2011 Election Rigging in Nigeria, These Women Should be Arrested and Sentenced Immediately!!!

Adeola Aderounmu

Watch this video and see what PDP is doing in Nigeria. They are now set to repeat this useless feat on saturday for the presidential election.

The women in this video should be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced ASAP.


Hopefully the results of such an election should be cancelled. This is what I meant when I mentioned in previous posts that the INEC chairman is just one person and he can’t even supervised 2 voting wards!

Imagine this type of nonsense. I can’t contain my anger….just have to stop writing now

8 thoughts on “2011 Election Rigging in Nigeria, These Women Should be Arrested and Sentenced Immediately!!!

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  2. You see ? This what I always say. The problem is with the people! Where people are so unscrupulous, you can’t expect anything better! Nigerians are rotten to the core! Did you notice the noise too? I wish these idiots could travel out just to see how people live elsewhere. Nothing goes right in Nigeria, nothing! Too many irresponsible people live there. So, because of the low % of decent people, these loonies always have their way.


  3. we cant expect every one to be perfect we should learn to accept people with their mistakes what has pdp got to do with these we should be appreciate what the almighty has done hail good luck and pdpööööööööö


  4. jonathan is the worst president ever in this country. I just pray that may Allah change his mind 4 d gud even if he doesn’t have that in heart.


  5. for all I care, lets make Nigeria better, sanitize the society and have a peaceful nation. How? tru disciplinary actions on defalters to discourage potential offenders.


  6. I merely supprise to the on going election here in country Nigeria although my own oppinion towards the issue of election can never be over emphasized just because of the judgemental art and corruptional stability and bad conduct ruling among Nigerians.subsiquently i urged the Nigerians to commence on immutable decisions and empower people on how to regulates on good conduct towards electional conductivity.


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