Nigeria’s public administration is still probably the most corrupt in the world

By Adeola Aderounmu.

You have read about this several times, I know. Writers, critics and the civil society have proffered solutions too BUT nothing or very little has changed. Nigeria is still corrupt! Counter critics say that they are tired of reading our problems, they want solutions. What kinds of solution do we want to proffer again?

It seems to me that the best way to keep our unreliable and unelected politicians in shape is to continuously remind them of their grave and unacceptable shortcomings and that millions of Nigeria are still very are angry, hungry and unhappy with the way things are being handled.

These public administrators and officials are present in all levels of the government and so is corruption. Public administration is supposed to be about service to the citizens of the country, some of the many careers in this field are explained on this public administration degree site. If the officials that serve and communicate with the public are corrupt, what hope is there for the government and country as a whole? Indeed, corruption is a worldwide phenomenon and no country in the world is free from it but it varies in degree and intensity. It also varies on its impacts on the general population.

Many Nigerians observe foreign news with keen attention and they try to discern the truths from fallacies. Nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in the world is a popular expression that one comes by anytime one reads or listens to news about Nigeria in the western press. That Nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in the world is actually a fallacy. The correct comment is that Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world. Else, what have been the effects of anticorruption crusade in Nigeria since the veil of immunity left the last sets of looters? By the way, one patriotic Nigerian, not Oprah, wrote recently in the Punch newspaper that
All Nigerians are corrupt
How about that?

The only solution to eradicating or minimizing corruption in Nigeria is to punish ALL living and serving offenders. For more than 47 years now it has been difficult to prosecute quite reasonably well any of the key players who have aided the demeaning of Nigeria. From the first republic to the fourth or fifth and through all the reigns of absolute dictatorship and tyranny, only on one or two occasions were allegedly corrupt politicians hypocritically sent to jail en-mass. But what the military did immediately after those pretentious acts was absolutely way of it-they looted and milk the country to dryness. Eventually, corruption became not only organized and institutionalized but also an acceptable was of life. Our fellow NIGERIAN Chukwudi, in a recent post, gave a chronological account of corruption in Nigeria

If a country is credited with the worst election in human history, it can only be possible if that country is the most corrupt in the world. Otherwise, how do you categorize, in the absence of any election, the occupation of thousands of political offices from the level of ineffectual local government chairmen to that of a power-drunk presidency across a landscape of over 900 000 km sq?. I don’t think any country in the world (today) is competing with Nigeria at this level of charade, scandal, idiocy and shamelessness. Nigeria is a remarkable country thriving on a dirty home grown version of conventional democracy.

I have been to a number of places and countries in the last 6 years of my life and at no time have I followed global news than this period of my life. I have never seen any country in the world where the anticorruption agencies do so very little while making so much noise. I have never seen anywhere in my life where a self-styled so called chief law enforcer in any country apply the rule or ruse of law to the detriment of the society at large. I have never seen where such a fellow uses unnecessary delay tactics or abnormal protocols to obstruct or deny due justice. The Attorney General of Nigeria enjoys more popularity than all Nigerian politicians together including the lukewarm president for the wrong reasons .

Nigeria is one of the very few countries in the world where a politician can steal or loot more than 20 billion dollars and walk free and the only place where such a looter can be a presenter or key speaker at a function organized by Nigerian writers. That will definitely confirm the allegations that many Nigerian writers are indirectly busy writing for or on behalf of corrupt politicians and looters who are directly killing the citizenry slowly and steadily. Conscience remains the greatest judge of all time. Nigeria is the only country in the world where state governors will build or buy several houses abroad while leaving no trace of housing foundations in their own domains in Nigeria. I have never seen (in my entire life) where a mayor for example develops a foreign country while the local citizens suffer. Our politicians are remarkable. England does not have to
worry or fear. after failing to reach the EURO 2008 finals. We will send ONLY one of our governors to pump 2 billion pounds into their economy. Chicken change!

