Forgive me when I say Nigerian Politicians are mad

Adeola Aderounmu

There is a story making rounds that Yar Adua (Nigeria’s illegal president since 2007) will sign certain papers relating to budget and handing over to his deputy.

There are strong indications that the man cannot talk, or move. Yet we are now being told that he will sign forms or papers. Is it possible for sane people to frame up this kind of scenario? Mad is the word!

I have always used strong derogatory terms to describe Nigerian politicians and this is one of the reasons. Now that I find joy using these terms but I am completely expressing my frustrations. Yes I am frustrated as I don’t understand why the wealthiest Nation on earth has become home to some of the world’s poorest people.

I am frustrated as I see poverty, penury and extreme corruption. Check out the latest Ibori case. This guy was an ex-convict, national and international and he became a governor. He looted and he got free! I will never never understand that so yes I am frustrated.

Nigerian politicians and evil rulers kind of think that the rest of us are stupid. But we are not.

They should stop playing games and stop fooling around.

The lazy lawamkers know what to do but what they will eat has rubbed them of their senses.

There are provisions in the constitutions that should have been invoked to transfer power to Mr. Jonathan but they have refused to do that.

They are going round in circles and wasting time as more than 90m Nigerians (more than 50% of the 140m population) continue to face hopelessness and uncertainty. No fuel, no light, no security, nothing good!

There was even a rumour that some politicians and Turai Yar Adua are planning to sponsor a coup.

The world will be swift to condemn it and that may be the final catalytic arrangement that will break Nigeria into pieces.

I will ask again like I’ve done before: are there people in the Nigerian political arena who still have their senses intact?

The time is now for them to take the country one step forward. Jonathan should be the new president as we look ahead to the future that will bring fair and credible elections. No need for the useless signature acting, it’s all rubbish and madness.

I hope Nigerians will not spend the next 50 years in poverty as I look forward to the elimination of poverty and penury among my brothers and sisters.

Nigeria, wake up!

2 thoughts on “Forgive me when I say Nigerian Politicians are mad

  1. Until Nigeria officially stops operating as a democratic nations (by that I meant a constitutional change that has been veted by the people through the appropriate channels) we have to learn to act like civilised people.

    Seriously, how is that the people have not demanded to know the where about of their president. When and where was he last seen or heard of.

    If people wanted a puppet, perhaps they’ve have asked for Elmo or the cookie monster from Sesame Street – at least those one had gusto! But we have a human being there! and we are a democracy, let the people ask for their leader! No more dem say dem say… Let the man speak for himself. And if he’s on his death bed, let the nation know! it’s only right!

    Honestly it’s not rocket science! Unfortunately, poverty will remain akin to the nation until people pull their fingers out from beneath them and do something about their situation…

    Having said that, the culture itself panders to the poverty mentality, with people constantly seeking hand outs and help without bothering to exercise their intellect at all.


  2. I am not a prophet by standard, but, I authoritatively assert that the ongoing reign of terrors and educated illiterates in Nigeria “must” vanish some day, not because of the absence of professional looters like Obasanjo, Ibori, Bode Geogre; but, because there is time for everything under the sun. They should carry on in their senselessness, we the masses, peasants and less privileged as the tagged us are products of reason. We are truly entertained by their comic posture called 6000M.W, and other elementary rhetoric..
    Thanks for a job well done..
    Long live Nigeria.


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