Power Sharing is neither “Democracy” nor Democratic

By Adeola Aderounmu.

It is not obvious that the deal in a number of countries esp in Africa is that the leaders should jostle for power and position regardless of what the people think or want.

Recently we saw power sharing deal in Kenya. Now Zimbabwe has done the same. In a nutshell, it simply means that the people can go to hell and rot away with their votes. Who cares?

If this is the solution to democratic approaches, why do these idiots share power after wasting billions or millions of dollars on conducting election.

In my country Nigeria, it is no secret. Your votes don’t count! We know that and still every 4 years some idiots conduct elections. The results are known before they send the masses out in harsh weather on a wild goose chase.

In Kenya, we saw how innocent people laid their lives fighting that their votes be counted and considered. Nigerians did that in 1993 on a lower scale. They-the people-died in vain. In Zimbabwe there is serious problem and the best way out is a proper dispensation of democracy (as one would have thought) but what we saw in the end was power sharing.

May I propose that in all these countries, the useless leadership should spare us the agony of expecting or monitoring elections.

Please continue to share the power and continue to loot your economy and continue to let the people live below poverty level. Stop disturbing world order with announcement of elections that play no role in nation building and infrastructure development.

(To be reviewed and continued)

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