I Wear This Camouflage For You

By Adeola Aderounmu

Many of us on the social media may have seen the images of a civilian who was dehumanised by a Nigerian terrorist soldier because he was putting on some designer camouflage outfit.

Now, that image was horrific but not the first time and definitely not the last time you will see a terrorist soldier of the Nigerian army killing civilians, or maiming them or causing them paralyses because they wear camouflage outfit.

This act of crime against humanity dates back years in the geographical area called Nigeria. The country is presently dominated by what could be liken to a form of terrorist government. But I won’t go into the details of terrorism in this essay.

Nevertheless, in 2015 when the present APC government promised changes/change, a lot of people thought that things would be done differently. We looked forward to civility and civilisation. Well, the government is the worst I have seen in the world since I was born. If there was a worse government than this, I would not know.

I continue to express my dismay to the person of Yemi Osinbajo. I still cannot believe that he is the vice president in a regime that commits genocide, unabated terrorism, massacre of civilians and now this!

I wear this camouflage for you ALL THE PEOPLE ENTRAPPED IN THE SPACE CALLED NIGERIA who cannot do the same as I have done in these images.


I wear this camouflage for you YORUBA, YORUBA OMO ODUDUWA.

I wear this camouflage for you my brothers in the EAST, May your freedom come just as I hope that my freedom comes to.

To all those who have lost hope but still like to believe that there is a slight glimpse of a better day ahead, I wear this camouflage for you.

May the end of the oppressors and the terrorists come in the most unexpected fashion.

May the glory of the West shine and may the sun rise and shine from the East.

I wear this for you. I feel your pain. I bear your pain and I won’t be silent until your freedom come.

I wear my camouflage for you.

Adeola Aderounmu

Twitter @aderinolala (Yoruba Nation Freedom Runner)

Buhari, A Long standing war criminal!

The killings at the tollgate in 2020 cannot be swept under the carpet.

Buhari and Buratai supervised the mass murder of young people in Lagos.

Then Buhari, in an attempt to cover up the crimes, suggested that the murderers be given ambassadorial posts. The purpose is clear. It is to give the murderers immunity and to buy time so Nigerians can forget. Nigerians are quick to move from one thing to another in the most dramatic, unexpected manner.

I have written on this blog since 2006. I hope those in search of the truth will find it useful now and in the future.

There will always be those who stand on the same side as the murderers and oppressors. We cannot change that. Humans are evil and tracherous. We do things for money, fame and selfish interests.

What I cannot live with is how majority of people called Nigerians have allowed a few morons to twist the narratives time and time again.

Daily as well, I see a lot of neutral tweets by Nigerians as if all that is going on does not bother them. I know it is hard to take a stand for fear of losing some key friendship and even your job.

Which is why I cannot trade my placement in Sweden for all the billions in Nigeria. As far as public accountability is concerned, you have to kill me first to make me turn away.

That thing called Buhari in aso rock, and all those pulling the strings for APC should be rounded up and dragged to justice.

For everyday that passes, for all the atrocities committed by Buhari and this useless APC govt, Nigeria nears her final precipice. She will tilt over in an uncontrollable design. At that point, it wouldn’t matter if you spoke the truth, if you lied or if you stayed neutral. At that point, we will all be fighting for our survival.

Is that not the instinct we could have carved a common ground for? Now we will carve an uncommon ground for it.

Like I always say, my swedish prayer: when the time comes, May the wind be your way!

There Won’t Be A Nigerian Revolution

We can’t have a revolution because those who stole our childhood are the same people we still entrust with our future

There Won’t Be A Nigerian Revolution

By Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

A Nigerian Solomom Akuma is languishing in prison. By profession he is a pharmacist. He has been in prison for a year because he criticized the (useless) Nigerian president Mr. Buhari.

But for Omoyele Sowore, I am not sure I would ever have known any Nigerian by that name, much more that he is suffering in a dirty, stinking Abuja prison.

You see, as far 99.9% of Nigerians are concerned, Solomon can rot or even die in prison. They don’t care. Nigerians are reckless when they should act most civil. As for Endsars, I still do not know how they pulled that off. But that it died without resulting to a revolution takes us back to the same point: there won’t be a Nigerian revolution.


