As Nigeria Nears the Edge….Again

By Adeola Aderounmu

These are no ordinary times in Nigeria.

Terrorism has taken over most part of the North East. The Political parties are at war even though they share the same idiotic ideology-to loot and destroy the system for personal gains.

This ideology is easy to deduce because of the ease with which prominent members move from one party to the other. If the ideological differences are stark and distinct, it will be almost impossible to move from PDP to APC for example or vice versa.

There is violence across the country. In River States, there has been series of bombings on some establishments. The rise in violence in River States has now reached the stage where THE POLICE are now shooting at people. A man was shot this weekend. The police have denied the shooting of the politician and his group of demonstrators. But shots were fired.

Across the states in Nigeria, there are struggles in pursuit of the 2015 elections. Since 2011, there has not been any formative governance in Nigeria. As soon as one election is over the winners start to loot AND the plan for the next election starts. Nigerian politicians are totally useless and corrupt. No brains!

This is so because the judiciary and the system of law is totally useless as well. The rulers of Nigeria starting from the presidency are corrupt and lawbreakers. Murderers have been freed by the government of Goodluck Jonathan. Convicted people have been forgiven and corruption and senselessness reached new heights. In the history of Nigeria, there has never been a good government, and what is happening nowadays is the most useless form of governance ever known.

But the fault does not start and stop at the presidency. In Nigeria generally the people are so brainwashed that any attempt to let them know the truth is totally crushed. Many people have grown up not knowing the essence of life and the meaning of public service. Nigeria is no ordinary country!

The major political parties in Nigeria are run by criminals, looters and thieves. It is so bad that it is alleged that the drug baron wanted in the US who was Obasanjo’s friend is now the political ruler of the PDP in South Western Nigeria. Obasanjo loved him as a friend and now hate him as the ruler of PDP in the South West. How times change!

The Nigerian system is so heated up that it appears to be a keg of gunpowder.

The North wants back power, the East, West and South are all embroiled in a serious political tug of war that no one knows when the violence will tip over. If this is added to the terror in the North, the days ahead may be the worst days for Nigerians since after the civil war in 1970.

But all of these madness is avoidable if the clueless rulers of Nigeria can wake up tomorrow with some drops of sense in their brains.

One singular act of decentralizing the power in Abuja will almost end the political tussle in Nigeria.

If the power of governance given to Abuja is taken away, there will be no struggle to get there. If the power is given to the councils and regions, the political tension will sublime and everybody will go back home to run things locally. To some extent, removing the “ruler” or “warlord” of Abuja will be a step in the right direction.

The establishment of independent electoral institutions will avail much in Nigeria. The enhancement and fucntion-ability of the judiciary will be immense in pushing the regions forward. By being functional, the police and judiciary will today round up more than 99% of Nigerian politicians including former rulers and their cronies for looting, stealing and pushing Nigeria to the precipice.

Evil is deep rooted in Nigeria and it is hard to bell the cat or lead reforms. This is the dilemma that faces Goodluck Jonathan because somehow, his hands are full of blood stains and his cupboards of skeletons.

It will be hard to liberate Nigeria at one go. The violence that is about to be added to the war in Northern Nigeria will take things out of control and the effects will be devastating now in 2014 and worse in 2015.

To cure or free Nigeria/Nigerians is not in the hands of Goodluck Jonathan, it is a burden for all Nigerians.

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