A fool at 47!

Adeola Aderounmu.

Nigeria is now 47 years. She got her independence from the British on October 1st 1960. Since independence, Nigeria has been ruled by one foolish leader or another. Collectively, the politicians and military juntas have looted and ruined the country. This is a country where political parties have no ideology. The only thing about Nigerian politics is how to steal and loot.  

This is country with the potential to be the best and the richest country in the world. Unfortunately, the country has always fallen into the wrong hands and what we have today is mass poverty among more than 50% of the 140 million people.  Nigeria is a major exporter of petroleum products but the profits have invariably always ended up in private accounts worldwide. Adequate attention does not go to the basic things of life and the necessary infrastructure that will make life worth living.   

The people of Nigeria are very resilient and they are not the type of people to influence political situations for their own advantage. They just leave everything in the hands of a few greedy politicians and this attitude has really allowed corruption to thrive and survive.  The political class, their friends and family always take the general population for a ride. Has anyone imagined the kind of growth and positive developments that will take place if Nigerians wake up to set the records straight?   

At 47, Nigeria is ruled by an illegitimate government that came to power in the worst election in human history! This makes the 2 men at the helm of affair illegal occupants. The number 3 man in Nigeria is a well known enemy of the masses. He had hoped that the masses will not be able to own telephone or mobile phones of their own. It was because of people like the Nigerian senate president that the telecommunication ministry became a relic. NITEL has not told anyone what happened to all the land lines that stopped working suddenly over 5 years ago.  

The woman occupying the number 4 most powerful position in the illegitimate government is fighting for her soul at this moment. She had misappropriated more than 628 million naira and she has refused to resign. She will go the length of this sad case and we will see if she will continue or not with all the air of shame around her. The number 3 man has given her great support. If you set a thief on a thief, you will get a grand escape! 

EFCC. This is one body that I finally lose my respect for. Despite the minimal good job that they have done, it would have been nice if Ribadu talks less and act more. All the corrupt politicians from the 1999-2007 dispensation have all escaped to enjoy their loots.

If Ribadu and his noisy EFCC could not prosecute them, at least Nigerians deserve an explanation. Who is standing in the way of all the anticipated prosecutions?  What is obstructing the much awaited justice? There must be something Ribadu is not saying and under that circumstance, EFCC is almost worthless. What can a toothless bulldog do?

So, at 47, the cycle of idiocy continues. The greatness that we are seeking as a Nation continues to elude us for one main reason- MASSIVE CORRUPTION.

In terms of human life, 47 is a big deal. For a nation that pride itself as the sleeping giant of Africa to still be crawling is a dirty shame. This is the time to remind ourselves that the only way to bring true greatness to Nigeria is to do things the right way when it comes to political offices.  

All that we need to achieve greatness is there: from human resources to natural resources, to agricultural resources, to intellectual pool, to favourable climatic situations…and so on and so forth. It is just bad management, greed, selfishness and corruption that have ruined this country.  

In the days ahead, it will be wonderful to see how Nigerians can take the necessary cue and sit down at a round table to discuss what type of life they are living now and the type of future they want their children’s children to emerge to. Nigeria needs people with the vision and right attitude regarding governance, not thieves and opportunists that have held sway since 1960.  

Thy Glory O’ Nigeria!     

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