Nigeria has no meaning. It was the idea of a certain British guy to coin and lump totally different people together and he called them Nigerians in Nigger Area.

Let’s stay on Solomon. By 7 a. m tomorrow morning, Solomon can be a free man if 50% of Abuja residents took the day off to close down the city. But they won’t do so. There won’t be a Nigerian revolution. Nigerians do not care about Solomon. For all they care, he may be one yeye Igbo or Biafran.

Just imagine that we could buy him his freedom by closing down the city and that we are not even thinking about it.

Nigeria is not going to get better and it will not be well with Nigeria. Do you know why? Because there is not going to be a Nigerian revolution. That is why!

But let me tell you what may happen in the next few months or years. Actually, nothing is going to change on the political platform. The Igbos would be deceived. They won’t get the 2023 presidency (and believe me I look forward to the disintegration of Nigeria than this nonsense that is sustained by the lack of revolution).

The Yoruba too would be shocked by the events that are about to unfold. It is annoying because we have been along this same useless road many times. In Nigerian politics, the outcome is actually irrelevant, it is just a power tussle between the same set of criminal organisations called political parties. The outcome is not relevant because the politicians and the elites are getting richer and stealing the commonwealth as usual while the people have been hypnotized by empty promises and stupid hope in religion.

There won’t be a Nigerian revolution because at every crossroads, the division between the people become apparent-that we are not the same people- and we don’t not want the same thing. No Nigerian politician ever dreamt of freedom for the people. No Nigerian politician shared the ideology of freedom, pursuit of happiness and prosperity on a level playing fields for the people called Nigerians.

There would not be a Nigerian revolution because the people called Nigerians are in a permanent state of Stockholm syndrome, praying for the politicians and washing their feet. There would not be a revolution because hopes are in some invisible gods rather that the good works of men that have transformed some countries to paradise on earth.

If there was going to be a Nigerian revolution, there would have been one many years ago and UAE, China and Singapore would be behind Nigeria in the development race. We can’t have a revolution because we have no love for liberty and we have no empathy that all men are born equal and deserve to live better than caged animals.

We can’t have a revolution because those who stole our childhood are those we still entrust with our future. There is not going to be a Nigerian revolution because we lost touch with human development and we love to glory in our oppression of those who lack. We don’t know the meaning/essence of live. We are vain.

If week 3 of 2021 ends and Solomon is still in prison, we will never have a Nigerian revolution. The day the rest of us go to prison as activists may be the end of our stories, it may be the end of our lives. We have chosen to live behind time, we chose to live in another civilization.

Let me just add that I don’t think Solomon is in prison because one Mr. Buhari wanted it so. I think it is the abuse of power by those who know that Buhari is like a virus (inactive on its own and only active in an induced situation).

Buhari himself is not conscious of his immediate environment. He goes about like a zombie. Jide Sanwoolu travels Lagos-Abuja-Lagos severally to brief him about what is going on in Lagos. If Buhari is normal or aware of his environment, he would listen to the news, watch tv and make phone calls to Jide Sanwoolu.

There are other pieces of evidence to show that Buhari is non-existent. Not least the avalanche of press releases and tweets daily that are attributed to him. No normal human being can be that active. It does not make sense. No normal human being mourns the death of every dick tom and harry on twitter. This unconscious Buhari does. I could go on, but we are not going to have a Nigerian revolution because we are not a country. We are a bunch of disorganized colonies and states. Presently we have no identities.

We are disorganized and disorientated as a (fraudulent) country. As nations within Nigeria, we are divided, lost, full of hate and lacking the ability to be constructive. We don’t add meaning to life. We are selfish and destructive.

In every way, we lack the abilities to revolutionize!

We are lost.

As long as Solomon remains in prisons, as long as other people have their rights taken from them, as long as people are still missing because SARS took them away or even killed them, we are ALL useless as a people. Very useless!! How come we cannot fight for our rights together?

If you want to antagonize my generalization that we are useless, move your ass, organize a protest, start a movement and get Solomon home!

If we cannot have a revolution, we can at least keep our humanity and resist the definition of our existence as reckless and useless by some nonentities in Abuja and all government houses across the failed country Nigeria.

