Wicked Behaviours

Adeola Aderounmu

The most urgent thing in the minds of Nigerian politicians is how to get rich for life. The priority is how to loot, loot and loot so that during and after public life they are never poor again. Becoming a prominent politician in Nigeria is an investment and the dividends are enormous. You’ll never be poor again..!

Imagine this; there is a proposal in Nigeria to spend N3.5billion on the construction of new houses for the Vice President, the Senate President and his Deputy, as well as the Speaker of the House of Representatives along with his Deputy. One useless man called Mallam Adamu Aliero has been defending this in the Nigerian Senate. Absolute madness! Welcome to Nigeria the land of mad politicians!

And another shocker in this time of economic recession: the federal government of Nigeria presented it’s budget to the National Assembly and requested appropriation for four new presidential jets at a cost of $210 million USD.

Yes Nigeria is a rich country probably one of the wealthiest nations on earth. But with the state of our infrastructure and the stupidity of our politicians these requests are just too selfish to ignore.

Electric power supply in Nigeria is near ground zero. Schools are not well funded and health care is a disaster as we can easily confirm that the man whom they call their “president” lay sick for over 3 weeks in another country, Saudi Arabia to be precise.

Our roads are bad and terrible at the same time. Cost of living is sky rocketing daily. Christmas is around the corner and the best gift Nigerian got was fuel scarcity because of some wicked and mad oil marketers and stakeholders. They continue to ruin us and make us sad. Our lives are almost worthless in their eyes. Where is clean water? Where is the dignity for our endless labour?

We are like on-lookers in our country. We do nothing to stop the rise of evil. A politician in Nigeria can appoint a judge in his own case. This is the level of corruption in Nigeria. I swear, in my whole life, I have never seen a country as corrupt as Nigeria even if such exist. My experience is from Nigeria alone and a boy who has never been to another farm always believes that his father’s farm is the biggest. This is my case at this point. Nigeria is rotten to the core.

Change must come to Nigeria. let’s do every little things we can that can add up to the destruction of evil and the prosecution of our wicked, heartless and lying politicians.

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