Lampedusa , The Road to Death…

Adeola Aderounmu

African rulers especially those in the West, East and the Horn of Africa should really be ashamed of themselves.

How they push their citizens to deaths in the Mediterrenean (dead) sea is a big shame on them.

Economic hardship continues to lead many Africans into desperate attempts to get out of Africa at any cost-even death.

It is unthinkable how the same type of “madness” repeats itself with accuracy. Something is wrong with the rulers of North Africa where boats are taken regularly to Lampedusa and other small European-claimed Islands that provides first contact of migrants to Europe.

Then Europe responds as if it cares only for the same response to greet the next waiting tragedy.

In totality everyone connected with this tragedy is acting like they care.

Everyone condemns the deaths but no one cares to stop to next one.

Many African rulers are not thinking of improving security and economic situations in their territories. Many of them and the politicians generally continue to steal, loot and care “less” for their citizenns.

The next set of desperate migrants are already looking for ways to cross into Lampedusa depsite this new tragedy. The next Libyan or Tunisian dealer is already looking for customers and the government in these North African countries don’t give a damn about the suicide missions.

So the cycle of madness continues.

The problem is not Italy’s problem. It is the problem of all the countries in Africa where these migrants come from-Nigeria, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Ghana, Cameroun and so on.

Often the migrants lie about their countries of origin depending on the ease of getting sympathy or asylum in Europe.

When the world is ready, they will inform the North African government how disappointed they are about the flow of deadly traffic from the waters of North Africa.

When the world is ready, they will inform useless African rulers about how they have impoverished and deprived their citizens of good life.

The advanced countries are probably “ok” with the flow of the willing slavery business that is now totally voluntary! What a sad irony!

Those advanced countries that continue to collude and connive with African leaders to misuse or cart away the treasures of Africa are also parts of the problems.

The biggest chunk of the issue rest on the mentalities of African rulers and how they have enslaved their people beyond the transatlantic slave trade era.

If people are happy at home, they will not find the need to take suicide missions across the waters of North Africa.

These migrants should actually be forming pressure groups at home to force regime change that can bring about positive decelopments in Africa. The problem is that once people capture power in Africa, a certain “spirit” of selfishness take over them and they become blind to the realities of the others.

So in a way, the situation is complex and the way out is difficult.

Summarily, as Europeans continue with their hypocrisy on this situation, Africans especially the would-be migrants should be asking themselves: how long do they want to dive into the deadly waters before they realise that their continent that is full of treasures and opportunities can be turned around for their own good.


twitter: @aderinola

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