Energy, Security, the Food Crisis and the Niger Delta By the Liberty Forum

    Written by Kayode Ogundamisi, the Liberty Forum

Peace Not War! We Need Not Another Darfur In Nigeria.

We call on Great Britain. We call on people of the British Isles and the children of great men and women that make Europe what it is to day: a land of freedom and opportunities We call on women and men of goodwill, students, workers and the business class, we call on armed and defenseless people alike, royals and commons, Lords and honorable, to prevail on the Nigerian President Umoru Yar Adua, whose election into office as Nigerian president was roundly condemned by the European Union, EU-having been characterized by rigging, stealing of ballot papers by soldiers, deployed unto the streets and corners of Nigeria, and who killed and maimed voters- to stop fooling the government of Britain on the real situation in the Niger-Delta, Nigeria’s oil hub, which has now been highly militarized first by the Nigerian federal government, and now by militant freedom fighters who largely represent the indigenous communities in the region.

Yar Adua, a Fulani, whose grand parents led the 1804 Jihad against the black-skinned African population, represents the interest of the feudal and Muslim North, and have ruled and manipulated Nigeria to their wish and caprices since the Islamic revolution, which seek to continuously put Nigeria in the pocket of this few class.

Oil, which is the main source of revenue in Nigeria, is found in the Niger-Delta, home to indigenous population. These communities, due to large-scale corruption, looting of the public treasury by the leadership at the centre remain largely underdeveloped.

The poorest of the poor live in these communities, their culture undermined, their heritage submerged, their hope dashed, their future traumatized and their children without any future.

Soldiers of Northern origin are posted to these territories, and as expected, they rape the people, as it was in the case of Choba a rural indigenous Nigerian Village (1999), kill them and instill fear on them.

The Yar Adua government is similar in character to Omar Bashir’s regime in Sudan, he wants to wipe out the indigenous population, and he cannot do it without help from a super power like Britain.

The late Ken Saro Wiwa, remember him, renewed the campaign for environmental and political justice in the Niger-Delta, but in 1995, he, alongside eight others were hanged and acid was poured on their bodies by the Nigerian state.

A democratic regime which came in 1999 was thought would address the problems of the Niger-Delta, but the Nigerian state did not change in character and form. Instead, it became more vicious and bizarre, all in the bid to continuously subjugate and muzzle the ethnic minorities in these territories. In 1999, Yar Adua’s party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP then led by President Olusegun Obasanjo sent 10,000 soldiers to Odi, an Ijaw community of 20,000 people. After 72 hours of military action, the only building remaining in Odi was a post office. 1,200 people were killed and hundreds were missing. What more is a genocide than the maiming of women, children and the unarmed and today the perpetuator of that act, General Olusegun Obasonjo roam the streets of Yaradua Nigeria, neither facing trial for corruption or war crimes.

Today the Niger-Delta people, having waited in vain for justice since 1959 when oil was discovered in their homeland, have taken up arms against the Nigerian state. This is against the background of age long outrage among largely Christian Southern Nigeria communities, that they are tired of living in Nigeria, a country ruled by a small fundamentalist group, a country that offers no hope for her citizens, a country that destroys the best of human values and a country whose citizens have been made to become a huge burden on the international community, considering the large number of exiles, some of who have taken up professional jobs in Europe and America and many of whom have taken into drugs, prostitution in Italy and cyber crimes.

Nigeria is an artificial creation, put together, without the consent of the communities, in 1914, following the sharing of Africa into spheres of influence in 1885 at the Berlin Conference. Now, the Yar Adua tribe are on top, and they do manage, at all times, to install their stooges in each of the 36 states of the country, whereas non of the states enjoy the benefit of federalism, which each of them heavily dependent on the centre in all areas including the registration of vehicles, control of ports, police and even as little as the right to create and run counties and the right to chose their political leaders, which must be screened and approved by the centre government.

Apart from the Niger-Delta, the Yoruba and Ibos of the South and the minorities of the middle-belt in the North are asking for self-determination up to the point of opting out of Nigeria. Many of these communities having watched several recommendations chuck by the government into the thrash bin, have decided to take up arms against the Nigerian state.

Britain was aware of this serious problem in Nigeria. In 1957, shortly before Nigeria got independence in 1960, Brittan set up the Willinks Commission, which recommended that revenue be shared 100 percent on the basis of derivation. Today, only 13 percent has been approved and just as recent as in 1999, for the oil producing communities. On top of all this is the fact that a credible election in unlikely in Nigeria under her present structure. This is the gist of this whole problem in the Niger-Delta and in Nigeria.

Another peace summit, the third in 12 years is in the offing, but expectedly, nothing is likely to come out of it, because while the summit is in top gear, Yar Adua is shopping for arms in Britain and has heavily militarized the region since the past 10 years.

