My Random Reflections @ 39

My Random Reflections @ 39

This annual piece started when l turned 36. It reminds me of how time flies and how things change or not.

There is obviously a lot to reflect upon.

Two years ago I wrote about being the change that I wanted to see in Nigeria. Why not?

Since then I have molded some of my ideas through two organizations.

Through the Festac Grammar School Alumni Projects’ Management Group I became part of the founding members of the active group that is now pushing for positive changes in our alma mater. The group has grown and we have started doing things.

The Lagos State Government has the obligation to maintain the school. But we have a school of thought among our members that wants us to rebuild the school on our own. ‘Only if we can’ I dare say.

The most significant thing is that we are now a movement and there is no stopping us. The Lagos state government can meet us along the way.

If every educated Nigerian could stand up for his/her alma mater, we may invariably resuscitate the glory of Nigeria in the education sector. From one region to another, from one state to another, it could signify the start of a very rewarding process for the upcoming generation.

Education remains the greatest hope for the future.

I have also been very active in the Yoruba Union, Stockholm. I lead most of the meetings. The association is young; we started it in the summer of 2010.

We are happy with our union and through our meetings we are building good social interactions and viable network of friends and associates. I have enjoyed sharing good times and heartwarming discussions with everyone in the union. We learn from one another.

My other projects are pending. They exist in my head or in my dreams. I hope the time will be right someday to start the African Rights Initiative Group and the much needed Scholarship Award Program for deserving Nigerian students. I’ll keep these dreams alive.

Charity will always begin at home. I believe that Regional government can work for Nigeria again. Among other benefits, it will end the useless federal budgeting system and ineffective central government deeply rooted in corrupt practices and ineptitude.

Quite a number of recent occurrences have reshaped my thoughts and opinions about Nigeria.

Will Nigeria really be in existence come 2015? Even luck does run out as we now see and bear witness. It would be 16 years since PDP starting ruling and certainly ruining Nigeria.

I’m worried because at that time Nigerians will be told that the present occupiers need more than 4 years to fix Nigeria.

If Nigeria survives, the stories we heard in 2003, 2007 and 2011 will be repeated with precision in 2015 and associations earnestly asking for elongation of tenure may emerge from the 4 corners of the earth.

How did Nigeria become a country now characterized by daily terror attacks?

I was among the first group of bloggers to scream NIGERIANS ARE NOT TERRORISTS when Abdul Farouk Umar Abdulmuttalab put Nigeria on the World Map of terror countries on Christmas Day of 2009.

Boko Haram has markedly opened a new chapter in the annals of Nigeria.

That group from the North has exposed the weaknesses and shortcomings of Nigeria’s defense mechanisms. To drive home its points Boko Haram succeeded in detonating massive loads of bombs at the Nigerian Police headquarters in Abuja on Thursday the 16th June 2011.

After that day the group has continued to cause destructions to lives and property, almost on a daily basis and largely unhindered. This shows lack of intelligence in the Nigerian security establishments.

In 1986 a letter bomb arrived in Nigeria through executive powers of the military rulers. Today there are more bombs than groundnuts in Northern Nigeria.

Those who mix sharia with politics when Obasanjo looked the other way planned for these waves of terrors in advance. They could not have missed the facts.

With the assistance of one of the worst democracies in the world the rulers of Northern Nigeria created a region characterized by extreme underdevelopment and probably the world’s most illiterate population.

The ever corrupt federal, state and local governments of Nigeria are all catalysts to both the reign of terror in Nigeria and the massive ‘poverty and hopelessness’ that pervade the land.

I can’t stop referring to Nigeria’s politics as one of the biggest tragedies of modern era. It’s almost totally about looting and even still getting rewards for doing nothing.

This is shocking but the race for the looting of the treasuries nationwide post-2015 has already started.

Isn’t it time for a serious National Conference to decide the way forward or backward for Nigeria? The government of Nigeria wants to negotiate with terrorists? Really?

Should every aggrieved group in Nigeria train to become terror-organizations if that is what it takes to negotiate in Abuja?

When will it be the right time to set aside corruption and the undesirable traits keeping this country in its fragile existence? Hunger and poverty affecting over 90m people didn’t work so maybe a serious national conference will be convened when all the Northern provinces have been blown into pieces?

There is always a lot to discuss about Nigeria. For a random discussion it is very difficult to draw the lines or conclude on lines of thoughts.

Imagine if Boko Haram members are given scholarships and sent abroad like the Niger Delta Militants? Just imagine..!

Imagine the impact of heavy rainfall in Nigeria..!

Imagine the near complete absence of electric power in Nigeria..!

Imagine the rate of unemployment, bad roads, collapse of infrastructure and the falling standard of education..!

Sometimes you just imagine what all the useless federal ministries are doing when the budget keeps repeating itself with no significant progress.

Imagine the overall cost of governance as politicians cart away billions of dollars daily for doing nothing.

Just imagine everyday life for the ordinary Nigeria. How low? How dehumanizing?

One of my friends told me what I’d always known. With events in Nigeria it is easy to get hypertension.

On July the 12th I’ll not worry about Nigeria. Rather I will call my friends together and we will celebrate the gift of life.

The summer holiday season is not only relevant to be around families, it also provides a wonderful opportunity for reflecting and planning for the future. I’m happy to have my celebration this season.

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