Aminu Tambuwal, You Are In The Same Boat As Goodluck Jonathan, You are All Corrupt!

Adeola Aderounmu

One of the major headlines in corrupt Nigeria this week, is Aminu Tambuwal alleging that the body language of Goodluck Jonathan speaks volume of corruption.

He cited several examples including: oil subsidy scandals, Security and Exchange Commission scandals, the Pension scam as well as the Oduaghate, to buttress his allegation of Jonathan’s perceived paying of lip service to the war against graft (according to the punch newspaper).

But Aminu is in the same boat with Jonathan, they run together-a government that is probably the most in the world. Aminu Tambuwal and his colleagues in the senate and house of reps are taking home fat pays that they cannot justify. They are looting systematically (only those who are caught or out of favour are painted in bad lights).

But we know that they are all corrupt and looters.

In how many ways do we want to tell them that they run the most expensive government in the world? How many times are we going to tell them that Nigerian politics is pure social madness devoid of manifesto and ideology.

In how many ways do we need to say that a government that embrace and perform corruption at the scale and magnitude that we see in Nigeria is a worthless one?

How can we explain our pain about the spread of poverty and extreme penury based on the rottenness of the Nigerian government?

The only positive thing here is that he is telling the truth. But what is missing is that rather than say Jonathan or the presidency, he needs to use the term “we”. He is in government and cannot separate the corruption and laziness in his domain from the corruption and laziness in the Nigerian presidency.

One thought on “Aminu Tambuwal, You Are In The Same Boat As Goodluck Jonathan, You are All Corrupt!

  1. Foreigners outisde Nigeria are not bothered about corruption in Nigeria, Nigerians in Nigeria have become tired of hearing such accusations be it truth or allegation. I must admit, that I have become ambivalent about the unending reports of corruption coming from there, it seems like a cancer that is devouring the nation. Almost everyone there is into it, be it directly or indirectly. It is the case of the alcoholic saying “too much alcohol isn’t good”, but yet they return for another swig from the bottle. Nigerian society (in general) is as addicted to corruption as an alocholic to drink. The solution must come from outside (from the diaspora, foreigners are not inclined to throw themselves at what apparently seems a lost cause), as those within Nigeria are either too weak (to do anything about it) or have already been subsumed the scourge and see it as a normalised part of their lives.


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