Unbelievable stories: The abuse and killing of children in Akwa Ibom

By Adeola Aderounmu.

Saving’s Africa Witch Children

Stepping Stone Nigeria

Nigeria Village Square

I am sad and wounded in my soul.

On my God!

This is stone age Nigeria…! We finally arrived there!

3 thoughts on “Unbelievable stories: The abuse and killing of children in Akwa Ibom

  1. What a shame !!!!!!! the question now is what the Governor doing about this situation ,he is aware of it as they have met with him .May God punish all those responsible for the murder and torture of these helpless children.
    In this life and in the next may they not see anything good in their lives


  2. This was very very upsetting. the documentary showed us that these so called witch children suffer the most appalling abuse. Surely this can not be allowed to continue – the nigerian authorities must stamp this out surely. They shouls start by prosecuting the so called prophets and prophetesses that promote this way of thinking.


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