Nigeria Under Buhari and APC, A Nightmare


Adeola Aderounmu

I hope my readers are not disappointed yet that my regular column on NVS is not regular nowadays. I have seen that some people are re-sharing some of my past post. They are old but very relevant because Nigeria is not heading in the right direction.

In recent weeks, we have been puffed with news of monies discovered and recovered from all possible places including an apartment in Ikoyi and some burial grounds. What has the ears not heard in Nigeria? Wetin our eyes never see? We don hear wein, we don see yeye wey dey smell.

In all, the criminals like Saraki and all the thieves in the National Assembly and house of reps remain in power. Criminals are still ruling and the people are doing mumu and follow follow.

Mr. Buhari is hanging on to power at all cost, whoever his advisers are. The sane thing to do is to let Prof Osinbajo do the job for now.

Rather, somehow, some people are still using Buhari to plant Northerners in all the key positions in government. I hate to acknowledge that Buhari is operating a very useless and senseless government. Only a fool will support his recent appointments and the way he has been rolling around prayer grounds surrounded by criminals like Saraki.

This APC government that we supported is a huge joke. It has gradually transformed to the PDP that we threw away.

At no other time is it more important for Nigerians to rise up and take control of their lives than now.

What is going on with the government and even with the EFCC is a huge joke. It is either someone is acting a drama or insanity is overstretched when you think of the monies that were said/alleged to have been recovered from the apartment in Ikoyi.

Maybe the building should be burnt down if the landlords do not know the tenants in the room.

In any case, the most urgent need now is to let Nigerians know who is running the country because this auto pilot is risky and dangerous.

One thought on “Nigeria Under Buhari and APC, A Nightmare

  1. As you rightly said Adeola, it is our civic right as a Nation to know who is running the government. Buhari is too silent on the discoveries by EFCC. The entire Nation appeared to be as well. The likes of Dino are making headlines while our Head of State seems to be invisible. Our mumu don do


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