May 29’s Nigeria Scam Day

Adeola Aderounmu

I actually received an invitation to an event to mark the fake Nigeria’s Democracy Day in Stockholm. I could have been a speaker at the event. What a joke?

I salute the organisers of, and speakers at, the events. I saw some notable names and I give my due respect. It takes a lot of negative courage to endorse falsehood and propaganda. If the plan works out Nigeria’s Ambassador to Sweden will grace the occasion. He’s a friend and I wish all of them well.

May 29 is not Nigeria’s Democracy Day. Nigeria became an independent country on October 1st 1960. October 1 is Nigeria’s Democracy Day.

On June 12 1993 the head of Nigeria’s junta and tropical gangster called Babangida annulled the best ever election in Nigeria. I have written about that quite a number of times in earlier blog posts / articles. Hundreds of Nigerians lost their lives in the stalemate and dilemma that followed that senseless annulment.

Pro June 12 activists celebrate June 12 as Nigeria’s Democracy. This is to honour MKO Abiola who died in jail and failed to utilise the mandate that he was given on June 12 1993.

The invitation from NIDO-Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation-was a kind of insult. I’m assuming those who continue to preach May 29 as Nigeria’s day of democracy are either ignorant or foolish or both. We must not allow this lie to reach our children. We must not pass this distortion of our history to the next generation.

The military and the lame civilian government that imposed themselves on us in Nigeria have continued to deceive people at home and abroad. If you search deep to the roots of all these anomalies, you will find a group of people who have no dignity or they lost it, to money.

Yes money. The root of several ills and evils in the global society.

NIDO, what a name? What an evil agenda?

If we want to do something in the name of Nigeria, shouldn’t we move away from the scams and lies? Think out loud again, so these people in NIDO will tell their children, family and friends that May 29 is Nigeria’s Democracy Day? No Greater Shame..!

I will write it down and I will tell my children that October 1st is Nigeria’s Democracy Day. It is the day that we gained our independence from the Colonial Masters. I will tell them I’m so sorry that my generation like the one before mine failed them and destroyed the foundations of the nation.

I will tell my children how Politics of Food and lies, politics of deceit and hatred and extreme selfishness and insanity in public places deprived Nigeria of her rightful place in world history.

I will let them know that I did my best at home and that I continued to do the best I can everywhere I’ve found myself since I left home.

I’ve written a book where they’ll read about Nigeria’s kind of politics and there they will find out that if there is any reason at all to change Nigeria’s Democracy Day, that reason will be June 12.

On that day the expectations of over 100 million Nigerians were deleted eternally by a wicked and evil soul called Babangida.

It is an unforgivable act to distort history.

May 29 as Democracy Day is a scam.

The Glory of Nigeria is lost because of these types of political aberrations.

Nigerians who should know better are thinking more with their stomachs. Their brains are rambling for unsatisfying money and insatiable desires. How can they find peace?

Where is the hope for Nigeria when we gather our intellectuals to the wrong gathering and sell lies to the world?

2 thoughts on “May 29’s Nigeria Scam Day

  1. Ola, Obasanjo took over from Abdusalami on May 29 1999.

    On May 29 1999, PDP captured Power and started the re-enslavment of 140m Nigerians.

    It’s a sad day in the history of Nigeria. Scam Democracy Day!

    The rest as they say is History.


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