Show Me Your Friends (Evil Beget Evil)

By Adeola Aderounmu

There are different kinds of connections between people. When you decide to work for someone as his or her campaign manager for an election, it is certain that you share common ideals and have the same views about politics. It is not impossible that this type of association exist between people who even share common views about life, its essence and values.

I felt like I have wasted all the times and moments I spent watching AIT since the 90s. Never again will I watch Babangida’s AIT. I hereby declare a life time boycott of AIT.

AIT is owned by Raymond Dokpesi. In the years past I have wondered a bit how Raymond made his money. He established African Independent Television in Alagbado Village in Ogun State many years ago. Since I didn’t investigate about the sources of his funds I could only (wrongly) imagined that he borrowed money from the bank or owned some genuine businesses. How naïve?

Today Raymond Dokpesi is the Director General of IBB Presidential Campaign Organisation. This means that there is a chance that AIT was founded on dubious funds most likely tax payers’ money. If IBB did not provide the illegal funds, then some other fraudulent means were probably utilised.

Gone are the days when Nigerians are interested in how people made their money. This anomaly has ensured that people make money by all or any means possible without any investigation. A man or even a boy may be poor or living low today and own a jeep tomorrow. Certainly miracles still happen but leaving everything to “miraculous breakthrough” has eroded the spirits of hardwork and perseverance.

All the pretences of AIT to be interested in National Development through Information Dissemination were actually slaps on our faces.

This new obligation is a revelation that Dokpesi all along has been part of the looters of the Nigerian treasury through indirect means. Nigerians have been fooled, for too long!

Or is it a new development that Dokpesi needed funds to save his ailing organisations with reputations for unpaid staff wages? In recent events we have seen how genuine workers at AIT have suffered humiliation and demotion for daring to use their fora to depict maladministration in Abuja and elsewhere in Nigeria.

Whatever the case, show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Isn’t that what they say? Babangida committed treason in 1993 and his friend is Raymond Dokpesi. It means that Raymond supported the annulment of the 1993 elections and that he was happy when Abiola died. Anyone who is not happy with the death of MKO will not work for the evil that eventually took his life. What a tragedy for Nigeria that Raymond belongs to this school of thoughts-that evil should reign again in Nigeria. Need I say evil beget evil?

Today Nigerian media houses thrive on cash and carry basis. To rely on news or information from Nigeria may be very misleading and unwise. Discerning on the part of the reader/listener is a virtue in elucidating where the truth lies.

In general almost all the media houses in Nigeria are compromised. They are owned by one politician or the other. They are owned by one godfather or the other. Even if they are owned by businessmen, Media houses in Nigeria have political agenda as do many online blogs and information services. Ordinary Nigerians-the most gullible and resilient people on earth-continue to enjoy the “fools ride”. No greater foolery.

There are other sycophants like Raymond who are on the bandwagon. Their job is to sell IBB to Nigerians as a candidate. They are loaded with 12 billion dollars stolen during the gulf war and they are saddled with the task of convincing us that evil is good for Nigerians.

In all my essays I will almost invariably continue to remind Nigerians about the intelligence question. For those who don’t know, the question is about whether we as black people in Nigeria are stupid, crazy, cursed or just less intelligent.

If Babangida have associates, their positions on the intelligence question is clear to me. They are dumb. They love money and they want to be seen as wealthy. They are slaves to money, and of course several millions of Nigerians as I see it do not understand the essence of life.

Because people are so blinded to the transiency of life and the essence of living they miss the line and borders between wealth, satisfaction, happiness and contentment.

For as long as they live, they will find no peace because they don’t know what they are living for.

Vanity of men and human tragedies!

These people will try to enforce evil on Nigeria in 2011.

Kanti Bello is the Deputy Director General.
Sada Ilu is the Director Security and Intelligence
ABC Nwosu is the Director of Research and Planning
Sam Oyovbaire is the Director of Policy and Strategy
Kassim Afegbua is the Director of Media and Communications
Remi Adikwu-Bakare is Director of Women’s Affairs
Farouk Bibi-Farouk is Director of Youth Affairs
Shehu Musa Gamba is the Director of Contact and Mobilisation
Musa Elayo is the Director of Legal Services.

