Nigerians Must Stop the PDP, They are the real RASCALS!

Adeola Aderounmu

PDP has destroyed Nigeria since 1999. It is a party founded by crooks, criminals, gangsters and well known corrupt Nigerians. PDP was founded by those who the police refused to arrest for their corrupt acts and crimes against humanity in Nigeria. PDP is made up of a nest of killers who the judiciary cannot throw behind bars because in Nigeria some people are more equal than the others.

PDP is not the only group with criminals. There are many other criminals hiding in other political parties across Nigeria. But Nigerians need to start setting example from somewhere and the PDP is the ideal group to start with.

I cannot vote and I do not believe in the Nigeria’s electoral process. This is my contribution to motherland- that Nigerians must stop the PDP now and for all time. The system has failed the people of Nigeria. It is time for the Nigeria people to stop failing the system.

I don’t believe in the forth coming elections at all. They are asking us to vote before we complain. Bullshit!

What happened to my votes in 1993? Where is my vote? Those who complained were bulldozed by Ibrahim Babangida, that emperor living free in Nigeria with treason and murder charges hanging over his head. Pro-democracy activists and protesters-our brothers and sisters trying to defend their votes- died for nothing! Abiola and his family members were marked for murder by national and international conspirators.

What happened to all the complaint made after Obasanjo and Iwu bundled Umaru and Jonathan into offices illegally in 2007? They are asking for the same process again and we are playing into their hands again. Complain after voting, rubbish!

The Nigerian system is in the hands of the PDP. It must be taken away by whatever means possible and return to back to the people. The PDP agenda has been a masterful plan to continue to deceive Nigerians into “believing”. April is around the corner and I state again that Nigerians will be fooled in the upcoming charade. It’s sheer carelessness and maybe stupidity not to see that INEC is in the hands of the PDP.

I don’t know where Nigerians found their new optimism. How is it different from the optimism I had in 1993? How is this optimism different from the anticipations I had in 2003 and 2007 where votes were stolen or never counted? It’s a cycle of idiocy.

In Nigeria history repeats itself with the same precision and pattern, yet we the people always find a way to hope against hope every four years. There must be something wrong with our cerebral hemispheres.

PDP in Ibadan should have been met by the stiffest of opposition from the masses. They should have made it impossible for the crooks to gather themselves in peace. For how long will the people of Nigeria be deceived and lured by the monies that were stolen from them in the first place?

Nigerian Rascals: Namadi Sambo, Alao-Akala, Jonathan, Obasanjo, Oladipo

Nigerian Rascals: Namadi Sambo, Alao-Akala, Jonathan, Obasanjo, Oladipo

Image Source:
The Nigerian Tribune Online

A collection of people who stole our future and destroyed our lives, and having the audacity to call us rascals in our own domain, should never be allow to talk in our presence. Jonathan, though free to exercise his right in contesting for political offices, has not earned the audacity to stand before Nigerians preaching morality. He needs the dictionary of the humble.

Is Jonathan not aware of how the elections were conducted in Bayelsa in 2007? Was Jonathan not among those who supervised the violent elections in Bayelsa in 2007? Was he not aware of the masked men carrying guns and cutlasses who guarded the various secret locations where fraudulent elections were conducted in Bayelsa? Both Jonathan and Obasanjo knew what Obasanjo meant by do-or-die elections in 2007. It is their common trademark.

All the state chairmen of PDP across Nigeria were responsible for the rigging of elections in their various states. Jonathan, Obasanjo or any PDP follow-follow should know that some of us are aware of what they did in 2003 and 2007. Was Jonathan not among those bad men who were sweating as these evil processes were conducted across the nation in 2007?

And what about the scrabble and struggle for rewards for these nefarious activities when Umaru took forever to form the cabinet and government of the evil doers? Why didn’t Nigerians ask Umaru why it took him several weeks to form a government? It’s too late to ask now but we know it was difficult to reward all the evil people-they were so many that confusion reigned supreme in PDP and in Nigeria.

Jonathan or anyone in the PDP has no right whatsoever to call other people rascals. The real rascals are the PDP big-wigs and touts, the likes of those who showed their faces and stinking armpits in Ibadan where Jonathan had the audacity to call other people rascals.

PDP has bought the souls of millions of Nigerians with promises of instant wealth. The masses have been so disorientated that they settle for anything. Anything goes in Nigeria. The Nigerian laws do not catch up with looters. The laws of Nigeria have never been directed at eradicating corruption.

Where will the hope of the common people emanate from? It must be from themselves and this must be our new song until change comes to Nigeria. It must come.

Alao-Akala is a rascal, no doubt about that. Jonathan and Obasanjo have also acted as rascals. Or what is the meaning of do-or-die elections championed by Obasanjo? What is not rascal about Jonathan accepting a stolen mandate in 2007? Jonathan cannot go about calling other people rascals.

It’s like him going about saying we will deal with corruption and corrupt people. Then he has so start dealing with himself and the members of his family starting from his wife who has been implicated in money laundry and himself who helped Alams to empty the Bayelsa treasury. It doesn’t matter that Ribadu covered up for the Jonathans. Truth is always naked and telling lies is one of the most difficult tasks known to mankind.

I cannot shout enough that we need to do something to save the next generation of Nigerians. The third generations of Nigerians is about to be wasted, just like that.

The way forward can never be complaining after elections have been rigged or manipulated because they will be rigged and manipulated whether Nigerians like it or not. I have discussed about these issues and even proffered solutions in several essays. The acts of complaining before and after election have never helped us in Nigeria. We know the truth and we shy away from it. That is why we are not yet free. Freedom is far from Nigerians. We must earn it.

There must be mechanisms that can be enforced by the Nigerian people to make all the looters and corrupt people in Nigeria pay for their deeds and misdemeanors. I am sure there are mechanisms that can bring change and accountability to Nigeria. Nigerian politicians and military dictators must pay for their corrupt acts and evil deeds. They should be made to pay for all the murders and assassinations they committed directly and indirectly. Somehow we must make them give accounts of their stewardship in office. These are not impossible targets. Change must come.

I am convinced that with the PDP it is business as usual. With the way things are now, that party will continue to suck Nigerians dry.

I hereby cast my invisible vote for the Nigerian man who is so confused and derailed that he has no idea what governance means. My vote is for the Nigerian woman who continues to live her life in struggle and agony because she knows that the Nigerian government is full of clueless looters and rogues.

My vote goes to the Nigerian children whose future, like mine, had been stolen even before they were born. They are so unfortunate; they are born into a world that doesn’t care.

My hope is that one day my children and our grandchildren will cast their votes in one democratic republic of Nigeria where sanity, probity and accountability reign. At that time one hopes that the PDP and other associations of cabals, gangsters, rascals and political nonentities that dominate present day Nigeria would have been erased and replaced by Common Good.It will come to past either in Nigeria or in a region within it if every person is sent back to his tent. I am sure.