Nigeria Governors’ Forum, NGF

By Adeola Aderounmu

Rotimi Amaechi and Jonah Jang contested an election to become the leader of this forum. Video evidence shows that Amaechi won but there are newspaper adverts from some mad people congratulating Jang.

Even the stupid Jang had been attributing his success to God. Which God is that?

Jang is a fool for sure. But that does not even make all the other governors wise men.

Nigeria is ruled by criminals otherwise how can Jang claim a victory that is not his? Elections of any type in Nigeria is arramged and manipulated. Only the June 1993 elections have been free and fair and then annuled.

To even think that this criminal called Jang is a candidate sponsored by Jonathan confirms my constant conviction that Nigeria is a hopeless country and will remain so until a revolution flushes out all these evil people from all corners of the country once and for all time.

On May 29, they will celebrate the fraudulent democracy day. It’s all stupidity.

They stole a hopeful June 12 and gave us a hopeless May 29. Little wonder their country became the worst place on earth to be born. What a country!

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