HM-HS: Hidden Mental Handicap Syndrome

By Adeola Aderounmu

I define here HM-HS.

It’s an incapacitation of the police and the judiciary in a country characterised by absolute systemic failure. This is my definition of the situation in Nigeria where criminals and thieves rule the people.

Since the police and the judiciary cannot question the ruler, they cannot arrest or prosecute the ministers, governors and other criminals in public offices, my definition is an attempt to get rid of the immunity clause.

The immunity clause means that these criminals in the Nigerian presidency and across the political strata of Nigeria are lawless, reckless, corrupt and above the law.

I think the immunity clause is not only archaic, it is also an obscurity for the syndrome that I defined above.

This definition will be included in one of the paragraphs of my next blog titled: what happened to a pair of trousers at N52? I thought I’d share it now.

My hope (against all odds) is that the criminals in Nigerian politics will be arrested by the police and prosecuted under the law. In the absence of such possibilities, HM-MS is the order of the day.

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