Shall we lease Nigeria for 10 years?

Adeola Aderounmu. 

No, Nigeria is not for lease. Before you crucify me, I am not for the leasing of Nigeria to the Brits, not again! 

But if you want to know how this idea came about, you have to read the story here: 

I must say that I don’t understand why Nigerians cannot ask for decent people in governance. I don’t know why we don’t eliminate corruption or the corrupt people who are ruining our lives. It beats my imagination how thieves who called themselves politicians are living among us and destroying lives of the unborn generations. It is very pathetic that Nigerians have not been able to manage or sustain their pre-independence glory. 

Are there no good people in Nigeria?

Is everyone mad?

Is the curse of the talisman upon Nigeria? 

Please wake up Nigerians, remove all corrupt people in your midst, demand for good governance, demand for the prosecution of the likes of Obasanjo, Odili, Ibori, Igbinedion, Tinubu, Babangida, Adedibu…make the full list of the people who are destroying the system, ask them to refund our monies and petition the police/EFCC to investigate and bring to trial where necessary.  

Let’s make sincere judicial examples of some thieves, let’s see where we go from there, if there will not be positive change or not.

If we continue like this, our children will spit on our graves.

Wake up Nigerians, you are a great people, a blessed nation, get out of your hideouts and get hold of your future. The solution to all our problems rest on removing corruption and greed in our system. Once that is done, every other thing will fall in line. I am sure of that.

We do not have to lease Nigeria to anyone, there are men and women of honour and integrity among us, let’s find them and give them the tools to rescue us from the hands of the evil ones.

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