If there was going to be a Nigerian revolution, there would have been one many years ago and UAE, China and Singapore would be behind Nigeria in the development race.

2020 Nigeria: Confined In Corruption And Poverty

Nigeria must be dismantled, totally. Nigeria must end for the nations entrapped within it to emerge and begin afresh. It is only competition between the different regions or nations within Nigeria that can reduce corruption and eradicate poverty

2020 Nigeria: Confined In Corruption And Poverty

Adeola Aderounmu

This is the 27th day of July, 2020 and Nigeria as it stands is still being ruled by hardcore criminals and gangsters spread across 2 criminal organisations called APC and PDP.

The central government is headed by APC headed by a criminal called Muhammadu Buhari.

For those who are not used to the useless form of democracy in Nigeria, a quick recap is that Nigeria left military rule in 1999 and civilians took over. From 1999 to 2015, a criminal organisation called PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) led the Nigerian government and what followed was massive corruption as usual and extreme spread of poverty and hopelessness. In 2015, Nigerians thought a change had come and voted for another criminal organisation called APC (All Progressive Congress).

(Note: for details of Nigeria´s political history, please look elsewhere).

In this month of  July alone, the entire world has been watching the drama unfolding in one of the several corrupt government institutions in Nigeria, the NDDC. I am not able to provide the details of what has transpired, sadly.

My take is that the problem is not just the NDDC. Everything about governance in Nigeria is wrong and crazy.

The NDDC has always been corrupt. The NDDC will always be corrupt. Check out NNPC too. Check out INEC, NEPA, the National Assembly, the Legislative arm, the Judiciary, the states and the governors, the Executives (presidency and ministers), state commissioners and everywhere and everything about government in Nigeria. What you see is different aggregation of criminals and criminal minds in public offices.

Corruption is not limited to public institutions in Nigeria. The private sector is also ripping Nigeria and Nigerians into pieces. You can start from the TELECOMS for a preview. They will milk poor Nigerians to starvation and deaths.

Nigeria is corruption personified. It is a country confined in a systemic culture of corruption.  For the past 2 decades, this has been my theme on my essays, articles and blog entries.

More than 30 years ago, there was an article in one of Nigeria´s newspaper raising a question about the common man in Nigeria and his survival based on his meagre wage. The writer concluded that it was just impossible to live on such a wage. Today, the common man in Nigeria earns comparatively less (in dollar rate). How does anyone in Nigeria live on N30 000 minimum wage monthly? How is that possible? I should address this in another article.

Specifically Nigerian politicians from all across Nigeria are mentally deranged, have low cerebral functions, are grossly incompetent, possess unbelievable, insatiable lusts for material possessions. Their collective stupidity and ineptitude continues to confine Nigeria to the league of poor countries, poor citizens and poverty-plagued existence not worthy of lower animals.

My aim today is to remind you as l have done in almost 2 decades that the person called the president of Nigeria is Buhari and he is leading probably the most corrupt government ever in Africa´s history. Like l always write, l thought Jonathan and the PDP gang would be the worst we had seen at the end of 2015. But this criminal called Buhari and the APC crew blew my mind away with the latest dimension of corruption in Nigeria since 2015.

The most annoying thing about this is the different nations enslaved in Nigeria, taking turns in different capacities and contributing to the ruins. I have mentioned names in many articles and it is becoming old fashioned. Still, take a little time and follow criminals like Akpabio and Oshiomhole if you want to have an idea of the problems. Then take time to follow all the politicians that are prominent, write their names and add corruption in a google search.

Buhari himself started stealing before 1977 but in 1977 he made it official as a minister of petroleum. Do you know how many years that is, from 1977 to 2020, that Buhari has had his hands in Nigeria´s public treasury?

Those aso rock dogs called special assistants or media assistants for things and nonsenses are just looking after their daily bread. Femi Adesina comes to mind. This is another criminal mind. When this is over, he would follow the lines of Segun Adeniyi and Reuben Abati in writing some stupid books or memos. Yorubas called such people didinrins.

Nigeria must be dismantled, totally. Nigeria must end for the nations entrapped within it to emerge and begin afresh. It is only competition between the different regions or nations within Nigeria that can reduce corruption and eradicate poverty.

