Now that Jonathan is President, What Luck comes with it?

Adeola Aderounmu

I’m going be a keen observer, as ever, of the political situation in Nigeria.

Mr. Jonathan is now the president after all the resistance from Turai Yar Adua and co.

Let’s see how the stupidity of the PDP plays out in the days ahead.

Let’s see how the useless zoning will reflect on governance by Jonathan.

I’m interested in seeing and knowing if Mr. Jonathan will lead Nigeria one step forward or if the disctraction of the evil party he belongs to will tie him down to the battle of self-survival and self-preservation.

No dull moments in Nigeria politics- politics of scammers and looters.

Before I forget, congratulations Mr. Jonathan. Pop all the champagne tonight, make merry and enjoy this moment of your life. It won’t last forever.

You have to chose between serving Nigeria or paying back to the godfathers and licking the boots of the dictators in PDP.

All the best Johnny!

3 thoughts on “Now that Jonathan is President, What Luck comes with it?

  1. If you are made the president of NIGERIA today,I do not know the magic you will perform and I wonder the kind of person you are I don’t belive you can gorvern your house not to talk of a state.I wish you support the president to make a change instead of persicution


  2. We are all stake holders in Nigeria Project. The new president has given his word, we too should ensure we play our parts well. All the best Nigerians.


  3. The drama now is who is the next to be crowned torwards the nigeria -s 2010 election , The current PRESIDENT has traded on HIS GOOD Luck style looking at his presidence but that is not enough to clamour for his bid torwards th e next year election. presently the nation is stocked with a diverse unfulfilled promises since the independence in 1960 till date. but if i,m standing before the current PRESIDENT i will advice him stand ON his GOOD LUCK style BYallowing the dead nigerian politicians to still suck their blood through the mentality OF do or die attitude rather than going TO break the HISTORY OF GOOD LUCK that the ALMIGHTY GOD has bestawed upon him since 1999 even before then.


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