Very Bad Days Plague Nigeria..

By Adeola Aderounmu

A former Nigerian minister Olusegun Agagu died recently and was to be flown to Ondo State for burial. Unfortunately the Aircraft in which he was flown crashed not long after take off, there in Lagos.

More than 20 people were on the flight and some are feared dead already. May the souls of the departed rest in Peace. May those in hospital find quick healing.

There will be hundreds of theories surrounding this ill-fated flight. There will be both natural, spiritual and physical explanations.

No matter which theory is right, we all know that Nigerian roads are among the worst roads in the World and the state of Nigerian Aviation industry may also be suffering from the general decadence that is plaguing everything in Nigeria.

Some comments on the social media are indifferent to the death of Agagu and now to the death of his family members/friends of the family.

There are reasons for this line of reasoning. Nigerian politicians think about themselves and their families/friends only, so when they evil befalls them, people tend to be “happy” (unfortunately).

It is very easy to argue that the people involved in this accident and even the dead minister himself could have done something to improve the living conditions of Nigerians generally. The argument is right because one man can make a difference.

No man in Nigeria wants to make a difference, that is why even Jonathan will continue to buy presidential Aircrafts for himself instead of improving the Aviation industry. Still, no ruler in Nigerian politics has stuck his head up to say “I’ll die for the people to make sure their lives improve”.

It’s always selfishness and self-improvement. It is always me, me, me and my family.

Sadly too, Nigerian looters don’t realise that life is transient and that no one can live forever. They still loot as much as they can and are not deter by the natural law that Life terminates anyway by natural, physical or spiritual means depending on what they Believe.

May the souls of the dead find Peace. Even the students massacred in Yobe, one prays they find peace. For all the grieving families (we are all griefing one thing or the other anyway), may we find the strength to move one and may we learn to live one day at a time and to know that no matter what, nobody will leave this World alive!

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