Stockholm Up In Flames

Adeola Aderounmu

Some parts of Stockholm in Sweden have been experiencing violent demonstrations. It all started from a place called Husby this last weekend.

Young people have been burning down Everything they can lay their Eyes and hands on-cars, schools and other structures.

Burnt cars in Husby, Stockholm (picture from

Burnt cars in Husby, Stockholm (picture from

It is unclear what has triggered these violent demonstrations which have spread to other places like Flemingsberg, Norsborg, Jakobsberg and Rinkeby.

It may not be unconnected to the killing of a 69-year old man recently in Husby. The man was armed with what appears to be a knife or a matchet and had a hostage when he was killed by gun shots from the police.

A friend of mine posted a facebook stating that when he lived in Husby he saw neglect in the area. He stated poor living conditions and low standard of education in Husby.

husby 2

According to him he said he knew that Husby was waiting to boil for a long time now and that whatever triggered the riots was not the real issue but that the government has turned its Eyes away for too long from the area.


I will update this page when I know more…or not..

Cars on fire in Husby, Stockholm (picture from

Cars on fire in Husby, Stockholm (picture from

Personally I’d wished the problem was nipped in the bud. Stockholm is beautiful city and there are better ways to address the problems than schools and cars being burnt down.

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