England’s economy is being taunted by the fear of parting with a paltry sum of 2 million pounds in 2008 only. Very interesting! Does anyone know how much Nigerian politicians loot monthly while we are pursuing mirage of economic rejuvenations? If Sweden is looted a quarter of the same way as Nigeria, all the 9 million inhabitants will be penniless and the world acclaimed social system will suffer a fatal fate. A Swedish lady visited Nigerian during the Tafa saga. Today, she is yet to recover from the shock of that mild but shameful revelation about the looting police boss. If anyone tells her how much some key looters have stolen in Nigeria, she will suffer a heart attack, instantly. Paradoxically, Nigeria is one of the few countries in the world where politicians will be mocked if they didn’t become rich while serving . .

A typical Nigerian is corrupt and highly opportunistic. It is a reflection of the rot and decadence of governance that has always lacked probity and accountability. If we have done appropriate justice (as the solution in this case) to all previous looters and thieves, perhaps this mentality would have been eroded for long. But we have not and we are still not carrying justice appropriately, so the mentality that I must steal, loot and plunder remains inherent and lingers.

There is no point writing forever about what you already know. We conducted the worst election of all time, we glorify politicians who steal from us and we therefore encourage armed robbers in their own evil ways. We paid assassins as little as 10 000 naira to take invaluable lives. For every little misdeed we propagate in our professional or occupational endeavors, we add to the pile of rubbish created by the greedy politicians and looters. Indeed for every unpunished corrupt politician, millions of souls are sent to everlasting penury in Nigeria. Millions of people have lived and died in Nigeria knowing nothing but poverty! Additionally, corruption in Nigeria has taken a new dimension. After years of speculations, foreigners are now finally confirmed as part and parcel of the menace in Nigeria. The corrupt SIEMENS have rekindled the burning flame of corruption in Nigeria. So is the involvement of unnamed SHELL workers in the celebrated WILLBROS scandal. Nigerians are waiting anxiously to know the names of the foreigners who are helping to propagate corruption in our land. They must be named too!

Truth does not change, it remains bitter! In my own very personal opinion, Nigeria is the most fertile country for corruption to thrive. The consequences are numerous including the 60-90 million people/family that will groan today while surviving on less than 1 dollar for the next 24 hours. But Nigerians are still happy people no doubts, having reasons to celebrate sports, arts, banks, western union, American thanksgiving, religions, births and deaths among other things. All these show that we still have hopes but with handicaps like EFCC and the office of the attorney general and a tepid illegal presidency, help is not near, it’s not even in sight. Hoping is not enough; we need to do something to actualize all the solutions overflooding in the books! How can we go about this?


Are you in doubt if Nigeria is the most corrupt country or do you think my views are unpatriotic? Then please give me the answers to the following question

Just a few questions….and maybe I’m wrong with the headline.   

1.       Which country is credited with the WORST Selection in human history?

 2.       How many countries in the world are political offices occupied over an area of 900 000 km sq. without any election?

3.       Regarding question 2, what other phenomenon apart from corruption (or is more important than corruption) that can aid such a hopeless possibility?

4.       Name another country in the world where someone stole more than 20 million dollars and still had the gut to seek re-election WITHOUT having answered in any way whatsoever for past misdeeds (which also include murder of innocent citizens among which is a reputable journalist)?

5.       Name 2 countries in the world that the anticorruption agencies go global to make noise while doing little or nothing at all?

6.       Name 2 countries in the world where the AGs are openly known worldwide for delaying (under the guise of ruse of law) investigation and prosecution of looters?

7.       Name one other country in the world apart from Nigeria where the AG is an open enemy of the Financial Crime Commission and yet became the AG particularly for that reason in the first place?

8.       Name one country in the world where the former minister of transport had the worst road leading from the business capital to his hometown?

9.       Name one other country in the world that has failed over a period of half a century to successfully prosecute a handful of looters (and the looters have not been on exile)?

10.   Name 2 countries in the world where plea bargaining is an alternative to prosecution?

11.   In which country is one man stronger and more powerful than 150m others put together?

12.   In which country in the world can 150m people be disenfranchised without stress?

13.   Regarding number 11 and 12, if not corruption (what is the source of this anomaly or the man’s power)?

14.   Regarding 11-13, the 2 men openly known to have brought about number 12 are still alive, name 2 countries where such men can be walking free on the streets without facing justice?

