Seriously, Nigeria Should be Divided in 2012

Adeola Aderounmu

A Christmas morning mass in a Catholic Church close to Abuja was turn into a mourning ceremony. Bomb blast rocked the church premises and the death toll may be enormous.

A car bomb was detonated in the parking area.

Nigerians need to tell themselves the truth.

There will be no true peace in that country until all the separate nations are allowed to go their separate ways.
There should be a referendum in 2012 where each region should come forward to demand for their own territory and share of resources.

Nigeria should be divided into different countries. By due dialogue and probable long periods of reasoning and negotiations it should be possible to separate the different nations, with minimal conflicts.

It is necessary because the bombings and suicide bombings that are taking place across Nigeria are taking lives anyway.

So why not do the right thing. Let the terrorists keep part of their north.

Let others keep their regions.

If Boko Haram from the Republic of Maiduguri decides to bomb Oduduwa Republic then we know we have an invitation to war and that will be so clear. Fighting a war to defend ones territory or homeland is not illegal. At that time, we know what to do.

But now that Abuja is being bombed, what can we do. Abuja belongs to everyone especially the looting politicians and it is available for bombing.

But when the regions or countries are well defined, it becomes easy to defend a given territory. Who will fight for Abuja, a no man’s land?

The people killed or affected by this silly Christmas day bombing are probably mostly southerners who could have fared better in their homelands in the South, West and East. There are Christians in the North. A referendum or sovereign national conference will give them a say in where they want to belong to and how they want to be governed.

In case of an attack of this nature, they will be able to defend themselves appropriately. A firm retaliation will be appropriate because no person or region has a monopoly of violence (RIP Ojukwu).

It is imperative that the country called Nigeria be divided because that is a first step in dealing with this war/violence in the future. It is also a solution to resource control and an end to the deceit of colonial combination of Northern and Southern Regions.

I cannot fight for Abuja. It is not my business.
But if these bombs start to blow up in Western Nigeria, it is not impossible that I will be joining the Oduduwa warriors. We will congregate from all over the world. We will take up the war from where our ancestors left them. We will defend Yorubaland with the last drop of our blood.
Western Nigeria-The Yoruba Nations- will not fall again.

A Bloody Christmas Season in Damaturu

By Adeola Aderounmu

The 2011 Christmas in Damaturu will go down as the bloodiest in history. On a conservative note more than 60 people have been shot dead in the war between the Nigerian Military and the Terrorists in Northern Nigeria. In reality these 2 days of war may have claim over 100 lives, both civilians and soldiers.

Boko Haram wants to establish an Islamic Republic of Nigeria. If this group has some sense it should know that that is a dream that will not come true now or ever in the future.

It does not matter if Boko Haram gets support from internal or international sources, this ambition will never come true.

I am a yorubaman and Boko Haram should know that their dream of an Islamic Northern Nigeria starts and end in Northern Nigeria. That is all I can mention here. They should never, NEVER underestimate what we- the Yorubas- are capable of doing.

I am also convince that at this time of the failed Nigerian history the Eastern and Southern Parts of present Nigeria will also not be found wanting when it comes to defending their territories.

They-the terrorists in the North- are free to occupy their North and do whatever they like with it. It is theirs. When the lazy government is ready it will start a genuine process that will allow each region to go its separate ways and let its people determine the future they want.

It is also worthwhile mentioning how the Northern elites have contributed to the failure of their domain. The level of illiteracy and ignorance in Northern Nigeria ranks among the worst in the world.
Unemployment, lack of social amenities/infrastructure, non-availability of water, wave of diseases and other social vices associated with neglect and bad governments have taken its toll on Nigerians and Northern Nigeria-by their resolve to violence and willingly, terrorism- appears to be the worst hit by all the effects of maladministration.

A region that has held on to power more than other regions remains the most backward in all aspects of the failed Nigerian life. The terrorists in Northern Nigeria should start asking questions and they should ask the Professors like Jubril Aminu, they should ask the Buharis, the Abachas, the Babangidas and the Shagaris why their region is the first to collapse in the failed Nigerian amalgamation.

Boko Haram needs to hold its fire and think twice. Hopefully they have some members who can think.

When all these penkelemess is over, some of us will like to be separated from the Nations of Terrorists in Northern Nigeria. One day I want to live in Oduduwa Republic. So shall it be.