As History Beckons Again: Nigeria’s Knee And Jerk Demon-crazy

As History Beckons Again: Nigeria’s Knee And Jerk Demon-crazy

By Adeola Aderounmu

This British-established country is perpetually drowning in some unpretentiously visible overdose of regional (mostly ethnic-driven) type of democracy. It is pseudo in nature and volatile in mix. But now, it may go to rest on all of her false foundations for the next 4 or 8 years. Depending on foreseeable and unforeseeable circumstances in the days and months ahead, there will be the usual turbulences most of which will be absorbed by the plasticity and elasticity of the resilient human population and landmass.

Who could have thought that an incompetent Buhari (fake or real) would steer the affairs of a failed British experiment for 8 years? But someone did. How can a person who is very daft steer the affairs of a country such as Nigeria (with all its faults) for such a long time? You have to actually stop whatever you are doing and think for a moment: how? I may have written here before that that Buhari that represented Nigeria would not even qualify for a domestic work in a home. But he ruled a country. You should be very worried by the type and composition of the people in that country.

When the 2023 (s)election results were announced, the polarised nature of Nigeria was thrown open again. All the agitations that were previosuly channelled to the freedom of the Yoruba Country and the Igbo Nation were predominantly diverted to the support for APC or Labout Party. It is clear that several billions of Naira went into the hands of so-called agitators. The 2023 elections became the money spinner of many of the people we thought were genuine agitators. There were opportunists, just like the rest of us. The cry for freedom was transformed to the smile to the bank.

On several fronts, on many platforms, there are uncountable cycles of idiocies within and outside Nigeria, about Nigeria. There is a new cycle of idiocy for the elites holding the country hostage every 4 years. There is a cycle of idiocy for the masses performing the usual follow-follow mentality just as the late music icon Fela sang a few decades ago. There is a cycle of idiocy for the wannabe freedom fighters cashing out every 4 or 8 years following the same wavelength as the political cycle.

There is a cycle of idiotic, perhaps civil-less citizenry where both the intelligent and the foolish follow the stream of collective amnesia. It is here, in this cycle, that the highest level of wisdom can be thrashed by the lowest level of stupidity. It is here that your sanity is directly proportional to the number of hours you avoid the social media space and web put together. In that social media space, you need a buoyancy to resist madness.

In whatever Nigeria that emerges before or after May the 29th, May The Force Be With You All.


As Another May 29 beckons: That Nation in Custody

As Another May 29 beckons: That Nation in Custody

By Adeola Aderounmu

A few years ago, I wrote about a book called “The Entrapment Of A Nation”. In that book, Nigeria is the nation. But I borrowed the title from a great Nigerian author Naiwu Osahon whose book “A Nation In Custody” I read as a teenager. I will never know why my father bought me that book. There must be a message in the purchase of the book as much as I took many messages with me from the book. Not that I remembered those messages from the book right away, but I think I learnt the meaning of the word “haphazardly” from the book. That sums up all I remember. Imagine a nation, Nigeria, created haphazardly, and operated haphazardly. Imagine infrastructure created haphazardly, imagine the way of life haphazardly organized. Imagine education, roads, houses and even the human mentality in Nigeria haphazardly organized. Got the picture yet? Or do you need to check the meaning of haphazard?

If their plans go ahead, the Nigerian-APC led government will transfer political power to one Bola Ahmed Tinubu. In 2007 (that is 16 years ago), I wrote about Bola Ahmed Tinubu on this blog. Yes, this same blog (one of Africa’s longest blog).


It should still be possible to still grab my opinion about Tinubu though many of the external links on that article are now invalid.

I realized that I did not write any article for the month of April 2023. That is a big surprise and how time flies! But I was observing all the nonsense that transpired since the useless election of 2023. I always just imagine how stupid some people can be actually. I mean, if you call yourself a naija person and you did not know before the (s)elections that Tinubu would be rewarded with the victory, then how truly naija are you? You must be the dumb version of naija person, for real.

On many occasions, I re-echoed what I knew of Naija elections since 1979 and then we have all seen the trend since 1999 when Abdulsalami rubber stamped Obasanjo and so on. Then you come online and shout I am obedient. That is fine! But to expect anything else that INEC published is simply being dumped. But fight all you want, maybe history will be kind to you.

Perhaps you will bring some form of organization into the haphazard nature of Fraudgeria, your Nigeria.

I will surely continue to write about Fraudgeria for as long as I can.

But it is the Yoruba Nation that must find her way out of custody today or tomorrow or someday in the future. It is a necessary and compulsory occurrence for the re-emergence of the glory of the Yoruba race and the re-assurance of the glory of the African.

Here I am putting together a number of issues in a disconnected manner but there is a sense I’m trying to make. Four years from now, if we all tarry, there will be a repetition of the tribalistic and bitter politics that showed that Nigeria is a fraud (Fraudgeria) put together by the British gangsters since 1914 for the orgy of the British royals. Everything in Nigeria is focused to grabbing the power at the center in order to control the rest of the criminal set-up called Nigeria.

After May 29, the pretense will continue. The politicians will settle down to share and spread loots. They will lie about the Boko Haram war that continue to eat deep into the mainland of the North, approaching the center. They will lie about the spread of the Fulani who have sacked many indigenous populations across the country. They will lie about the conquest battle or jihad that continue to spread like a snake poison. A few more people will be made rich by the new connections in the new government of Jagaban. Several millions will remain in poverty and a few more millions will join them in penury. Jagaban will travel abroad to take care of his health while the people perish in a system that was made to kill them.

Nigeria is a rollercoaster playing on repetitions of the failures of history. A people that do not learn from their past to correct their presence in order to ensure a prosperous future will continue to waste away from one generation to the next. If there is one truth that was confirmed in 2023, it is the fact that the various nations entrapped in Nigeria hate one another, not necessarily at the individual level, but at the group and organization levels. Individuals can marry across nations, they can do business across boundaries, and they can profess what they think, but the outcomes of the INEC election of 2023 showed us where we stand at the group levels. We are not one, we will never be one.  

My opinion is that each nation entrapped in Nigeria should be set free and allow to prosper at its own pace. Each nation should be allowed to go back to where they were before the invaders from Europe and Middle-East disrupted and stole our civilisations. The system of government in Nigeria especially is very ridiculous. How does it sound when one man will decide the fate of more than 200 million others? A perfect starting point for Fraudgeria is the total dismantling of slavery as a form of government.