, etc. Those were difficult times and I respect everyone who risked their lives to save the lives of (in many cases) strangers.

    Also, Jenny brought up a good point when she said “ethnically clean” versus “ethnically dirty”, as there is an antithesis to everything. Is Marie-Chantal, Crowned Princess of Greece, “ethnically dirty”? Did you know her mother is of Indian extraction from Ecuador? I guess, someone might consider her “tainted”? That is why the term “ethnically clean” makes no sense unless you support that a big fraction of the world is “ethnically dirty.”

    To Giselle, you are right about people digressing from the main topic and I would like to read more discussion on the Filipino national. However, I believe that a good discussion is also one that leads to the exploration and discussion of other issues as well. There’s my 2-cent contribution.

  29. What, you call that racist? Those three incidents are nothing. Nothing at all. In fact I think it is kinda of friendly. I am Chinese myself.

  30. All of you are discussing issues that are not issues in Brazil. If this American-filipino guy were in Brazil he would’ve been having sex with the locals( there are all races in Brazil) all fucking and loving each other. There could never be this thing called ethinic cleansing there as because all is mixed.The largest japanese diaspora in the world is in Sao Paulo, as well as the italian.There are about 12 million german descendants, there as well as 50 million portuguese. 25 million italians all fucking one another…So I think the solution for racism is simple.just fuck one another and bust!


  31. I can imagine how such an incident can surprise you, but you must grow a thicker skin. Im not saying take discrimination, but know not to let it get to you. I am black, living in Sweden. Im a take no nonsense kinda guy, i do as i please, but do not break laws or prevent swedes from exercising their right to be swedish, i came here to learn and experience their culture, so they must do whatever they feel will protect it….so long as it does not aggressively affect those who abide within the law of the land. Be self-confident, the Swedes can be nationalistic if they want, that should not offend you, have high self-esteem

  32. I actually agree with both Klown and Danne

    I’m Black British and really want to go to Sweden and see what it’s like for myself. I completely understand where Danne is coming from regarding the general Islamization of Europe – I’m against it myself.
    They have a staggeringly high birth rate, many don’t assimilate etc etc. Anyway, I don’t want to sound like Geert Wilders (although he raises questions that need to be answered).
    Well I’ll go there with an open mind but unlike the gentlemen I will confront ignorance and what I perceive as racism.

  33. WTF!! I say this article is false and ignorantly written..I’m also a FILIPINO-AMERICAN living and working in Sweden, and after having to have have lived here for 6 yrs. I have yet to experience such ignorance. Swedes are friendly, specially when they are wasted..hehe. I know because most of my friends and co-workers are Swedes, heck my X “sambo”(fiancé) and the main reason why I moved to Sweden in the first place was a Svenska tje (Swedish girl), I met her while I was visiting friends and love ones back in Hawaii. Reasons to why it didn’t work between us, well that’s another mystery. I’m 37 yrs of age, and pretty much one of the oldest person taking MMA and BJJ at this local fight club we have here Göteborg, kids in there are the funniest and coolest youngens I have ever sparred with..and I do have to agree with M “NEE -HOW” is foreign in Sweden…Sorry..

  34. 1hotpinoi – sambo is not a fiance, but a common-law partner. Second of all, it is “tjej”, not “tje”.
    Third of all, you and M are the same person.

  35. I’m a white Arab/European/American and my boyfriend is a black American. We’ve been thinking about moving to Sweden together but I’m a bit concerned about how racist Stockholm may be. I’m quite aware of the level of racism around me in California and have learned how to handle it, but do not want to relocate to a city where it may be even worse. We have Swedish friends that tell us we’ll fit right in and that we shouldn’t have any racial problems, but after reading all this I’m not convinced. We have no problem learning Swedish customs, ways of life, the language etc. We can handle stupid stares, and even lame comments, but I want to know that getting an apartment in a good neighborhood and finding good jobs will not be determined by the color of our skin and the fact that we’re an interracial couple. Can anyone of color living in Sweden give me their experiences/opinions on this kind of situation?

