APC-Buhari Mandate And Dateline 2019

By Adeola Aderounmu


Apc-Buhari Mandate, A Failed Government

The APC is into the second year of its reign. Not much has been acheived. A lot of hopelessness pervade the country. The discord between the ruling class the the suffering masses remains a big issue.

In 2019 Nigerians may head to the polls again. The struggle for the outcome of the 2019 elections started already in 2015 or probably earlier. This is one of the huge problems with Nigeria. There is no ideology to deal the pressing issues such as performance of a sitting government and even right now more pressing is the issue of the political structure of Nigeria.

Nigeria is not working and is probably not going to work under the present arrangement. So year in, year out, elections in, elections out, the problems continue to get bigger at a rate proportional to how the crazy politicians conitnue to enrich themselves.

The present political stucture in Nigeria is built for the benefits of those who conquer political power no matter the level.

So APC has failed and it will fail by the end of its tenure in 2019 because the operating manual for Nigeria is outdated and since the people are still abiding by an expired manual, their life-time porgrammed suffering will continue.


Buhari, Which Ticket Again?

Mr Buhari ought to be the first person to dissociate himself from governance in 2019. In the run off to the 2015 elecions, he hardly spoke and made only very fragile appearance on the platform during the campaigns. Now we know why.

He had been sick and in need of medical help. The position of the presidency opened a flood gate of unlimited funds and so he treated himself to the use of our commonwealth spending many days in a london hospital. Grace is what he got. Many of us did not expect him back in Abuja.

So, if there is anyone who should be longing to a well-deserved rest, it should be Buhari himself.

Sometimes, l do wonder what the gains are: when you can be at home resting and even if you like travel the world to do wonderful things, why choose to sit in a rat-infected office in Abuja?

Seriously, l was expecting Yemi Osinbajo to have taken over from Buhari because he is younger, more energetic, brilliant and willing to lead. It still baffles me that a man with a fragile health would risk the next 2 years clinging on to power.

The issue of contesting in 2019, from my perpective, is like a suicide mission. But l may be wrong. I left medical research in 2004, what do l know?

I don’t even want to talk about Atiku.

I don’t know how Nigerians elevate criminals and allow them to occupy public offices.

Atiku and Obanikoro have done some kris-krossing and moved to different camps. They will keep moving until Nigerians put a final stop to this nonsense that allows thieves to find all available options to the public treasuries.

Nigeria is full of intellectuals and brilliant minds but all we chose to talk about with regards to the 2019 elections are criminals like Atiku and Obanikoro.

Nonsense and ingredients!

This country will not be forgiven!




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