Mikel Obi Was The Best African Footballer Of The Year 2013

By Adeola Aderounmu

Mikel Obi led Nigeria to glory when Nigeria won the 2013 African Cup iof Nations. Without his experience, input and impact Nigeria may not have won the title.


Chelsea crashed out of the champion league race in 2013 but the team won the UEFA Cup. No one can doubt the inputs Mikel Obi had.

Mikel’s game may be a bit slow but the effects that it carries are enormous for both Chelsea and Nigeria in 2013.

When Nigeria met Ivory Coast at the Nation’s Cup in 2013, the likes of Didier Drogba and Yaya Toure became anonymous in the game. This was due largely to 2 reasons. First Stephen Keshi the Nigerian coach had a game plan that worked fine on the pitch. The second reason is because like i’d always told my friends even for several years now-Mikel Obi is way ahead of Yaya Toure in the game.

It takes the eye of a footballer to know that Mikel Obi is better than Yaya Toure in terms of ball sense and foresight. Yaya’s size has worked well for him but Mikel is a master of this game. When Nigeria met Ivory Coast, this truth was reveal. Mikel shone line a million star and Nigeria defeated Ivory Coast. It was a no contest.

Therefore in 2013 Mikel Obi is the rightful heir to the title of the African footballer of the year.

CAF and BBC AWARDS are among the biggest frauds in football. If you think FIFA awards are a scam, you may be right if you talk to Cristiano Ronaldo in confidential.

The people or coaches who do the voting appear to be drunk on illusion. They use their minds above their heads.

One of the strongest evidence to the fraud called African footballer of the year is that Jay Jay Okocha, who is one of the finest footballer ever to grace the game was never crowned as the African footballer of the year by CAF. There is no greater fraud in football.

Okocha carried BOLTON WANDERERS on his shoulders season after season and kept them in the top flight when he was in the EPL.

Before then he shone at the world cup and went on to play as a world class player at PSG where he taught the likes of Brazilian Ronaldinho some superb dribbling skills and football moves.

Mikel Obi should have won the title through CAF. He did not.

In our heads, in our minds and in our hearts-I speak for millions of Nigerians and the people who played and know football-Mikel Obi was the Best African footballer of the Year 2013. In that year the performance of Mikel was the best for club and country on the continent of Africa.

3 thoughts on “Mikel Obi Was The Best African Footballer Of The Year 2013

  1. Sorry Adeola, I’m no great fan of Mikel Obi. You can’t compare him to Okocha (in any meaningful way), Okocha was truly great and made a big impact on the teams he played for, as well as serving Nigeria well. Obi is not crucial to Chelsea, he flopped at the last World Cup in South Africa.
    Winning the nations cup, is of no consequence, when 4 of the 5 teams from Africa are easily eliminated from the first round of the World Cup. The nations cup has been devalued by the poor performances of African nations . Mikel Obi is no hero, I would have preferred Victor Moses.
    Toure has bounced back from upset and is still a key player for Manchester City. Congratulations and good luck to Mr Toure


  2. Well said deola, well said. Yes it takes a footballing eye to see just how mikel stabilises a midfield. With all the things he achieved in 2013 particularly the nations cup win, he should ve won it. Yes yaya is a fantastic player , but the afcon is Africa s World Cup. You don’t get knocked out in the second year of Africa ‘s World Cup and win African footballer of the year at the same time. It was very silly of CAF to de emphasize its own World Cup. And by the way mikel was also instrumental in Chelsea ‘s Europa cup triumph in 2013. Yaya won nothing. Question is if Samuel Eto had won the Europa cup. And afcon for cameroun, would Yaya ‘s individual dispays still have won him the African player of the year. Off course not!


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