The Yorubas  and the Ibos especially are very unfortunate to be clumped with the rest of Nigeria. These are ethnic groups that can survive on their own and rule the world in all ramifications. The Niger Delta would have toed the same line of progress and prosperity.

The North is lazy, but it would have emerged based on the competition from the other regions around or close to it.

Together in Nigeria, all these nations remain slaves to the colonial masters and the dumb ass politicians and elites who remain the most formidable criminal organisation in Africa. This is the bane of Nigeria.

These are some of the problems facing Nigeria. As it stands, like l always write, Nigeria will never, never make it under the present criminal political arrangement. Let me tell you, there will always be people and organisations that will prosper under the situation in Nigeria. You will be stupid to use your personal progress as a measure of the workability of Nigeria, a rotten country with a despicable high morality rate.

I don´t even want to remind you of the other things that make Nigerians less human. I don´t even want to start with our ladies who don´t know that they are mentally deranged with all the nonsense wigs on their heads. Our boys have all taken to rituals and cultism. Terrorists are made locally and internationally and dumped across the area called Nigeria. What is left of being African? What is left of being a Yoruba? Ibo? Kanuri? Bini?

Africa is long gone and the nations that should help rebuild are fading away not just because of poverty and corruption but also as a result of the total destruction of the cultural heritage of motherland-Africa.

Specifically Nigerian politicians from all across Nigeria are mentally deranged, have low cerebral functions, are grossly incompetent, possess unbelievable, insatiable lusts for material possessions. Their collective stupidity and ineptitude continues to confine Nigeria to the league of poor countries, poor citizens and poverty-plagued existence not worthy of lower animals.


Nigerian Governor Call For The Massacre Of Foreigners

By Adeola Aderounmu

A serving governor in Nigeria Mr. El Rufai has called for foreigners who interfere in Nigerian elections to be murdered and send back to their countries in body bags.

This is probably the most useless tv interview you will see this month and this should probably open your eyes on the emergence and rise of Boko Harm in Northern Nigeria.



Those who have been in doubt  about the roles of the elites like Buhari, Atiku and El-Rufai in the emergence and rise of Boko Haram need to start a new analysis of the genesis and rise of Boko Haram.

This is how it all started. This slip of thoughts by El Rufai is a tip of the icebergs in the mentality of the Northern elites.

Go back in time when Atiku and Buhari promised to unleash terror if they lost elections. Where do you think the terror was coming from? Of course, they always meant the use of Boko Haram and the use of ever ready to slaughter Northerners. Or ask yourself, who are the fighters that are going to kill foreigners and put them in body bags? They cannot be the police and l don’t think El-Rufai had the Nigerian army in mind.

Does that make sense now? Ok, go and do more research and you will see how we have been beating about the bush about the people to really arrest in order to stop Boko Haram.

From another point of view, when l listened to El-Rufai   in this short clips, l saw one of the several reasons why Africa is underdeveloped. We have basically mad men in power, people of very low mentalities.

Europe and America for sure had their histories but so does Africa. We have had our dark history. Now the world is in the light and everyone is civil but El Rufai said we should still be going through this nonsense again. Then when are we going to emerge and catch up with the rest of the world.

No, Mr. foolish El Rufai, we are tired of this regurgitation—-every country went thru this or that. We too have been here before. As recent as 1959, Nigeria had so much violence that the independence was shaky. Every election year had been hell and the military rule had been torturing.

We must emerge now and we cannot wait.

In addition, when you talk about what other countries went through, the last of them that is missing in Nigeria is the bloody revolution.

And in the words of El-Rufai, body bags are used for people like him in a bloody revolution. I support that if that will bring us at par with the rest of the world in the shortest time possible.

The problem is how we think.

In a sane world, should we even be talking about criminals in apc and pdp? Should they not all be under arrest now or serving terms in prisons? Criminals like El-rufai, who also doubled as a religious fanatic should never be seen in public. They should be in prisons and when they are free should only be controlling their bedrooms.

This man is evil and his case should be sent to the international criminal court of justice. There is nothing that should stop the arrest and prosecution of Buhar as well. These men don’t belong among other men, they are far from civil and the only thing that gives them satisfaction is the blood of others.

what a mess!


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