The Question is: Where is Mr. Jonathan?

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigerians are still asking: where is Mr. Yar Adua? Silly question.

Yar Adua belongs to the past. As far as Nigeria is concerned Yar Adua belongs to the history books as one of the several illegal rulers. He was foisted on us by Mr. Obasanjo-the man who means many things to may people. To me, he’s just one of our biggest shames. A thousand years from now, there will probably be nobody in history that would have the same opportunity that life gave this man. He screwed up-big time. I cannot recount here, I’m sick of his shortcomings.

Right now, Nigerians should be asking: where is Mr. Jonathan?

Mr. Jonathan should face the reality or get out of the way!

Nigeria wants a leader. In the short term he has, he cannot afford to concentrate on wealth accumulation and signing contract. He is not even allowed to be pleasing any stupid member of the cabal or pro-Yar Adua organisations.

His task is simple: Make yourself visible and lead.

Go to Jos and show sympathy and empathy with the people of Dogo Na Hauwa. They need consolation. You cannot hide in Aso rock and pretend that you are in control. Actions speak louder than words. Go, be among them and console them. Help them bury their deads and fish out the killers. Put them where they belong.

If they are from Niger or Chad or Sokoto, go after them, sniff them out and bring them to Justice. Now, not later!

Make sure that this never happens again..!

Jonathan, you can’t afford to take it easy. If you do, Nigeria will go up in flames under your carelessness.

Jonathan, get out of your shell and end the useless power game in Abuja. Sack the sackables and step on toes to move Nigeria forward.

You can’t spend one year trying to please everyone. Please the poor masses, give them electricity.

Make their votes counts, give us total electoral reform.

Give us a referedum-it has eluded us for 50 years-let us decide how we want to live in a National Conference. Let us formulate our lives and make collective decisions on the type of lives that we want to live.

Mr. Jonathan, stop acting like a coward. Acting president in word, put it into power and action.

This is one of the rare opportunities for any Nigerian ruler or leader when the majority of the people seem to be on the side of the ruler (we have no leaders). The way you use this moment will define your political future. It will define your roles in the history books.

Corrupt you are, but you have a fine moment to clean up things and redefine yourself. This may be your last chance to make an impact.

You have been idle and the ball is staying too long in your court. Kick it or get knocked out..!

4 thoughts on “The Question is: Where is Mr. Jonathan?

  1. Hello Ade,
    Sometimes I get this feeling that there is a conspiracy against Jos, which to me started with Dariye clearly ‘sabotaging’ that peaceful State. There is something sick about a nation which can’t protect or defend its people. I tell people, we all live by God’s grace in Nigeria. Ever wondered why God didn’t give us natural disasters? Because He knows that our leaders will fly off in private jets to unknown destinations and leave the people to die. I keep thinking that there is no more hope for Nigeria and that one by one, the country might just collapse.


  2. Adeola, has your wife prepared a very sweet soup for you, another great one (post).

    1) At last a Nigerian who is looking within to arrive at a solution. I’ve been on other boards where people are talking of ICC, )international criminal court) etc.

    This is all very well, Ocampo in Kenya is doing a wonderful job. But ultimately it is a waste of time, we all know who were responsible for the riots in Kenya it was Kibaki and his rival Odinga and their supporters. They are not going to indict themselves and voluntarily go to prison (even though they should). Similarly, we can invite the whole world into Nigeria’s problems. They can meticulously document all that has transpired, and the facts over to Nigerians who will ultimately drag their feet and do nothing. The world is a busy place. They didn’t ask Nigerians to behave like irresponsible juveniles. The mess started with Nigerians and should be resolved by Nigerians (it’s time to recognise that we are supposed to be an independent nation, not a bunch no hopers). That is why I like your solution about a president (or acting president, whatever), showing solidarity with the people. This is what Berlusconi of Italy did in the wake of the earthquake that hit one town in Italy. We can see the sort of person Johnathan is by his actions.

    There is only one thing which needs to be considered. You have to be even handed. Did you suggest this when Kuru Jenta was attacked and suffered a similar fate? Be that as it may, solidarity and actions are what is needed. A solution has to be arrived at.

    Sacking Sarki Mukhtar and replacing him with another inadequate person is no cause for celebration.

    The authorities of Plateau state should send a task force to Kaduna state, or better yet pay Makarfi (the ex-governor of Kaduna state) consultancy fees to oversee the establishment of security in Plateau. Even though Kaduna has not fully solved it’s problem, at least it is peaceful.

    2) We can talk of removal of the indigene settler position. But we have to take account of what this means to the members of the “minorities”. The Berom are fighting for their cultural survival. We have seen how Sharia was implemented and the overnight casting of non-Muslims as second class citizens in northern Nigeria (be they indigenous or from elsewhere).

    The distribution of resources must be equitable. The heat must be taken out of one’s cultural and religious background.

    However, if the ultimate aim of the Fulanis and Hausas is to annex Jos LGA and gradually swallow up the whole of Plateau state. Then there will be problems. They are claiming that they are indigenous to Plateau, which no other ethnic group there agrees with. Co-existence is one thing, but annexation is quite another. What will the law makers do about that, probably nothing.

    3) Government has to create an environment, where entrepreneurs are facilitated to generate wealth. This will take the heat out of the struggle for political office, as that is seen as the only avenue for wealth creation. Roads, infrastructure etc should be a priority. Not building cities (like Abuja) and hosting junior world cups, or flying abroad for medical treatment.

    4) The people of Nigeria, have to ask themselves do they want to continue to allow sub-standard leaders to rule them. Why is Mr Jang, still there, if you look at his track record you can see he has done nothing good for Plateau state. Yar’ Adua or Johnathan, makes no real difference they lack the answers to the problems. Structures should be set up whereby anyone who wants to stand for political office is thoroughly vetted. Electoral malpractice must be not be tolerated. If those who are elected to whatever tier of government are not performing they should be removed.

    4) For those who are espousing division. Who knows where that will end up, with many states no bigger than Gambia (who will be constantly at war with one another). We can divide and sub-divide until we have states no bigger than a garden. If discrimination , corruption, greed and impunity are the order of the day (as is the case now). Things will not be any better than now. I don’t see Brazil, India, China, Russia or the US looking at disintegration as the solution to their problems. Again that would be evading the underlying cause.

    You referred to Nigerian mentality. Which is self-destructive form of behaviour. I agree it does exist and is widespread. How can this be checked and countered, to be replaced with something a whole lot more progressive and positive?


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