”Buhari” In Aso Rock: Lame, Lazy and Bigot

Buhari is not talking to the press. He is not talking to journalists. He is not answering questions from the citizens of Nigeria. What manner of useless man is that? Buhari is lazy. He is lame and he is a full-blown incurable bigot

”Buhari” In Aso Rock: Lame, Lazy and Bigot

By Adeola Aderounmu (Jan 31, 2021)

If you follow Nigeria, if you are concerned about Nigeria and if you even consider yourself to be a Nigeria, then your ears are full already and you are actually wondering where all the past and recent upheavals and agitations are going to end up.

Before I hit the ground running, I just have to mention that I am one of those who doubt the identity of the Buhari in Aso Rock. I have every right to do so because Nigerian politicians are criminals. I also have the right to do so because Oshiomhole and Okorocha threatened to expose the Buhari in Aso rock when the politics was against them. They are yet to clear the air about the meaning of their threats.  

Now, to the state of the country.

There are so many issues to discuss but I will try to make this a not-too-long write up.

I am very disturbed by the desecration of the forest reserves in Yorubaland. Some crazy, animalistic Fulani invaded the forests in Yorubaland. The first person that should put on his clothes and fly to Yorubaland to end the insurgency is Buhari. He ought to show his face and willingness to defend the constitution of the country. But we know the 1999 constitution is also a useless document!

Buhari is not talking to the press. He is not talking to journalists. He is not answering questions from the citizens of Nigeria. What manner of useless man is that? Buhari is lazy. He is lame and he is a full-blown incurable bigot.

It is no longer news that the Fulani kidnap all across the country. They rape men, women and children. They kill people whether ransoms are paid or not. Fulani terrorists are spreading like a crazy fire across all of Nigeria. Buhari the bigot has not for one day taken steps to talk directly to the terrorists to hold fire. We cannot even analyze the impact of the military because they have failed woefully. The reasons they fail is because of the sympathy of the APC government with terrorists.  

In my personal opinion, I think Buhari is insincere about his roles in the brutal end that awaits Nigeria. For surely, as it is, Nigeria will end. There are a few comments that Buhari made in the past that showed that he is not interested in putting an end to the terrorism that spread from the North. We just need to remember that he once said that “an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North.”

I would probably do a follow-up write-up to address the lazy, lame and useless governors of Yorubaland. I won’t spare Osinbajo in that.

We cannot forget that many sons and daughters of Yorubaland have been killed on Yoruba soil by the Fulani. I write about Yorubaland because I am Yoruba. I am sure the other ethnic groups in Nigeria are documenting the atrocities that are committed by the crazy Fulani in their regions.

The tone and language in this essay are not what you will find in any Nigerian newspaper. They have been caged by the military-styled leadership of one Shehu Garba, whom I believe is the unelected president of Nigeria, as at today. While attributing all the press releases and tweets from the Nigerian presidency to Buhari (who is not aware of anything in reality), the statements are usually authorized and signed by one Shehu Garba.

Garba Shehu is the one that sends press releases and news about the presidency to all the media houses in Nigeria at the same time. If you are interested in the reign of Shehu Garba as the unelected president of Nigeria, you must be on twitter. Once in a while, he assigns Femi Adesina to talk, especially to Channels TV.

Garba Shehu was the first person to counter Akeredolu when marching orders were given to the Fulani destroying the Ondo State Forest Reserve. Garba Shehu was the Nigerian who congratulated Biden and Kamala on their inauguration. If Buhari was too lazy or lame to write or talk, tell me what is wrong with Osinbajo giving the statement on live transmission?

Anyway, what I wanted to emphasize in this essay is that whoever the Buhari in Aso Rock is: he is lazy, useless, lame and very insensitive to where Nigeria is today.

Hence, if you do not support the emancipation of the Yoruba Nation, Biafra and other nations that are about to emerge from Nigeria, then something is wrong with you. It is either you are a beneficiary of the Fulani onslaught on the country or you are even a terrorist!

If you are not a terrorist, you will join and support the freedom of entrapped nations in Nigeria. Nigeria as you may have heard several times was formed by Lugard for his pleasure and for the orgy of the British. What is the meaning of Nigeria anyway? Nigger Area?  

Of course, if you and your family are doing well based on the useless status quo, you would prefer Nigeria the way it is. But how can you be sure you will not be kidnapped? How do you know that the Fulani are not coming to rape your daughters and your mother? According to reports, they rape men too. What if they rape your wife and kill her in your presence?

You cannot even travel by road (inter-state) across Yorubaland today. What kind of life are you living when the Fulani are everywhere? We will come back to these issues in another essay.

Whoever the Buhari in Aso Rock is: He is lazy, lame and a full-blown unrepentant terrorist and bigot. It takes a terrorist to forgive other terrorists and release them again into the same society they unleashed terror, fear and blood. It takes a terrorist to not condemn terrorism. It takes a terrorist to look away while women, children, men, old and young are being raped, decapacitated and even killed. Only a terrorist can look away or give approval to the use of Forest Reserve for the settlement of cows and other armed terrorists.

As for the people who cannot revolt and end this government and Nigeria all at once……I cannot even comprehend that yet!

I will be back soon!

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