This is a reflection of the failure of governance in Nigeria. They are all directors. This is what everybody wants to be in Nigeria. Everybody wants to be the boss no matter the avenue or road taken.

This “evil list” shows those who looted together with Babangida for 8 years or more. It is always impossible for one person to loot, steal or destroy the economy without accomplices. This list should be taken by the EFCC (if only they know what they are doing) as the crime list. These people should be investigated for the period of time they spent in public services and every source of their income should be turned inside out.

If a genuine anticorruption agency investigates the people on this list, they will likely be sent to jail sooner or later. In short, they are the same as Babangida who should be sent to jail for treason, for annulling the 1993 elections. He should be held responsible for all the lives that were lost in the riots and violence that followed the annulment.

All these “hungry” directors will have boys and girls working for them across Nigeria and they will be feasting with the 12 billion dollars stolen a long time ago. If they must kill people like me to achieve their goals and objectives, they will. Afterall Dele Giwa was killed, allegedly by Babangida’s errand boys. We don’t know if blackmail was in the game that took his life. Now IBB has recruited more errand boys and those who speak the truth may be eliminated. The return of evil…

This is the norm in Nigeria. A catastrophe of unimaginable magnitude! Everybody is waiting for their turn to steal, loot and cart-away. This campaign organisation will be the life transforming experience for some people and consolidatory steps for others already used to stealing and telling lies.

Don’t cry for me fellow citizens. I have mentioned that this is my life now, to live and die for what I believe is the truth. I will always write about “the way I see it”.

Justice is dead in Nigeria. Everyone is fighting for his/ her survival. Goodluck Jonathan is not left out. He is fighting for his own perpetration. Look at his campaign team and see another dimension to evil.

This geographical entity called Nigeria will probably NEVER make it unless something radical is done. Nigeria obviously doesn’t seem like a nation or a country. It’s like a “thing” up for capture by the group that “outsmart” the other groups every now and then.

150m people must find their ways because government in Nigeria is neither by the people nor for the people. It’s pure rubbish.

Government in Nigeria is for those who captured political offices through Do-or-die mechanisms.

Nigerians who love social justice, genuine organisations that can defend the rights of the citizens in Nigeria must rise us against all form of political deceits. We now know where AIT belongs. It belongs to the evil axis. Let us do more sieving and bring together those who can use their senses above emotions, let us bring together those who know the truth that can set us free.

Let us for the sake of the unborn generations make the sacrifices that will bring prosperity to our children’s children.

If we must die for what we believe in, that will bring social justice and prosperity back to Nigeria in the future, so be it. No one leaves the planet alive. If we continue to remain silent in the face of evil, it will rise even further.

For evil to be eradicated, good people must speak, write, act, perform and die BUT NEVER IN VAIN. No society has been successful without these sacrifices. I live for this principle. It is my cause.

But mark my words; the 2011 is a waiting tragedy. We don’t need elections when we have no structures to work with. In 2011, the traditions of 1959, 1979, 1983, 2003 and 2007 will be repeated with fatal consequences.

Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Dokpesi is fighting for his pockets, as usual. He is Babangida’s boy, now covered in national disgrace and shame. Together they killed June 12 and murdered democracy. When they killed Democracy, June 12 and Abiola, they invariably signed a pact that democracy is not good for Nigeria. Why on earth is the champion of those evil courses seeking election? Why on earth should he be free? Where is justice?

Babangida annulled Nigeria’s freest and fairest election ever. I call on all Nigerians to resist him and call for his immediate prosecution. This greed for power must be his waterloo, an overdue nemesis.

These men have no reason to seek political offices because of the crimes hanging over their heads. They should be arrested and prosecuted now!

2 thoughts on “Show Me Your Friends (Evil Beget Evil)

  1. But if it is realy true that Dokpesi has dsclined IBB’s offer, then I feel that he is now thinking torwards the direction of majority of Nigerins. Let God give us credible and sincere leaders come 2011. Amen!!


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