  36. I am a Ibrahim,18 yrz and this idea of sweden being a racist country scares me alot because am going for my furthur studies in stoklhom university

  37. I feel sorry for those that believe this guys story you must have sadly low IQ he didn’t even bother to make much change of #2-#3 same retarded nee-how bullshit fiction thought up by a retard.

  38. Grow up coward.
    Retarted bullshit? Its stating the truth.
    You are a coward enough to make your post as anonymous….
    plus most of the story is pretty much made up.

  39. I can’t believe that you guys are arguing eachother about some defenseless weak country like sweden. If red china decided to invade the entire fucking scandinavia, the war would be over in 5 minutes. You people have such a low birth rate, swedish blondes love foreign dicks not going to help the situation. You’ll be extint in 50 years. So enjoy!

  40. @Laughing at you this shows how little you know. Defenceless, weak country? Yeah, whatever buddy.
    As for your other remark, this also shows you how little you know.
    Same as in EVERY country, small percentage of women go for foreigners.
    Just look at countries like the UK, Canada or the US where all you have is people from all over the world.
    English is becoming extinct in the US, namely the southern part where Spanish is becoming the main language. And look at UK and expecially London itself…every third person is a paki, hindu or bengali.
    I think London is changing its name to Londonistan…

  41. Same as in EVERY country, small percentage of women go for foreigners.
    <<<<<< let's just say only 10 percent of swedish women are attracted to non-swede men, do the math. Sweden has almost 10 million population, let just say women make up 50%, that is almost half million swedish women. That is a lot of blondes who will mix breed with non-scandinavian blood, and MORE competition for swedish guys. Have you ever been to night clubs in stockholm? I've seen slutty local blondes getting drunk, dancing with black, asian, pakies, and god knows who they are having sex with that night. If these girls are really true to their owm men, they would have married and have blonde-blue eyed babies. But many i spoken to doesn't want to get married nor want to date fellow swedes. That is not only happening to sweden, norwegian chicks are the same way.

  42. well, ok, I can see your logic here, but i think 10% is a bit too high. Id say maybe 5%. And having sex with black or some asians doesnt mean having mixed kids or anything. I think the main problem is all the Somalis and Iraqis and others coming over. Lets out it this way, immigration ssystem in Sweden has failed. Thats the liberals to you. Good thing is the SD got in, so hopefully things will change for better.

  43. Hey. I’m a Filipino.. and i live here in Sweden.
    Racism is still a lot worse is America…
    Swedes don’t know “nee-how”… and assuming they do..
    it’s just a greeting.. what can we do? we do look like Chinese.
    and you said it yourself.. these were just minor incidents..
    if you’re STILL sulking about that.. don’t you think you’re just having
    a high pride?!? I know you’re not like that, kapatid.

    and what.. have you listed here the times you’ve experienced racism in america? (If there was..)
    Oh.. you’re from NY.. i believe that’s a special case..
    So.. The one who said Swedes are uncivilized and stupidly brags about US is a complete idiot!! No need to’s given.

  44. All European countries are racist. it is all right for Fucking Britain to colonize countries around the world, but as soon as a single immigrant comes to Britain we have a problem. Netherlands and Sweden are just as bad!! I live in Los Angeles, CA…this is called diversity! more mexicans than European whites…actually all Mexicans, arabs check the box as white!! I was the majority in a wealthy nation, white Europeans are NOT welcome or safe in CA!! they are all leaving…California per capita is wealthier than all European countries!!!!!! we will keep it non-white and wealthy till our heart stopps!!!!

    • @Bab Alemzadeh…lol..thanks for a good laugh, I needed that….
      USA is probably the worst place to live in right now, with its crumbling economy (situation worse than Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland combined), increasing deficit, inferior medicine and education system…lol..and you are not american to start with….lol..but thanks for the joke, needed the laugh….

