When Looters Are Called “Shining Stars”..

By Adeola Aderounmu

I read with dismay that Ms. Oduah is a shining star in the Jonathan administration in Nigeria.

At least by the judgement of one Yakubu Dati the spokesman for the Aviation Industry in Nigeria.

This man is not alone in his foolish conclusion. It is a major challenge for the people called Nigerians because they think that you must be a criminal once you are in governance. I mean family members will question their “persons” in government who do not steal. Nigerians have malformed mentalities with respect to public offices and public service.

For the most, you need to be a hard thief to climb the political ladder in Nigeria. I mean before or after you are indoctriminated into the lootocracy business.

Now we know what shining stars do. They steal, loot and acquire wealth primitively. It is possible because of the presence of total impunity and the absence of justice.