The Nigerian FaceBook Suicide

BY Adeola Aderounmu

Diano Ovie Richy killed himself on Christmas day 2011. According to him, his death was his Christmas gift for his friends and family.


Ovie Richy

It is tragic because for 2 days he mentioned about killing himself but his friends didn’t react. They probably thought he was joking. It is not common to hear about suicides in Nigeria.

The truth is that several Nigerians commit suicide annually but there are no documents or statistic to show the real figure.

If Nigeria had a date base for people taking their lives annually maybe it would have been obvious to Ovie’s friends that his threat was real. It was indeed.

The young man killed himself and he was buried the same day.
He was frustrated with life. He was probably depressed too. He didn’t find a way forward and he gave up.

Many Nigerians think this is unusual, again because we have no statistic to back up the rising cases of suicide in Nigeria.

The situation in Nigeria is depressing, worrying and hope-sapping.
Ovie complained about incessant armed robbery in Warri, lack of job and not making a head way with his education. He was a young man, funny, and full of life. But he was empty inside.

One thing Ovie wanted us do is to care more about our neighbours and friends, to show them that we care and to help them in times of need. The government of Nigeria is the prime suspect in the death of this young man and that of thousands of other who have died due to preventable reasons.

Maybe if this guy had a social security, maybe the story would have been different. Just maybe.

Nigeria has one of the highest global unemployment rate and a system of government where those in power are getting richer and more corrupt as the ordinary citizens continue to sink more into everlasting poverty.

In 2012 Nigerians will find life more difficult as the cost of everything will hit the roof when the fuel subsidy is removed.

Terrorism will increase and the expected fragmentation of Nigeria may begin.

Ovie could not imagine the thoughts of all these things and ha gave up.

He is dead now, may his worried soul find peace.

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