15.   If not corruption, why should they be free men? What other phenomenon could be responsible for their freedom?  

46 thoughts on “Nigeria’s public administration is still probably the most corrupt in the world

  1. does it mean that nigeria change ,the answer is no becos there are young nigerians who are not about that and ready to change the country


  2. Sorry, America is the most corrupt country in the world. America along with Britain corrupts Nigeria. The source is not Nigeria; the source is the very sophisticated West, not Nigeria. Nigeria only display the obvious of small time corruption between its own government all the way to the very small time Internet 419’s who are uneducated, using out dated American scams, that the Americans who have elevated the these scams to much more sophisticated techniques, for more than thirty years now.


  3. When international media begins to cover the issue of corruption in developed nations, we will then appreciate the fact that there are many developed nations that are worse on this issue.

    You only need to listen to Lou Dobbs on CNN to know the level of corruption in the governance of America. Or how do we explain the reason behind the recent collapse of Wall Street. How do we explain the issue of oil prices that hit the roof and all of a sudden began to drop by the minute as the US elections draw near and Bush’s days to leave office become numbered? Has the Saudi King not been proved right when he was responding to Bush’s request that Saudi pump more oil into the market to bring down prices? The King told him that the reason for high oil prices is because of “other factors” and not because of supply. Take a close look at the mortage system in many of the developed nations of the West. It is a generational fraud that enslaves the citizenry to be forced to work beyond their retirement age. There are so many boobie traps that has been entrenced into the system of these nations that we don’t even have going in Nigeria. And you know what? The moment the enforcement of laws collapse in these nations, we will see that things will be as “bad” as it is in Nigeria; as an example, many of their people will jump the gun to continue paying taxes before they are groaning under the tax regimes imposed on them with less to show for it by the day.


  4. i think nigeria is still the most corrupt country in terms of youth restiveness trying to suppress others to attain a goal.this phenomenon has now made many who never had tte minds of being bad to become worst in commiting crimes.


  5. We sit here judging our country of its little weaknesses without knowing what kind of corruption is being carried out in other countries. The foreign media has a way of hiding the truth because of the love she has for her country, while making others (esp. the developing countries) look more of the scape goats. Nigeria is a good country and we hope she becomes better tomorrow!


  6. well all i can say is Nigeria is a developing country..Their is no country without its faults..America and britain hide their own economic faults and use country;s like Nigeria as scapegoats..Fine we all know Nigeria has its faults but dont forget we r only 46 or 47 years old..America is over 100years old yet it has its faults too….And i think judging all Nigerians to be thesame is being miopic.There are people who want change but are silenced.dDont forget one tree cant make a forest.


  7. all of you are just judging?are u GOD,only god have the right judement,no human beign have the right to say somebody is corrupt,truly you can say nigeria is corrupt,have you caught up to one million victim doing bad things in nigeria,even if we add all the corruption in nigeria and compare it with 50 cent,i bet it 50 cent corruption will still be high than that of nigeria,u know africa are not fool like you people,we are more intelligent than any country aside from africa,white only have gift from GOD lioke wise all the things they are today calling themselfs leaders are from africa.They come to africa to steal our traditionals gods to produce what they are today,u are now saying nigeria is the most corrupt country.GOD will punish you all


  8. Your write was nice especially as it concerns Nigeria and corruption.
    personally i work as the Programme Officer an NGO that is into corruption fight by name ASSOCIATION FOR THE ERADICATION OF CORRUPTION IN NIGERIANS (ASSERCORN)






  10. Any country without God can never never prosper okay. Nigerians must accept God/ respect God/ Accept he that the father have sent. Yes they must respect and honour the man of God Rev King for them to be able to move forward. Listen you can not hold the begotten son of jesus christ of Nazareth our lord and expect God to hear your cry it is very impossible. The moment the whole world accept Rev King that black then they will prosper and be free from all their trouble.

