Nigerian Union of Teachers, Another Useless Organisation?

Adeola Aderounmu

Michael Olukoya took a great risk on behalf of NUT. Along with 120 others he spoke of Jonathan’s reign post-April 2011.

An educated person should never make such a stupid mistake.

It is wrong for one man or 120 people to sell the reputation of the Nigerian Union of Teachers for a few plates of porridge.

I challenged all Nigerian Teachers to come out and openly denounce the support that Michael Olukoya has given to Jonathan.

What are the bases of this support? Olukoya spoke of what Jonathan has done in the education sector? What are these things? In relation to what are we talking about here?

Have Nigerians stop trooping to Ghana for education?

A typical School in Nigeria (Photo By Atinuke Mary Abumere)

A typical School in Nigeria (Photo By Atinuke Mary Abumere)

Has Jonathan started, completed or resuscitated any Federal University or even secondary school in Nigeria?
What exactly has Jonathan done that Olukoya would like the rest of us to know? We are now listening.

One day in December 2010 I heard Jonathan saying that we need to bring back the culture of reading and that people should be encouraged to go to the library.

This is the hallmark of Nigerian politicians. They talk like drums and act like snails or not at all.

Why don’t you build the libraries and stock them with books and see if Nigerians will read or not. We like to read and we want to read. Mr. Jonathan, please which library should I visit?

I hate people talking and making promises-and these are the main characteristics of Nigerian looting politicians and policy makers. Since December 2010 when Mr. Jonathan talked about the culture of reading, can he point to the libraries that have been built, or rehabilitated and if books have been supplied, or bought to fill the shelves?

Education in Nigeria is totally collapsed saved for private institutions where rich people now educate their children. The poor can go to hell.

In the days ahead I plan to write about the state of education in Nigeria. I blame the State and Local government as well for the total collapse of education in Nigeria. Nigerian Public schools are TOTALLY DEAD!

Public education is dead in Nigeria. This is why the useless endorsement that Mr. Olukoya and his gang gave to Jonathan is questionable.

No association of the learned should endorse or affiliate with any political groups in Nigeria. They should instead maintain their autonomy and ensure that the standard of education is improved and that our glory days are returned.

Endorsing corruption and ineptitude is a sign of defective and inferior mentalities on the part of the National Union of Teachers.

I observed that Mr. Olukoya was careful with his words but trust NTA to filter the parts that really sold out the NUT totally.

I am awaiting a rejoinder from the NUT stating their full side of the story and if the union as a whole does not reject the endorsement they should know that history will not forget or forgive them for being part of the evil that took away the future of the Nigerian children.

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