Yemi Tella: Rest in Peace

Adeola Aderounmu.

The coach of the Nigerian Under 17 Team died on saturday morning after a long battle lung cancer.

Full report at this link:

Yemi Tella, May your gentle soul find peace!

You will always be on our mind.


5 thoughts on “Yemi Tella: Rest in Peace

  1. you left the realm of unbelieve we lived in
    you pushed ahead uncertainties and criticisms
    they were lost in frail hope
    but you came and released real hope
    because of you they are better persons
    because of you the nation has a reason to smile again. the touch you have left with us will never fall in brightness. adieu brother, we love you.


  2. Even in your rest with the almighty,i know that the smiles you brough to our faces with the victory ofthe super eaglets will remain evergreen in our memories.
    Rest in peace,my dear wonderful coach.


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