  45. and look what happened in Africa….white people were running South Africa, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)…then Mugabe took over in 1980 and he destroyed his own country, democracy arrived in SA in the 90s….the country turned into crime ridden garbage….lol

  46. Danne

    I hear you! and I’m 100% with you, and so is 90% of all white folk.
    I’m a Brit married to a beautiful Swedish girl. I’ve been living here for over 10 years and admire the country. The standard of living is fantastic and most people are pleasant and humble. The swedes are well known for there tolerance but unfortunately that tolerance has been tested for far to long. The simple fact is that most of the immigrants here, and in most of Europe, do not respect the country that have given them a fresh start in life. On the contrary, they despise the place, mock the people from there, laugh when they receive hand outs and constantly complain about everything. Its not uncommon to find immigrants who have lived here for more then 15-20 years and not able to master the Swedish basic language, then they complain on not being able to find a job.
    I do however have one thing that annoys me about most Swedes, and that is there inability to stand up for themselves and speak out about this problem that’s facing there land. Yes that’s right, there land! it is there land and they have the right to protect it from any danger which involves groups trying to change the Swedish way of life and the laws of the country.
    Since i have been here, i have seen ridiculous laws being pass down to suit the minority ( immigrants, liberals ), example, Swedish children are not allowed to sing the national anthem in school, Swedish children are not allowed to go to church with school (that law has recently been changed back due to outcry by parents), and before anyone writes anything, i am not a very religious person and neither are most Swedes, which is why they, and i tend to frown upon Muslim extremists. Most Muslims are good people but right now a small number of extremists have tarnished the way people perceive them.
    What, may i ask is the problem with a white man such as Danne saying that he would like white people to marry or have children with white people?? Did you know that some Jews say “A Jew to marry a non-Jew and have children is worse than the Holocaust” that is what a Jewish friend of mine once told me in University. That is why Jews are strong and push above there weight, they stick together and care first and foremost about Jews, A trait which most white people have forgotten.
    But alas there is change in the air, the Europeans are slowly awaken from there deep sleep,…..the giant is about to awake again….and all those who have shown disloyalty, dishonored and disrespected us shall run for the hills. Europe has finally realised that as Danne was trying to say all along, MULTICULTURALISM DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!

  47. Moderator please post this message and not the last too. This one is properly edited. Thanks!

    Wow…..just wow to this entire discussion.

    First of all, Everybody OP is most likely a troll, but that really is irrelevant.

    Secondly, I am NOT the anonymous that posted before. I just dont see the purpose of disguishing yourself on the internet. It just gives way to massive out of control arguments like these that are taken too seriously.

    This fictional or non-fictional account brings up some interesting issues. I have been researching Sweden for the past week because I was thinking of doing my Global Health PHD research in a foreign country and Sweden, and a few other countries drew my interest for whatever random reason. I was already aware of and prepared for outrageous taxes, blonde hair, and seeing Dennis Lyxzen at some point. Since spending 4-5 years in a foreign country would be a big decision to make, I decided to start looking into the quality of life that I would experience in each country (ie. wages, taxes, culture, etc.). Being a black or African American who has experienced much racism in the US, I decided to look into the likely hood of encountering prejudice in each of the countries that I have prospecting.

    Let’s talk about Sweden. I typed the string “Racism in Sweden” into Google and PAGES upon PAGES came up on the issues that Sweden has with racism. Honestly, the google search does make the country appear to be unsafe for anyone who doesn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes. Run the search yourself. It makes Sweden look like Nazi Germany. I know better than this so I started digging and learning as much as I could. Danne, you aren’t a Nazi. In fact, I understand where you are coming from. Apparently, Sweden has a lot of immigration problems, which are turning public opinion towards being anti-immigration. The easiest way to recognize a foreignor is well……..I’m mean come on you are in Sweden, the majority of the population is white and has blonde hair and blue eyes. You see someone who looks different…they are a foreignor.

    Let’s talk about racism and multiculturalism. Is racism bad? Is multiculturalism bad? I’m going to list some statements and we’re going to see which ones are racist a.nd then I’ll move onto multiculturalism.

    1) Blacks shouldn’t live in my country because they cause problems.
    2) I love dating interracially. It’s just my thing.
    3) I love dating strictly interracially, and everyone should have to do it!
    4) I don’t think anyone of another ethnic decent would be very happy in my country, people tend to single out people who look different and treat them differently because of that.
    5) Dubula ibhunu!

    The answer isn’t what you think.

