Lucky Dube (1964-2007): We mourn!

Adeola Aderounmu.

I join millions all over the world to mourn the death of Africa’s reggae legend, Lucky Dube. As a teenager, I listened to Lucky Dube’s I am a Slave. That was good music. There were several other good lyrics from him as well.

That he was gunned down on the streets of Johannesburg re-choes those years when Jo’burg was the most dangerous city to live in. But why a brother would kill an un-armed brother just to steal his car is not clear to me? What else is missing in the motive for this senseless killing? In how many ways is madness displayed globally?

I am deeply hurt by this precious life that has been wasted in South Africa and I sympathise with the children who saw their father being shot to death. What a trauma?

Lucky, you have been a hero and a legend. You have written your name indelibly in the sands of time.

We will not forget you!

One thought on “Lucky Dube (1964-2007): We mourn!

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