Boko Haram Continues to Ridicule The Nigerian Army


On October 12 2013 the Nigerian Army through one Commander of the 3 Division Special Operation Battalion Damaturu, Colonel A.O. Abdullahi said that his command will not give Boko Haram the opportunity of invading the state again.

But on the 20th of October 2013 Boko Haram murdered 19 people in Borno. They dressed-up as officers of the Nigerian Army and murdered their victims.

This is not the first, second or third time Boko Haram has done some killings just to ridicule the Nigerian government.

I can’t remember exactly when but even Mr. Goodluck Jonathan boasted once that Boko Haram will be gone in a certain month of “June”. I think it was after that they Boko Haram bombed the UN office in Abuja.

It was after his boasting that the Jonathan government started marking events amidst tight security or low key because of the fear of attacks of Boko Haram.

It does not matter what the Nigerian military has done or is doing, what is constant is that Boko Haram rules in Borno and they do what they like and how they like.

I don’t think there are schools in operation anymore in Borno. Boko Haram is ensuring that schools are burnt or students and teachers are killed.

Borno state is both a dilemma, and a source of national embarassment to the Nigerian government. Under a state of emergency, Boko Haram remains potent and deadly.

Some police officers from Eastern Nigeria are currently protesting deployment to Borno State. That is the height of ridicule that Boko Haram has brought the Nigerian Army and the clueless Jonathan administration.

Where does this madness lead Nigeria to?

One thought on “Boko Haram Continues to Ridicule The Nigerian Army

  1. The army is meant to be the most competent, effective and discplined organ of the state. Alas for Nigeria, like all other state institutions, they are completely lacking in effectiveness. The reasons are many, the ever present corruption and ineptness have struck again.
    I feel that the people of the North East have been abandoned to their fate by the ‘Nigerian government’ and the rest of Nigeria.
    Boko Haram are not invinicible, but the planning and response of the army, begs the question, have they received any training in intelligence gathering? Do they know what they are doing? The money, manpower and technology are all there, yet they consistently mess up, coming up with lame excuses like “we ran out of bullets”.
    The irresponsible tactic of allowing locals to take sticks to face fully-armed Boko Haram members has led to many deaths, and a loss of confidence by the locals in the army.
    When the army found it too demanding to tackle the terrorists with some determination, they resorted to “wishing the death of Shekau (the leader)”. They said he was dead and never produced any body (this is unusual for Nigeria, anyone that is killed is usually displayed for everyone to see). Needless to say Shekau re-surfaced and said he was fine, and will continue on his mission of destruction. Since then the military have kept quiet about Shekau – oh dear.
    To date in the face of a challenge, Nigeria’s military( the most powerful institute in the country) have shown themselves to be thoroughly incapable. If this is not a measure of a failed state, what is? They behave like someone with a shaky disposition, this is not what we expect of our military. They can’t be boasting of the exploits in Sierra Leone and other places around the World where they have been deployed, when the acid test has arrived on their doorstep ie to defend the people and borders of Nigeria, they to date have proved to be completely hopeless. To say the least, they need to be completely re-structured and invigorated.


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