The Genocide In Jos: The Killings Continue!

Adeola Aderounmu

Reports from Nigeria indicate that more christians have been slaughtered last night.

Mad men dressed in military uniform invaded Riyom area and slaughtered their victims. It is not known how many people have been killed. The figures are between 12-50.

At this point, a state of Emergency should be declared in Jos. Dusk to dawn curfew should be imposed.

The governor should probably be impeached or sacked.

I have suggested in a previous post that Jonathan should move his office to Jos temporarily. Right now, he doesn’t seem to understand the nature of the problem.

Setting up committess and setting up panels to investigate bombings and genocide are outdated approaches to problem solving. The one who is a leader must move, he must go to places, see things for himself and show that he has solutions and ideas about what needs to be done.

Nigeria is collapsing and the rate is alarming. If Nigeria continues at this rate, Somalia will be a child’s play.

We have more than 300 nationalities in Nigeria and the current trend of events and extreme lawlessness indicate an imminent disintegration unless something extraordinary is done.

To do nothing but set up committees is the height of foolishness and ignorance.

Why are the mad men who carried out the latest attack dressed in military uniforms? This is an indication that the present war in Jos is a total war. This is a confirmation that some people in Jos are hell bent on killing on the christians in the state. It shows that they are on a mission called-No going back until all the christians are dead.

It is a sad situation but I am convinced that more attacks will follow in the days ahead. It is too obvious to see and too foolish to ignore.

Christians in Jos should start thinking of where to relocate. The governor cannot guarantte their safety and the president is not visiting to sympathise with them. They are at the mercy of the war criminals.

I,of course, condem the killings of muslims in January. All forms of genocide should be condemned and investigated. But I will really advise the Christians to do something to help themselves.

(To be edited and continued)

One thought on “The Genocide In Jos: The Killings Continue!

  1. I was disheartened and tired when I heard of more killings in Plateau state.

    It is clear that for all to see that the various arms of law enforcement agencies deployed in Plateau, are a waste of time and space.

    I saw this piece on YouTube.

    All these people in their 4 wheel drives, smart uniforms and crowds surrounding them. Yet they have proved to be thoroughly incapable and unwilling, in fact they are a complete disgrace.

    All they can do is join everyone else in the blame game.

    (In the video, you can see Mantu (a Nigerian), was uncommitted to the situation. Cameron Duodu ( A Ghanaian), showed more concern and disbelief at the failure of government to respond adequately, Eric Guttschuss (and American from Human Rights Watch), was also displaying how the government had mishandled the whole affair)

    Any other nation in the world would have taken decisive action, not Nigeria.

    Instead it’s used as an excuse for inaction and distraction. Many Nigerians don’t even care. If the victim is not from your place, it’s like “and so what”. There are a few exceptions, others use these killings to verbally attack one side or the other.

    You even highlighted that the victims of the latest massacre were Christians. Does it matter whether they are Christian or Muslim, Berom, Anaguta, Hausa or Fulani? They are PEOPLE first and foremost and more than likely innocent.

    Nigerians, I mean the masses, will have to take a united stand and condemn these murders unreservedly.

    The heads of JNI and CAN (Christian and Muslim bodies) respectively. Should jointly issue a statement and set up a transparent panel that will jointly investigate those suspected members who are sheltering within their ranks. All evidence collected should be handed over to the authorities.

    The security model of Kaduna state should be adopted in Plateau state.

    The head of military, police etc at Federal and state levels and all those responsible for overseeing this operation must be sacked and court martial-ed for abandonment of duty. The state governor should be imprisoned for stoking the flames of hate within his state. Some sort of review is necessary.

    Some dialog has to be started between the Hausas and Fulanis and the indigenes of Plateau to arrive at a lasting solution.

    You say Christians should abandon Plateau state, in the light of these continued atrocities. Easier said than done. Where will they go? In today’s over-crowded Nigeria. Will they move to Lagos or Abuja, to live life in filth in addition to poverty. I think this may degenerate into a guerrilla war, if it is not checked.

    Why has Nigeria become so lame? The most sacred thing we have human life is worth nothing. People can kill innocent women and children, and nothing happens. This is unparalleled neglect and callousness on the part of the Nigerian authorities.

    Nigeria has no right to present itself in any international forum, because they are so deeply flawed and content to allow this situation to continue. They should withdraw from all peace keeping activities abroad, and concentrate on dousing the flames at home. First things first.

    The only ray of hope to all this docility and passivity, is the “enough is enough campaign”.

    It appears they are the only people who are trying to change things, who don’t’ accept the status quo and lay the blame on their leaders. They are calling for action and accountability. I wish them success and perseverance. If not for this ray of light, I’d say all hope if fast receding into the darkness of despair.


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