In Nigeria, Christmas Time Can Be Hell..!

BY Adeola Aderounmu

I wrote Christmas in Hell after my visit to Nigeria in 2006. The story is available in my blog archive.

I guessed some things will never change.

In 2012 Nigeria, the month of december, fuel is scarce and there has been a fire pipeline explosion in Lagos.

These things have become “normal” for Nigerians.

The bottom line is that the Nigerian government as probably the most corrupt government in the world does not care a dime about the welfare and life situations of Nigeria.

Every government, Federal, state and local, is so corrupt that nobody cares if the right things are done or not.

That is why it is possible for stupid and useless things to repeat themselves with accuracy and perfection.

In december 2013 there is a possibility that fuel will be scare all over Nigeria and there will be a pipeline fire in Lagos.

What a country

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