A peace summit, even if to be chaired by Britain is what is needed. We need no longer another Iraq in Nigeria. We need no weapons that will be used by an illegitimate political class against the ordinary people of Nigeria.

Self-determination is the substance and the United Nations recognizes this demand under article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Help save Nigeria from war, help save Britain from being fed with lies and propaganda by one of the worst set of leaders in Africa.

As British Nigerians and Nigerians Resident in the United Kingdom with Stakes in Both Countries we demand as follows.

• Prime Minister Gordon brown should withdraw his offer for military assistance to the Nigerian government.
• That the British government should commence investigation into the private accounts of past and current Nigerian public office holders with a view to recover stolen money and return same to the people of Nigeria.
• The Nigerian government should stop the continued militarization of the Niger Delta region.
• The Nigerian police should be adequately equipped to deal with law and order issue in the Niger Delta.
• That only a genuine restoration of the rights of the Niger delta people and all oppressed people in Nigeria will bring peace to Nigeria.
• That if the labor led government of Prime Minister Gordon Brown is in any way seen to join the Nigerian government in committing acts of genocide in the Niger Delta, the Liberty Forum and its affiliate organization shall commence immediate campaigns against the Labour Party in the afro-Caribbean communities in the United-Kingdom.
Kayode Ogundamisi
Convener: The Liberty Forum-UNITED-KINGDOM

6 thoughts on “Energy, Security, the Food Crisis and the Niger Delta By the Liberty Forum

  1. If the British government decides to intervene they do so only to secure their rights in oil and not because they care so much about the suffering of people of Niger Delta. Western companies have been mining oil there for years, how much have they contributed to the host communities? Have they built schools, hospitals, roads, etc.?

    Besides, why should Yar’adua go crying to them for help? The solution can be remedied through dialogue and most importantly ensuring equal distribution of oil resources. Look at tanker drivers going on strike because the roads they ply are deplorable! I fully support them, though they might have other motives.

    Rather than policing the Niger Delta, the government should make sure the allocations are rightly spent in the upliftment of the people rather than it ending up in the coifers of a few.


  2. You are really doing good job Kayode, keep it up.People are suffering in Niger Delta area of Nigeria.General Obasanjo should not be given red carpet welcome at the prestigeous London School of Economics and Polical Scince.God save Nigeria.


  3. Weldone Kayode. Your write-up is commendable. Personally, I do not believe the Western Nations can do anything to rescue our country from the grip of the few political office holders. The truth is that they are aware of the rot that has plagued the nation over many decades ago. The Western Nations are very intelligent people in their own right in the sense that they keep on protecting the interest of their country, keep on developing it and keep and making life bearable for its citizenery. Until recently, probably as a result of global outcry and overt transparence in poverty level of the people of Africa, they partially joined in fighting corruption in Nigeria. As I am writing here, large chunk of stolen wealth from Nigeria are still starshed in Europe majorly United Kingdom generally regarded as Nigerian second home.

    Having said that, Europe and America can not help us. In fact, they are constantly in collaboration with looters in Nigeria government. The miraculous escape of the former bayelsa Governor, Alameiseigha can not be devoid of the knowledge of London Metropolotan police. If they will be truthful to themselves or if they are willing to assist us, they know what to do. If they do what the are suppose to do, their economic interest will be jeopardised to a large extent. You can see why they will continue to play a middle road politic with the african affairs.

    Let me add, the only country we can ask for genuine assistance at the moment is in my opinion Canada. If you recalled, when Ken Saro Wiwa was brutally killed by Abacha, Canada was the only country severed its diplomatic relation with Nigeria and quickly moved their mission to Accra, Ghana. Up till today they are rendering only skeletal service in Lagos and Abuja when we decided to run a semblance of democratic government.

    Nevertheless my dear josite, the socio-economic and political palaver which has become our trade mark as of today in Nigeria can, in my view, only be solved through a civil putsh or revolution. The country has bred so many political robbers, who have occupied key positions in government that electing true representative of the people through the ballot boxes will remain for a long time to come a mirage in the desert.

    In summary, my glimmer of hope regarding the armed struggle by the Niger Deltans few years ago have been dashed. This was so because kidnapping the innocent people, children, the aged, women and foreigners and demanding huge monies as ransome is outrightly criminal. If they had targeted only nigerian political office holders, especially those from the Niger Deltas who are trading away their interest at Abuja, there is no doubt that by now the Region would have known where they are going in term of sustainable social infrastructural development. What we witnessed was that they praise sing their leaders who indulge in large scale fraud and stealing of the public treasury.

    Happy deliberation in the next talk shop holding soon in London.

    Long live the Federal republic of Nigeria!


  4. hi every person,

    I identified after previous months and I’m very excited much to commence participating. I are basically lurking for the last month but figured I would be joining and sign up.

    I am from Spain so please forgave my speaking english


  5. true… but ultimately, like the how a wise man once said: I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at this early day of its successful experiment that corruption has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office.


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