A Funny Ladder of Corruption

Adeola Aderounmu

I have my reservations about International Organisations like Transparency International AND Amnestry International and their mode of operations, still I think they are trying a little bit reminding us of the some of the things that have made this world a devil’s hive: Corruption by government and lack of respect for the rights of all.

So here we are again in Nigeria! I have written somewhere that Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world. I have not changed my mind on that position. The reasons were also mentioned in that article which has been published on this blog and on the Nigeria Village Square. I stand by what I wrote then and when I’m affirming now that Nigeria is (probably) the most corrupt country in the world.

If a man like Obasanjo and another one like Babangida can be freemen in Nigeria where more than 90m people are suffereing as a result of looting and stealing under these two men, then it is not true that Nigeria has made any progress in combating corruption. All the looters under the last dispensation are walking free. There is yet no proper dispensation of justice in the criminal investigation of politicians.One by one, they all bought they were out or they were never prosecuted at all. The Iboris, the Kalus, The Obasanjos, The Atikus and all the other thieves in Nigeria.

Look at the excitment on the face of Farida Waziri, EFCC Boss, when meeting with Doris Basle the Transparency International representative in Africa and Mid-East. Nigeris is happy to be ranked 121st which is a climb-up from the previous 148th position. What difference does this make? More people have probably suffered in Nigeria under the period in review than in the year before. So what is the need to move up a silly ladder just to inflict more suffering on a growing number of people?

The situation is probably not going to change in Nigeria until democracy or another form of workable government takes root in Nigeria. So far, what we have is gangsters taking hold of power at all cost. The present governmenr headed by Yar Adua is a reaffirmation of the gangsterism in government. This man will not have the guts or liver to fight corruption because he was not elected, like the others before him anyway. He was made president by Obasanjo, how then can he or his government give a fair investigation into the government of Obasanjo.

Even his own 8 years in Katsina, Yar Adua could not turn around the health department and that is why he is running to Germany and Saudi Arabia to seek solutions to his health problems.

Corruption beget corruption, that should be the motto on Nigeria’s coat of arm.

Soon, Nigerians are going to be presented with another opportunity to steer the course of the country. They must know that a free and fair election is the first cure for corruption. In it lies the ability of the system to rid away with corrupt persons and institutions. In it lies the voices of the weak, the poor and the masses whose contributions will come to represent the only way forward. Not succumbing or giving in to the threats of the wicked and the rogues in power will be the only way to the emancipation of the people and the realisations of their aspirations to build a sane society where the rights of all will be recognised. A sane society where one can live without fear or panic and with the confidence that the future can deliver what today promises.

The Police should not be Violators of human rights

Adeola Aderounmu

One of the news from Nigeria this week is that the Nigerian Police are the number one violators of human rights in Nigeria. The news is not shocking or surprising in any way. Nigerians know what the police put them though daily especially on the road where their presence is more of a threat than succour.

I will not waste my time writing about the many ways that the police have vioated human rights in Nigeria. This is because the actions or inactions of the police is a reflection of the governance. The government is sick! If anything is working fine in Nigeria, it will be due to the committment or ingenuity of the individuals making it to work. It is not yet an attribute of governance that certain things work perfectly.

There is a quick need for social re-orientation that governance means selfless service and not a means to acquire ill wealth. The Police are one of the several institutions in Nigeria that need “help”. Like many of us, they are not well paid and the conditions under which they operate is very disheartening. A typical Police station in Nigeria is smelly, dirty, disorganised and lacking in modern sophistication.

A Police Reform Fund was instituted under Obasanjo but the money went to a member of his family. Was it his brother in law? That is the problem with Nigeria! We have the desire to do something but we never implement them. Someone thought that rather than reform the police, he would loot the funds made for the purpose. Someone else is going to do the same if we start another fund. Do you know why? Because thieves always get away in Nigeria. I mean people who steal funds meant for public utility.

There are recommedations flying around the air on how to reform the police and make it work but who cares about that? There are also information under the relevant section of the constitution as to the roles of the Police, so this will not be a forum to tell anyone what the police should be doing. Since the Police do not know what to do, how to do, and perhaps some of them not even knowing their functions, they have decided to acquire the number one position of the human rights violators in Nigeria.