    #1 – #3 are racist statements. #4 and #5 are not. I feel the rage that is being directed at me from the future readers of this post, but hear me out before you start rage spamming. Statement 1 is singling out a group of people based on the “color of their skin”( black people aren’t really black) and saying that they specifically cause problems. A = B all the time. This is dangerous because this potentially leads to the need for segregation and mistrust yadda yadda. Statement 2, even though it notes the statement as being a personal choice, is still racially excluding others based on preference. You are seeing color and making a choice based on that. Statement 3, is just funny to me. First, the statement is singling out people based on race, and secondly, it is saying EVERYONE should do it which is controlling. It’s like reverse or bizarro nazism. Statement 4 is an example of what I and Danne like to call “the truth”. The truth is your personal opinion, arrived at by solid and honest logic based on your experiences. I do this insessantly and it is a problem. As true as the statement is, it is still just an opinion. Statement isn’t racist, there’s actually a lot of truth to it. Statement 5 for anyone who can read Afrikaans says Kill the Boer. A brilliant example comes from my quest to look up how to spell it in Afrikaans (im not perfect lol). I looked this up on Youtube because i forgot how to spell it in Afrikaans and the first link was labeled ” A song about black people killing white people.” This was egregious. The song is about killing racist power. And yes, while song lyrics are meant to be interpreted by the beholder and anyone can see why this song (given south african history) would terrify white people, its not racist in the least. They wanted equality which they did not have at the time. Racism was the problem. Racism and the classes of black, white and Afrikanner is what needed to be killed.

    So yeah, racism is singling other people out based on their culture. I don’t do it, but there are definitely people that do. Is danne a racist because he personally only dates Swedes? By pointing out that he is rigidly selective, yes. Don’t freak out Danne! Here is the kicker. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It only becomes wrong when he says and we should ALL RISE UP AND THINK THE SAME WAY. If Danne thinks that everyone should be rigidly selective and maintain “ethnically clean blood” then he is a Nazi. I have never once heard the man during the discussion say that he thinks everyone should do what he does. Everyone please leave him the fuck alone.

    Let’s talk about multiculturalism. “But alas there is change in the air, the Europeans are slowly awaken from there deep sleep,…..the giant is about to awake again….and all those who have shown disloyalty, dishonored and disrespected us shall run for the hills.”…………………………………………I need to cut this down for extreme emphasis……………..”the giant is about to awake again….and all those who have shown disloyalty, dishonored and disrespected us shall run for the hills.” Jim, you kind of sound like the South shall rise again people over here in America. The type that drag 15 year old African American teenagers behind cars until they are lifeless bodies, just because they were sick of looking at some who was different. I’m telling you this for your own benefit. Watch that. I’m not saying that you advocate behavior like that, but that is hate speech and that could inspire someone to go out and do something ridiculous like what i just described. Does multiculturalism work? I think its difficult, it doesnt mean that it doesn’t work unless you are lazy. The hardest thing for us to do as humans is trust one another. If we see someone who speaks the same language and come from the same culture we tend to trust them a bit more than someone who is foreign. Its just the way the human mind works. Is this bad? That’s where I think we can establish a line. People who think we should fight against our “selves” and become the human species, or people who think that we should remain segregated based on culture. Now, I’m going to argue.

    I think multiculturalism works its hard but it works. I KNOW Segregation based on culture doesn’t work and there are a few reasons that I will pose as hypotheticals to people that disagree. If ever culture were to keep to itself, how would we all function? “We would all be responsible for ourselves and our bretheren and the strongest would survive and the rest would die out.” Well, haven’t we tried that already. Wars actually start because of thinking like that. Humans have a drive to survive. We don’t want to die out. If country x needs water, and country y has water. There are 3 options. 1) ask country y for water, 2) TAKE water from country y (war and other problems) 3) go without water and most likely die out. If you are advocating that we all just keep to ourselves that wont work. I always keep this example in mind. If you saw a starving child on the other side of a border between your country and another. Would you give that child food and water or would you say it sucks that your country has those problems and turn your back? If you would, then I ask you this, if you were starving and without water (on a long enough time line it happens to any system) would you accept your fate?

