Africa, Never At Ease

Adeola Aderounmu

It pains me. The turn of events in Africa hurts.

Look at Gadhafi. He’s been there for over 40 years. He’s been the ruler for an entire generation. What would it have cost him to have prepared Libyans for the future, say at worst 20 years ago?

If not democracy, what about a system of governance not close to monarchy? Gadhafi could have left the stage, show his gratitude to Libya and Libyans. He had so much time on his hand but he decided to make himself a messiah. But he is not.

Things have now fallen apart in Libya. Gadhafi will not get a well-deserved exit. It will not be on his terms.
Gadhafi may also well be the victim of the usual international conspiracy. It’s a crazy world totally. You’ll never find a resting place for the blame game.

You can’t find it even in Ivory Coast where one man is claiming victory and he’s backed by the crazy international community. The other is backed by Pan-Africanism. The sum total of all this foolishness and the common madness of men is that their fellow beings are killing one another in the name of loyalties.

It’s sad because if not for madness and stupidity the two Ivorian presidents should meet face to face, discuss the way forward for their fellow citizens, give each other warm embrace, one step down for the other and the other ensure that as the president he ensures such justice that will promote peace and prosperity in Ivory Coast. The greatest service will be to avoid the type of mistakes that led to the present predicament and to ensure that now and in the future that Ivory Coast can solve her problems without the bias intervention of the useless international community.

One of the greatest achievements of the international community is the spread of both disharmony and war. Africa is easy target because of the greed and senselessness of the rulers there. It pains and hurts to come from a continent where foolishness and evil reign over good. It’s disheartening that a lot of things in Africa are decided by people outside of the continent.

One would wish that the changes sweeping through the North of Africa will continue to prosper the people. Yes, prosper. North Africa is prosperous and the leaders have not been totally foolish like other parts of Africa especially Western Africa. Take Nigeria for example and see foolishness of the rulers. Nigeria generates less than 3 000MW of Energy. For a nation of 150m that is probably the most absurd thing on earth. In addition over 15 million dollars have been spent on that project since 1999 with no apparent progress because some people like Gen Obasanjo and his cronies stole the money.

If they didn’t steal the money then Nigeria should be experiencing over supply of power by now but right now Nigeria is covered by total darkness. So Africa really pains me. My heart bleeds daily.

Add these wars to diseases, ignorance, illiteracy and the loads of problems in Africa, and then you ask, will Africa ever be at peace or ease?

There are too many problems in Africa and they won’t be solved until Africans wake up and live up to the challenges of the present century. What will trigger this awakening in Africa and make it a general conscious thought along the line of Common Good? When we know the answer, we will get on the right track.

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