    Nigerians should be very shame of themselves for whatever that is happening to them because they know where they problems comes from and they cannot deny it. A country where fornication, adultery worship and all kind of evil practice in the name of tradition and culture is the order of the day. Even some aclaimed men of God ( Pastors) reverend fathers encourages it nobody preaches against it only rev king. Cultism can never move Nigeria Forward. Nigeria Government are foundation of cultism of former president Obasanjo


  11. Regarding the comment of Sennyrulz.
    Nigeria is not a developing country, it is an under developed country as it was previously described before the world became politically correct.
    Having spent 25 years visiting and working in Nigeria I have never seen any “development” that lasted longer than the “guarantee period” of new works funded via a loan from the world bank and other loan agencies.


  12. Hey, slow down. As ruler of Zimbabwe I disagree – we are all corrupt here as well. Just look at how I take farms of people and give them to my ministers. I am doing my best. Kind regards. Bob the baboon Mugabe


  13. I find it rather ridiculous that some individuals in Nigeria continue to blame America and Britain for its lack of development. Until you begin to take some responsibility for what is happening in your country, nothing is ever going to change.

    Americans and Britains alike have no interest in a Nigerian president such as Sani Abacha stealing so much money from the Nigerian people.

    America is having astronomical economical problems at the moment, and I do not agree that this is being hidden.

    I definitely agree though that we all have our faults, and until we can recognize them and admit them, is there to be progress made.

    And lastly, but not in attempt to make the author of this article upset, I am not sure what statistical source is being used to support these statements. If you actually check the corruption perceptions index, of the 180 countries studied, Somalia is actually perceived as the most corrupt country. Nigeria is 130th. Whether or not this is an appropriate measure of ‘the most corrupt’ is another debate to be had, but it would be beneficial if the author made some more scientific based statements other than rhetorical questions at the end.

    I feel for the people of Nigeria, as there is so much potential yet so much lack of implementation. I definitely have faith that the rising of the new generations may bring some of the issues under control


  14. I mean no offense by this but if nigeria is corrupt why don’t you rack your brains and try to find a solution to our problem, instead of so passionately and eloquently giving a detailed list of our problems and vices. If you think you are doing this country any good by what you are writing your a even more mistaken than i thought. If you want to help this country why don’t you gather up some people and make a stand IN THE ACTUAL COUNTRY, instead of hiding behind this meaningless and basicaslly useless facade. Do you know what you are doing can start a war in the country. If some violent, malevolent people or if the wrong people get their hands on this post and they begin to see Nigeria in the light you so graciously shone on them and while driven by mad anger with a hint of lucidity, gather up a mounting number of people and start acquiring guns to start fighting and killing each other. Don’t you think that it might be something like this that might have ignited the problem in the Niger Delta which the government is now struglling to stop and are progressively succeding in their attempts if i might add.You say Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world but have been to countries like chad, cote d’ivoire etc. You would cry for the people in these counries if you witness the state of unbelievable penury and strife they endure.These countries are even more corrupt than Nigeria yet the citizens don’t come to the internet to publicly malign their country because they know it is of no use. What you are succeding in doing is acquiring sympathizers and well wishers not people that are actually going to help solve our problem. I mean no offence by this but it is people like you that slowly destroy this country. How can you come to the internet to start writing that Nigeria is flooded with poverty and devastated with corruption, don’t you know the damage you are causing not only to the country but to yourself and the citizens. What you are writing is most likely to discourage foreign investors, and scarce tourists or investors away from this country. Even if Nigeria has problems, not that i am saying they don’t, must the whole world know. Must everyone who goes to google or other search sites and type’s NIGERIA as the search word see corruption or poverty on the first page as being associated with Nigeria. If everytime a country like Britian had problems, and the citizens came out to broadcast to the world do you think they would have got to anywhere by now.

    Why don’t you try to help by doing something positive to change it instead of writing about how corrupt Nigeria is. If you want a change why don’t you start doing something about it instead of tarnishing the image of this country on the internet with all these empty word that in truth has no value or revelance to finding the solution of Nigeria’s problem.

    Okay, let take for example in your family a very disgraceful thing happened will you like it if your neighbour that found out about it go and start spreading it around for all to hear and laugh at or pity your shame. Through this the image of your family will be forever tarnish and anyone who wants to interact with you will always be cautious because of the news of disgrace hovering round your family.

