If Nigerians Miss This ”One Chance” Opportunity…

Adeola Aderounmu

Someone must get the message to Nigerians. This is the revolt / revolution we have always talked about.

This is probably the only chance Nigerians will get to change things once and for all.

This riots and revolutions sparked off by the subsidy MUST lead to the end of the reign of Jonathan and for all time the end of the PDP hold on governance.

If this chance is allowed to slip away, Nigerians living in this generation/ period will NEVER be free again.

This is the best chance to reclaim political re-structuring and return to regional governance. Let the North govern
itself, let the south-west govern itself, let the middle belt govern itself and let the south-south govern itself.

There will never be a better opportunity to get things right.

For Nigerians there will never be a better opportunity to round up all the corrupt politicians and looters who have destroyed this country.

From the Atikus to the Obasanjos and the Babangidas, From the Jonathans to the governors and all others past and present looters, there will NEVER be a better opportunity for these crooks to be rounded up and sent to jail.

All the Sanusis and Iwealas that have stolen the wealth of Nigeria should be arrested using the present power of the masses. This opportunity must not slip away.

How much is N1 Trillion? This is money that the thieves in the National Assembly can take home in 1 year, on the surface. Under the surface much more money is looted monthly in Nigeria by these same crooks called politicians.

Nigerians cannot afford to weary now and they cannot afford to let go of the momentum they have gathered so far.

The foolish presidency is hoping that the people will be tired and go back to work. They must not. In due time they should chase Jonathan out of Aso rock or render his position useless by taking over governance.

The people of Nigeria must be able to organize themselves and they must start to plan how to take over the country.
They cannot leave this country back into the hands of thieves like Jonathan, Iweala and Sanusi.

The people must appoint leaders among themselves. These leaders must represent the voice of the struggle and the goals must be clear. Take back Nigeria and give it back to the regions.

When this is done Jonathan will have no choice but to resign and seek asylum in another country before he is arrested and tried for corruption and crimes against humanity.

This is the best opportunity and it must be well utilized.

Power to the people of Nigeria.

2 thoughts on “If Nigerians Miss This ”One Chance” Opportunity…

  1. Corruption in the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC)
    It is sad when a link is made between CHRISTIANITY and CORRUPTION but Mr John Kennedy Opara the Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC) has made that connection possible.
    The Vision of NCPC states that it is “an organization with high spiritual content capable of being translated into action for national development security, probity, accountability, in line with the policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria” BUT the level of corruption that goes on at the NCPC is comparable to none.
    A Turkish airline operator is said to have paid Mr John Kennedy Opara $1m to be given sole rights to airlift the Christian pilgrims for 2011/2012. This piece of information sounded unbelievable and unattainable when it first came out but it has played out right before our very eyes and the
    ‘unbelievable’ has now become ‘very believable’ – No other company was able to lift Christian pilgrims in 2011/2012.

    Other Operators based in Nigeria that were in the bid to lift the Christian pilgrims in 2011/2012 had aircraft and documentation that met the criteria specified by the NCPC but their bribes were obviously not big enough.

    Mr. Opara thanked God profusely for the success of the 2011/2012 Christian Pilgrimage which he described as “so far rewarding”. Isn’t this statement ironic??????? Of course it was rewarding.

    Mr. Opara also brags that he has “friends in very high places and is protected from any backlash” but let’s see how long he will be protected when all his illicit activities are brought to light.

    The Church and Christian Community should distance themselves from the NCPC until they clean up their house because this criminal activity is currently being hidden under the banner of the Nigerian Churches and Christianity as a whole.

    Mr. Opara has been under our radar for a while now and we have records of his activities. He shouldn’t be the face of the NCPC; he is a disgrace to Nigerians all over the world and it is because of Nigerians like him we have such a bad reputation.
    Corruption… more than any other thing, is the greatest obstacle to personal, communal and national growth. Nigeria’s case is worse…We have no rule and no mechanisms of restraint. To respond to the peculiar nature of our situation, the abnormal has now become the normal…


  2. Fellow Nigerians, Please let join Force and Kill this so-called Badluck Jonathan like Gadaffi…Meeting Point is Niger State,details of the venue will forwarded to members email only & not mobile phone. God save Nigeria from the corrupted leaders


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