    Nobody says hey I lets invade that countries culture and poison it with our ideas and culture (IM AMERICAN LOLOLOLOLOL….bad joke), it just happens. No one is out to get you or your countrymen. We’ve tried cultural segregation, we’ve evolved from that because we realized that it doesn’t work. It seems like multiculturalism is where we are going because learning tolerance will eventually teach us that we are a sentient species of animal living on a planet in the middle of space, pretty much alone, and we are ALL really really terrified of dying.

    Have a nice life everyone.

  48. I was 26 young bright and willing to learn new ways of doing things from different people. living in Landskrona a small town in the southern part of Sweden in 1997,. Me and a friend of mine walked into a bar when suddenly a man whome I susspect was drunk at the time called us “kunta-kinte” but the same time, 2 or 3 others beckoned him to shut the hell up. We smiled and walked out of the bar.
    At first I could not make out what that meant, was it racism or was it somebody who was reminded of a block-buster award winning movie (Roots by Alex Haille) due to our African appearance. We looked at each other and just shruged it off and thanked our lucky stars that there were atleast others who were the majority who did not share the oppinion of that singular character.

    I continued to live in Sweden for the next 3 years untill I moved to England and did not experience anything that made me feel somewhat unwanted. I still admire the place and its people. I learnt the language exellently well even got a college diploma in it. Worked, paid taxes and obeyed the law. Got married to white European, have 2 lovely children together and still very much in love. Who knows, I may one day retire and die in Sweden.

    I have since moved back to my native land in Africa and I run into Swedish people as well as other Europeans, Asians, Americans etc. I do my best to make them feel welcome in my home land just as my previous hosts had made me feel welcome. I find many foreigners who have settled in my home country and I give credit to them because anyone who has ventured far and wide to surgeon elsewhere is brave, enlightened and has a very broad perspective on life. This is what I have learnt. Somebody told me that we were made differently, placed differently and gifted differently so we can learn from one another. I hold this philosophy and doctrine to be true.

    I have read all the comments by all. It is far to easier love than to hate. hate carries so much burden, it eats us completely. If you are afraid of something because you dont understand it, why not try and know where that thing or person comes from, its world view etc. We share the planet and there is only one race on Planet Earth it is called THE HUMAN RACE-
    Untill such a time when we can confirm the existence of other beings in the solar system or indeed the galaxy this is the one we know. Even still one should keep an open mind a Martian may just be the creature with the answer to the common cold.

  49. I feel bad for your experience but I don’t agree that Swedish people is racist, sure there are some idiots just like in every country in the world. But like you said it was some foreign guys,kids and an ignorant man. My boyfriend is half Korean and half Japanese (born & raised in Sweden) and he has still heard stuff from kids and grown men as well, saying stuff like nihao and Ching Chong and pulling their eyes but I tell him to brush it off because they aren’t even worth a second of his time to think or even care about. I know the hurt that comes with discrimination and bullying because people have done that to me (I’m swedish & it was swedish people)but to paint a picture is that if people don’t like you for your ethnicity/race it will be because of something else like hair,face,clothes,weight,height,color etc. but the truth is that you can’t please everyone just as long as you are comfortable with yourself.

  50. Im swede and my racism is only towards muslims, they boost our crime rates and think that they can behave however they want. when I see foreginers at night(usualy when I go home from work) I ask them if they are muslims and if they say “yes” I beat the shit out of them. I have no problems with non-muslims whatever color or country they are from, and its not about religion(I dont belive in god). they are just disrespectfull and stupid.

  51. Danne , i agree with you , we all know in France in US in UK in Belgium in the Netherlands who are the most in jail but i disagree in France we never asked for immigrants they came alone , unlike Germany many years ago which made a connection with Turkey , i know that Ireland and Sweden because of the population , made a campaign to make foreigners come , and i know with muslims what it is now in Sweden but i trust you it is your government so know we left wings . I absolutely don’t care about the skin color but i dont like people who dont want to admit a fact and beautiful speeches neither no , differences arent always a good thing sometimes one difference walks on another and sorry and in my case i would never have a child with someone with black skin it doesnt matter french or not because i want people to see it is my child with white black child we can barely see the white side it is my view but i am not racist i have frinds from evrywhere with all languages with all skin colors BUT if you come in a country there are already laws , like them or not it is like this , people in Europe are too nice . I tell what i think .

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