By Adeola Aderounmu.

If the answer to these two questions is YES, then there is a very serious problem on our hands. Indeed, we have always had big problems in Nigeria.

If Nigeria has a minister for external affairs then that person is grossly incompetent and unfit for that position. If after 365 days the body of slained Osamuyia is still lying in the cold morgue somewhere in Spain, then it is better for that Minister to resign and bury his head in shame.

I declare that the minister for foreign affairs in present day Nigeria (2008) is the most incompetent human alive today. The person occupying that position should be sacked and replace with someone else who is capable and knowledgeable.

A new minister should be appointed in that position and his or her first mandate should be to secure the corpse of Osamuyia for burial in Nigeria.

This also makes me wonder what the role of an ambassador is in Spain. Apart from Nigeria, what is the general function of ambassadors from all over the world who are sent to Spain? This question is important to me because the answer probably lies with the Spanish government.

Maybe the Spanish government can tell the world what they are doing with a corpse for 380 days. The Spanish government can explain to us or to the world why they have not been able to release the corpse to the family or the embassy of Nigeria in Spain.

Depending on the explanation, we can figure out the roles of the Nigerian ambassador to Spain because until now I think the ambassador is also very useless.

If I was the ambassador, I would either resign due to my incompetence or publicise the issue by criticising the handling of the matter by the Spanish authority. Doing neither of this means the ambassador is not protecting the rights/privileges of Nigerians in Spain. Therefore he/she should be sacked forthwith.

The Minister for External affair and the Nigerian ambassador to Spain should quit offices now, they are unfit, incompetent and un-knowledgeable to fulfil the positions that they occupy. I know that this is the pattern in Nigeria-having wrong people in political offices-still this particular episode of the killing of Osamuyia and the retention of his corpse by the Spanish murderers speak volume and such a matter should not be swept under the carpet. It is an international issue!

What more shall we do to ensure that Osamuyia’s body is released by the Spanish government one year after they murdered him?

This is the third day (out of 4) that I have dedicated to this story. I will conclude my story tomorrow and surely if nothing happens, I will dedicate an entire BLOG to this story. Osamuyia must be buried in Nigeria-this will not be compromised.

We will also continue to seek justice regarding the manner of his death.


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