Nigerians: In Criminals They Trust

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria will always be in our minds and in our hearts no matter how far away we live.

However, some Nigerians in diaspora are insensitive, they have shut their ears to the news from and about Nigeria. They have decided to live their lives abroad without ever having to think about Nigeria. But I also know that some of these people travel to Nigeria, do what they have to do and “escape” back abroad to resume their “Nigeria-free mode”.

The people of Nigeria are living in absolute bondage. They are ruled by criminals and in these criminals they trust.

In Nigeria like I have always stated, right from the president to the least placed official at the local councils, criminality abounds. The 2014 budgets that Jonathan signed and which Okonjo presented is the latest revelation of how criminals rule in Nigeria.

If Okonjo Iweala and Jonathan are not criminals, they will take the time to present a budget that is devoid of stealing and looting but we know since 1960 that crooks and criminals have been in charged of Nigeria. It is one of the several reasons why the cost of living has risen while the quality of it is lower than what animals get abroad. Nigeria is a constant dilemma.

In many blog entries I have been bold to label Ngozi Iweala as a criminal and it took the 2014 budgets for some Nigerian intellectuals to come to that realisation. She and Obasanjo knew how they connived and stole Nigeria’s money especially the returned loot coming back from Switzerland. To this day, no one knows how the monies developed fast feet under the watchful eyes of Iweala and Obasanjo.

We must write and repeat these things. Nigerians have short memories or people are just deranged.

In places where normal people live, Iweala would have resigned. Jonathan will be under investigation and out of office and the several fools and thieves that have ruled Nigeria from 1960 to date would either be serving jail terms or would have disappeared into exile from civil revolt and citizenry pressure.

Nigerians don’t revolt. When they do, they are quiet as soon as ghana must go bags exchange hands and places. Criminals abound in Nigeria and how we got to this stage of absolute madness is incomprehensible.

Nigerians know that their politicians are thieves. They know that the law will not catch up with them because the judiciary is part of the systemic corruption that has held sway. Yet Nigerians will let criminals rule them because everyone like I always say is waiting for their friends or family members to have the same looting opportunity.

The mental orientation in Nigeria calls for another division in human behaviour studies.

The wave of cross-carpeting among the political group nowadays is enough reason to throw away the government in Nigeria and the idiots changing from one party to another. Nigerians politicians are shameless “prostitutes”. They are the same, almost. That is why you can move to APC from PDP and to PDP from APC.

If they are different, ideologies will set them apart. Principles will matter.

But since the aim of politics in Nigeria is mostly to steal, loot and cart away billions of dollars, it does not matter which political party you are in. The most important thing is to be able to use force, violence and the useless INEC machinery to you advantage. In that case, a lot of the looted monies are re-engineered into the campaign for supremacy at INEC offices.

In Nigeria, he who wins or owns INEC wins the vote. Attahiru Jega can lick the dust for all I care. This is the truth. Criminals rule in Nigeria and the system cannot save Nigeria.

Even I know that it is not the ultimate end or the final solution at no other time in my life do I want self-determination for my YORUBA PEOPLE than this moment. I think in our Oduduwa kingdom, we will be able to deal with criminals better than on the National scale where everybody is a sacred cow.

Nigeria is not working. It will never work when everything is based on where you come from rather than what you can do to move the system forward positively.

Today Nigeria remains in a big mess. I state without fear that the president of Nigeria and all the governors have criminal records in terms of what they have stolen from the system. I HASTEN to add that under normal circumstances the likes of Jonathan, Iweala, and all the other criminals in the system of government in Nigeria today should be serving jail terms for their criminal records before and during this regime.

If Nigeria were China, all these criminals would be no more and the lessons will be clear.

But Nigeria face a 2015 election years with more than 50 years wasted already. Life is hopeless, more than ever before. Health care is zero as every notable politician continue to go abroad for treatment. Public schools are rubbish, simply put. Priviate schools are expensive and for the priviledged. Electricity is grounded and Nigeria remains one of the darkest spot on earth when viewed from the sky at night.

Nigerians are easily deceived, millions are disconnected from governance. They don’t know what is going on! Those who know do nothing to  halt the decay and absurdities. Nigeria is like a jungle of sort.

It is so bad that people can’t even reason right in this generation. The shift is one of the saddest in human history-that a country that ought to be a paradise became our hell on earth.

(unedited post)

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