    What you are doing is not called Helping, it is called Deterioration. You are deteriorating this country and you think you are helping. Take a look at the last comment written above, the woman who wrote it said she was felt sorry for this country, no that i am saying that is bad but that is one of the adverse effects of what you are doing. You are making people think Nigeria is a maelstrom of a country and that it is full of uneducated, babric people, who are more or less slaves to themselves and authority, people who have no idea about the plight of their country. People like you have painted the image of extreme poverty and illiteracy in our country and proudly displayed it to the world.

    Nigeria is not such a pathetic country, its just the greed of not only the avaricious people in positions of authority but also the citizens themselves. You say are our elections are the worst in the world, but is it not only in a few places that the elections failed to run smoothly. You make it sound like election period in this country is a major tragic event. You only talk about the evil in Nigeria, have you recently been to Lagos or Ogun state, Port-Harcourt , Abuja and some more states, don’t you see that thing there are greatly improving. For crying out loud we are a country that just became fully democratic in the year 2000 or 2001, I am not really sure, when Obasanjo become our first civilian president. When he got to the seat, he realised that the damage done by Sani Abacha was unspeakable and invoiable. Although he tried his best to improve it and he was able to do something tangible although not epic. Yar Adua would be the second civilian president and he just barely got into power. Take a look at our entertainment industry, ever since we first started we have been improving and entertainment in Nigeria even though it not at its peak is getting there progressively.

    You chastize this country so fervently that you failed to mentioned these advantages.

    Nigeria is a country that has been through the good, the bad and the worse but that doesn’t mean we are hopeless. All we need is support not only from outsiders but our own citizens. I admit that we have a lot of corrupt public officers and leaders but show a me a country that does not and I would admit that in this argument you have beaten me hands down. There is corruption in this country yes, but you make it look as if Nigeria is a living ghost or better yet an aura of evil, pain and strife. If Nigeria is corrupt then why don’t you take a solid stand and do something that is actually useful because if you think you are being patriotic or doing something tangible then you are simply deluding yourself, besides rome wasn’t built in a day. How can yuo tell people not to hope or have faith, after all what is a man without faith?


    • @ Tosin Ojo

      Why don’t you start a blog and start writing about the good things in Nigeria instead of trying to take away my freedom of expression? AND if you have started doing that, why should I worry about it?


  15. You are a big fool with your stupid write -up by saying that NIGERIA is the most corrupt country.You are in one place knowing not what is happening in other country.If NIGERIA is corrupt you better re-locate to Benni rep. Ghana, Togo Uganda, China,Sudan Zambia Rwanda, Burundi Irag Iran Pakistan Peru and also ask us why USSR break-up ask AMERICA why they are intrest in NIGERIA oil with our corruption.I’m in the mist 0f all Nations and each country expressed the problem of their country and I know NIGERIA is better than what you think.


    • Sunday, thank you very much. I have just some questions for you. In which country in the world did we have an accused person appointing in his own judge? If you name 1 or 2 countries where this can happen except in Nigeria, I will delete this entry immediately.

      In which country can the fake president be away for more than 50 days and no one is in charge?

      Name another country apart from Nigeria where a public servant can steal more than 12million dollars and walk free?


  16. will Nigeria ever get out of this spell of opression of the rich, whyare the most Nigerian politicians cowardly selfish, and kiss-asses, u guys gotta grow up and make that nation great , instead of making ur personal accounts great, Please politicians do something, make our country great again, please if anyone really cares tho.


  17. I belive the media are to be oriented to know what to publish in other not to destroy our country.All the medias had never pulished anything good about our country but of evil. Either killing, stealing, kidnapping, shooting, distruction, fighting and such arelike evil. But they had never say of any good that occur in any place in NIGERIA even the internatinal medias like BBC,CNN, etc. for instance their focus mainly base on evil or destruction in a place like plain clash,earthquake,bombblast,riot, sucidebombers etc.They are the root of corruption in the world. They should repent and try to promote peace.


  18. The good thing is that your a Nigerian, and i hope you know your included when you agreed that ALL Nigerians are corrup but whatever. When you look back at to tell your children that your is the most country in the world and they ask you PAPA what did you do to change it i hope you have an answer for them.




