Criminals on the Rampage in Stockholm

Adeola Aderounmu

Violence and crimes have no tribal marks. In the south of Sweden there have been many unsolved murder cases. I will write about this when I’ve laid my hands on the actual data.

In Stockholm criminals are on the rampage.

There are reports that there are as many as 70 break-ins per week in Stockholm. If this trend is not checked quickly this scary data will make Stockholm to rank among the most dangerous cities in the world.

In January alone over 300 houses and apartments were raided. Usually the criminals lay siege when the owners have gone to work or are out of town.

In some cases more than one house or apartments are raided simultaneously. The criminals usually are gone before the police arrive.

Between November 2011 and January 2012 about 149 arrests were made. But the sentences are mild compare to the crimes committed. The maximum sentence for this sort of crime is about 4 months.

If the thief is less than 21 years, he or she may not even go to jail. Community service may be the verdict.

So it is a situation that allows for criminals to increase their network. If someone steals a gold worth several thousand dollars, what is that compare to 4 months jail term? A jackpot I would say.

The consequences of being a criminal in Sweden may be a factor that has now allow crime to increase and the trend may continue.

I think a longer jail term should be recommended for criminals and this is something that the Swedish government should look into.

The opportunity cost of not punishing crime appropriately is that Stockholm will go on to be listed among the most dangerous places on earth.

The choice is always there between what we allowed and what we prevented.

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