Nigerian Governor wants poor people dead

By Adeola Aderounmu

One governor, Adams Oshiomole of Edo State in Nigeria has told a poor widow to ”go and die”. The video went spiral on social networks and is popular on Youtube.

Often, I write that Nigerian politicians are not mentally stable and I use the phrase ”mad politicians”.

This governor stood in a public place, chasing away poor retailers from the streets when a poor widow begged him for mercy.

His response was ”you are a widow, go and die”!.

This statement is not an error and the governor does not need to apologise. (He apologised after the video went spiral on social networks and news outfits worldwide).

The reason he does not have to apologise is that he spoke his mind and the minds of the various other useless politicians across Nigeria.

In the video, Oshiomole’s posture reminds one of Hitler. He was stern, cold-hearted and very decided that people should just go and die. He stood like he owns Edo Kingdom.

These politicians steal, loot and cart away the wealth of the country. Every day in

Nigeria billions of naira disappear into thin air.

Nigerians live as destitutes and only senseless people will need the World Bank reports to confirm that. I knew how I lived in Nigeria and I know how I still live when I am there. We have no electricity, our roads are bad and we have zero security of life and property. It’s a rat race and hopelessness pervades. I live it, so no thank you to the world Bank report! It’s the story of our lives. Nigerian schools and education system has come to a halt at all levels.

Right from the presidency to the Ministry of Finance, to the central bank, to all state government houses Nigeria, these evil rulers find ways to steal, loot and care-less about the citizens.

Everyday these politicians say to the rest of us: ”Go and Die”.

They do so, by their actions and inactions. Have you wondered the meaning of Ms. Oduah still in the Aviation Ministry. It means if you don’t like it, ”Go and Die”. This particular ”Go and Die” is from Goodluck Jonathan to all Nigerians who want Oduah out. It is not for those stupid Nigerians who will protest that Oduah is innocent and will even give her Awards in Nigerian and in London for ”looting”.

It is not only Nigerian politicians who are mad. Many Nigerians are crazy, that is why Oduah and other looters in Nigeria will be protected by their clans, families and village members. That is why they will be shielded and rewarded. They are not the only criminals is a flt-face argument.

If Nigeria is a normal country, people like Goodluck Jonathan, Ms. Oduah and Adams Oshiomole would have been disgraced out of office if they have not resigned.

Okonjo-Iweala would have resigned for all the loots that went right under her nose at the finance Ministry making her a ”complete” member of the criminal gangs in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s central bank governor Mr. Lamido continues to receive awards here and there while he loots and enrich himself as well.

”Go and Die” if you don’t like Nigeria the way they run it. That is the slogan of those who run it and those who benefit immensely from the madness in the largest accumulation of black people worldwide.

I can’t believe the people of Edo have not stormed EDO’s Government house to pursue the widow killer out of office. In Nigeria, to chase a serving governor out of office will be an anomaly.

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2 thoughts on “Nigerian Governor wants poor people dead

  1. I’ve observed this about Nigerians.
    1) Life is worthless.
    2) Nigerians can’t handle authority responsibly and sensibly. From the customer service rep upwards. Persons in authority abuse their positions, sometimes for their own benefit, many times just because they can to make themselves feel good, to feel powerful.
    3) Maybe because the problem of want is so large and is growing, they have become exasperated and express frustration when confronted with it, like in the case of the govenor. This is a governor who was educated in either Oxford or Cambridge in England and he still behaves like that. The thing is, if that is how he (or persons of authority) feel, then they are not the right people for the job. Sadly, we have no standards so they thrive.
    Rather than be annoyed at people being poor, they should direct their energies at implementing meaning poverty alleviation, if they can’t figure out how. There are many case studies around the world, where they have succeeded, they should study those cases well.


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