    Your question has no meaning becouse even the writer said he is corrupt.But I want to let you know or you should go and ask about the election in GHANA.(2) The election in spain. (3) The reason of the problem in GREECE.(4) The BRITAN airline on stike.US said NIGERIAN are corrupt and that we are terrolist but they came to IGP to train the police regadless of the fanances.Today pres TV showse an AMERICAN citizen who wanted to kill UBAMA and some senators and 80 blacks in US. What was the course.I wish you go to BRASIL and know what is happening there even in education sector.Somtime Desember 2009 CNN gave the rate of which the student in US paid to some people (mechinary) to sit for exam for them and some pay just to get the certificate and with your big mouth you rate them. Even if the writter do not know what to write about he should go to KWARA STATE SARAKI will give him land for farming and that will keep him busy.


  21. it is a pity that for some couple of years back imediately after the nigerin independent precisly in 1976 the then military administration of former president olusegun obasanjo sold the nation nigeria to satan through festac 77, the moment all the witches and wizards finished their gathering this nation then every thing evil came knocking, everything became posible killing, assination, abortion, fornication, 419 etc, became the other of the day. the same thing lingered untill it went out of control that today one could hadly see another one standing for justice in a country with over 150million people in population, fews days after that blunder the makers of heaven and earth the father of jesus christ of nazareth our lord decided to look into the pligth of the same nation by sending his son His Holiness The Most Hon.Dr>Rev King the man of the moment every moment and the final moment the last preacher of the gospel of his father jesus christ of nazareth our lord and the of war, gossips, scandals, conspiracies, by the same nigeria and nigerians, now looking at it from the christian part one would enter into a church without the dominace of witches and wizards standing as their membbers including the upper class even our leaders, and has brought the plaque today called corruption, which is major perpetuated by the acting politicians in the same nation. i highly support the view that nigeria is the most corrupt nation in the world because they their helper and the same corruption and wicthcraft blinded them both the leaders and lead. let stop here because i cry every day asking God to reconsider his plan victory for this nation and over the act of the our blind leaders both in churches etc.
    nigerians change today and accept your helper.God bless Nigeria and Nigerians


  22. i was working in nigeria for 2 years.the country like most of the african countries sucks.i don’t understand why these people can’t take a bath?oh yeah all the time they have the excuse-because we are poor.really?i never heard somebody in europe with this excuse.if you wanna get friendly with nigerians give them food for free,a will be the best friend.africans they are sleeping from any position.all the time you will hear them i’m tired.prostitution is very high in lagos.the more you stay away from these people the less problems you will have.don’t expect good manners from them.50% don’t have too much education.don’t get to close to them your nose will fall because the way they 2010 still more then 80% of the africans are living water no electricity.this is how nigerian goverment is punishing nigerians.


  23. Just looking at the title of this article makes a horrible first impression prior to even reading it. No offense of course, but this piece is quite horrifically written. There are mistakes and error’s that should be proof-readed and re-typed as well that it hardly states any evidence backing up your statements, which i might note were pretty bad statements in the first place. I honestly like and feel where you’re coming from you just need a little help on delivery and content. Let’s help support the poor and cheated Nigerian’s together!


  24. i want to say that Nigeria is the country of thieves and looters, iand i wanna tell my story, one day i received an email ,in it was written that i’ve won $5million, then some one phoned me he said that his name was Dr. Austion, the manager of Union Bank PLC, and he congragulated me also asked for some documents to prove that i’m legal Iraqi citizen, ans some thing else after all things he asked, he said “you recive the money as soon as possible but you have to send $950” then i knew it was a trick and fake, i hope you will read it and i can give you his number to contact him,


  25. I think all we need to do is find solution to these problems. Every prolem that NIGERIA has need just one solution. GOOD LEADERSHIP. When there is good leadership there will be good followers, but if the head is having problem then the whole body is sick. What we need is GOOD LEADERSHIP with good qualities. Most of our leaders doesn’t have conscience, they forgot who helped them get to that position; they thought it was the money they spent.


