Buhari, A Long standing war criminal!

The killings at the tollgate in 2020 cannot be swept under the carpet.

Buhari and Buratai supervised the mass murder of young people in Lagos.

Then Buhari, in an attempt to cover up the crimes, suggested that the murderers be given ambassadorial posts. The purpose is clear. It is to give the murderers immunity and to buy time so Nigerians can forget. Nigerians are quick to move from one thing to another in the most dramatic, unexpected manner.

I have written on this blog since 2006. I hope those in search of the truth will find it useful now and in the future.

There will always be those who stand on the same side as the murderers and oppressors. We cannot change that. Humans are evil and tracherous. We do things for money, fame and selfish interests.

What I cannot live with is how majority of people called Nigerians have allowed a few morons to twist the narratives time and time again.

Daily as well, I see a lot of neutral tweets by Nigerians as if all that is going on does not bother them. I know it is hard to take a stand for fear of losing some key friendship and even your job.

Which is why I cannot trade my placement in Sweden for all the billions in Nigeria. As far as public accountability is concerned, you have to kill me first to make me turn away.

That thing called Buhari in aso rock, and all those pulling the strings for APC should be rounded up and dragged to justice.

For everyday that passes, for all the atrocities committed by Buhari and this useless APC govt, Nigeria nears her final precipice. She will tilt over in an uncontrollable design. At that point, it wouldn’t matter if you spoke the truth, if you lied or if you stayed neutral. At that point, we will all be fighting for our survival.

Is that not the instinct we could have carved a common ground for? Now we will carve an uncommon ground for it.

Like I always say, my swedish prayer: when the time comes, May the wind be your way!

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