There Won’t Be A Nigerian Revolution

We can’t have a revolution because those who stole our childhood are the same people we still entrust with our future

There Won’t Be A Nigerian Revolution

By Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

A Nigerian Solomom Akuma is languishing in prison. By profession he is a pharmacist. He has been in prison for a year because he criticized the (useless) Nigerian president Mr. Buhari.

But for Omoyele Sowore, I am not sure I would ever have known any Nigerian by that name, much more that he is suffering in a dirty, stinking Abuja prison.

You see, as far 99.9% of Nigerians are concerned, Solomon can rot or even die in prison. They don’t care. Nigerians are reckless when they should act most civil. As for Endsars, I still do not know how they pulled that off. But that it died without resulting to a revolution takes us back to the same point: there won’t be a Nigerian revolution.


Nigeria has no meaning. It was the idea of a certain British guy to coin and lump totally different people together and he called them Nigerians in Nigger Area.

Let’s stay on Solomon. By 7 a. m tomorrow morning, Solomon can be a free man if 50% of Abuja residents took the day off to close down the city. But they won’t do so. There won’t be a Nigerian revolution. Nigerians do not care about Solomon. For all they care, he may be one yeye Igbo or Biafran.

Just imagine that we could buy him his freedom by closing down the city and that we are not even thinking about it.

Nigeria is not going to get better and it will not be well with Nigeria. Do you know why? Because there is not going to be a Nigerian revolution. That is why!

But let me tell you what may happen in the next few months or years. Actually, nothing is going to change on the political platform. The Igbos would be deceived. They won’t get the 2023 presidency (and believe me I look forward to the disintegration of Nigeria than this nonsense that is sustained by the lack of revolution).

The Yoruba too would be shocked by the events that are about to unfold. It is annoying because we have been along this same useless road many times. In Nigerian politics, the outcome is actually irrelevant, it is just a power tussle between the same set of criminal organisations called political parties. The outcome is not relevant because the politicians and the elites are getting richer and stealing the commonwealth as usual while the people have been hypnotized by empty promises and stupid hope in religion.

There won’t be a Nigerian revolution because at every crossroads, the division between the people become apparent-that we are not the same people- and we don’t not want the same thing. No Nigerian politician ever dreamt of freedom for the people. No Nigerian politician shared the ideology of freedom, pursuit of happiness and prosperity on a level playing fields for the people called Nigerians.

There would not be a Nigerian revolution because the people called Nigerians are in a permanent state of Stockholm syndrome, praying for the politicians and washing their feet. There would not be a revolution because hopes are in some invisible gods rather that the good works of men that have transformed some countries to paradise on earth.

If there was going to be a Nigerian revolution, there would have been one many years ago and UAE, China and Singapore would be behind Nigeria in the development race. We can’t have a revolution because we have no love for liberty and we have no empathy that all men are born equal and deserve to live better than caged animals.

We can’t have a revolution because those who stole our childhood are those we still entrust with our future. There is not going to be a Nigerian revolution because we lost touch with human development and we love to glory in our oppression of those who lack. We don’t know the meaning/essence of live. We are vain.

If week 3 of 2021 ends and Solomon is still in prison, we will never have a Nigerian revolution. The day the rest of us go to prison as activists may be the end of our stories, it may be the end of our lives. We have chosen to live behind time, we chose to live in another civilization.

Let me just add that I don’t think Solomon is in prison because one Mr. Buhari wanted it so. I think it is the abuse of power by those who know that Buhari is like a virus (inactive on its own and only active in an induced situation).

Buhari himself is not conscious of his immediate environment. He goes about like a zombie. Jide Sanwoolu travels Lagos-Abuja-Lagos severally to brief him about what is going on in Lagos. If Buhari is normal or aware of his environment, he would listen to the news, watch tv and make phone calls to Jide Sanwoolu.

There are other pieces of evidence to show that Buhari is non-existent. Not least the avalanche of press releases and tweets daily that are attributed to him. No normal human being can be that active. It does not make sense. No normal human being mourns the death of every dick tom and harry on twitter. This unconscious Buhari does. I could go on, but we are not going to have a Nigerian revolution because we are not a country. We are a bunch of disorganized colonies and states. Presently we have no identities.

We are disorganized and disorientated as a (fraudulent) country. As nations within Nigeria, we are divided, lost, full of hate and lacking the ability to be constructive. We don’t add meaning to life. We are selfish and destructive.

In every way, we lack the abilities to revolutionize!

We are lost.

As long as Solomon remains in prisons, as long as other people have their rights taken from them, as long as people are still missing because SARS took them away or even killed them, we are ALL useless as a people. Very useless!! How come we cannot fight for our rights together?

If you want to antagonize my generalization that we are useless, move your ass, organize a protest, start a movement and get Solomon home!

If we cannot have a revolution, we can at least keep our humanity and resist the definition of our existence as reckless and useless by some nonentities in Abuja and all government houses across the failed country Nigeria.

If there was going to be a Nigerian revolution, there would have been one many years ago and UAE, China and Singapore would be behind Nigeria in the development race.

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