  26. why ar our pple just wicked wait wats the use of posting this siht do u think u ar helping 9ja plz if u jobless the poster of dis shit y dont u just try nd nd think striaght nd stp posting rubbish


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  28. Corruption is part of human nature which makes it possible for people to want to cut corners, it is not peculier with nigerians.How ever, I beileve that institutions like efcc and icpc should be encouraged by nigerians to perform better, that is not to say that the have not being performing. Look at the case of Bode George, the former national vice chair of the ruling part who is currently serving a jail term for corruption and some others who ‘re doing time.I beileve with time we will get there.And 4 Adeolu or what ever, I will want you to answer these questions
    1. How much does your state recieve as allocation 4rm d FG
    2.You wrote so convincenly about a public office holder who stole $12m or $20m.since you are so sure about it, what have you done with your facts?
    Rather than write emotionally about corruption, find out how much your state or FG recieves as allocation or income(which is made public through national dalies) and its budget, then track the implemention of the budget, when you notice fowl play, report to efcc or icpc,in a nut shell become a whisle blower for efcc or icpc. Washing our dirty undies in public is meaningless. Despite the involvement of Dick Cheney, US former vice president in the nigerian Haliburton bribery scandal, I have not seen an American writing rubbish about US. And about the person who discribed nigerians as dirty, I think you mixed up with the wrong crowd, and I also think you patronize prostitutes otherwise, how did you find out the state with more number of prostitutes. Every in society in the world has prostitutes. (Red light districts)


  29. Nigeria is one of the richest countries in the world. If pple can recognise dat we all r approaching grave every second dat passes by. Then y do we 2 pile up billion in foreign account when d next person is hungry, thirsty, homeless. Nigeria ‘ll b gr8t again.


  30. well my own view of nigeria is dat it is a very great country bcos compared 2 other countries WE ARE BLESSED but as 4 corruption it is a burden we all jst ve 2 bear but its left 2 us 2 fight it wen it comes.


  31. This article is a complete report of the state of Nigeria and our shameless political rulers. When I see people, especially Nigerians make such remarks as The Western World corrupting Nigeria and Africa in general, I lose hope on change or better days to come. We need to wake up and stop blaming other people for our stupidity. We are responsible for our deeds and unless we accept that fact… sorry we will all perish in this misery.
    The westerners wouldn’t penetrate us (Africa) if we didn’t give in, due to our selfish and power thirsty black stinking nature. For change to come we must first value and love who we are (Black Race). Respect!


  32. …And for the fools against against this educative material. please hush your stinking mouths and ask yourselves why hide the fire that will eventually burn you to death all in the name of meaningless pride. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.


  33. If ‎​ were to choose a country before coming to this world…‎​’ll still choose Nigeria…I am proud to be a Nigerian, because ‎​ know theD reality of life….here in Nigeria…the truth about God’s mystery…had it been am a white guy, maybe i could have been dead by now…..Nigeria can change, only if they want to…Boko Haram terrorist are not to be blame, because, they think they have to do W̶̲̥̅̊ђA̶̲̥̅t I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ right…i love them, but only that they are killing innocent people…..hmm! Our corrupt government officials must be executed by God….AAAAH! NIGERIA, WHAT A COUNTRY…(sobbing)


  34. Nigeria political leader and bureaucrat, graduated from political economic exploitation of the British colonial master and nursed with incorporation of America exploitations strategies which gave impetus for the continuity of the corrupt act of Nigerians. suggested solution is that Nigerian should embark on old precolonial system of Africa.


  35. Adeola you are right about your analogy so far by identifying various levels of corruption in Nigeria but you never take time to identify major fundamental causes of corruption in our land and you have not proposed or suggested any everlasting solution to these problems.
    However, comparing Nigeria to other developed countries in the world is not a good parameter, for instance, Nigeria is just 55years of age compare to America which is about 231years of age. Nigeria need time but not longer time to overcome her various problems especially the corruption aspect of it and this can be done by you and i by letting people know that Nigeria will be better soon and that these corrupt people will be surely wipe away by the space of time.
    finally, we should try to create good impression for the younger ones that Nigeria has best chance of surviving this mess very soon and the essence of this is just let them have good ambition for the country in case when they fortunately get to the top position in the country.


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