Nigerians And The Burdens of History

Adeola Aderounmu

Nigerians are watching and listening as political schemers start or continue to test the political field once again.

I looked at all the candidates and it is hard to see any of them that should not be rotting away in prison.

Nigeria and Nigerians are saddled with the burdens of history-that constantly deny the truth.

We know who these men and women are. We know how they ruined the country.

They killed, maim, got drunk at the altar of power and they left devastating effects on our lives. They stole or they continue to steal. They gamble and struggle for power then and now.

Elections and elections’ results remain the most important single factor affecting progress and development in Nigeria. I have argued about this elsewhere (see my blog for details).

In 2011 history will repeat itself in Nigeria. This is not the first time I’m sending signals about things to come in Nigeria. It takes no prophetic ability to interpret these clear signals. It takes amazing and enormous stupidity to ignore them and pretend that everything is alright.

The Nigerian 2011 elections are disasters waiting to happen. How can we conduct credible elections without proper identification schemes? In my previous blog entry I have explained these things in details.

Fake identity cards are common all over the world. This means that there will be loads of opportunities to cheat in the forth coming elections in Nigeria. I have expressed my fears about this, how it will play out and how rigging, violence and bitterness will dominate the elections.

History will again repeat itself in Nigeria, probably more fatal. I’m not a pessimist. I try to place reasons above emotions at all time. I succeed for the most.

When you expect Nigerians to rise up and defend the good, they are no where to be found.

The ways we do things are just wrong. The reason for the failure of the followership is also attributable to greed, selfishness and the “cut corner / get-rich-quick” syndrome. Our methodology and approaches to issues are sources of concerns to global observers.

Why are thieves, looters, murderers and useless people campaigning on national televisions when they should be serving terms for their atrocities? I don’t get it.

We are standing on the wrong side of history. We are no where near the truth. It is ironical because Nigeria probably has the largest number of churches and mosques in the world. This is classical case of religion gone astray. We are far from the truth, we are all hypocrites. We confirm that there is no relationship whatsoever between how people call the name of their gods and their abilities to apply the right sense of judgement. Vanity upon vanity..!

It beats me that prominent people (if they are out there somewhere) and the rest of us are watching and saying nothing about the impossible task facing INEC. We don’t need elections in 2011. What we need is the re-structuring of the entire process/ machinery that will give way to successful elections in Nigeria. What about the horse before the cart?

Let us stop and think for a while. We may be able to reason together. Our lives remain in our hands.

2 thoughts on “Nigerians And The Burdens of History

  1. No matter how you tell us (Nigerians) to do right for our sakes and our children, God knows we won’t listen.

    Problems of the country is simple. “WE” are Cowards.” As stated in your article most of those runing for the 2011 election should be no where but in prison.

    Howbeit, we are all looking sideways and smiling to them as if they have our blessings of some honor.

    If we may recal that Dr. Obasanjo acused his father of the greatest disgrace in the world, stating his father had an affair wit his wife. .. Come on ladies and gentle men is this not enough for this imbecile to go somewhere and hide his face for the rest of his life, instead of roguing aroundwith his thick lips and useless robes of many disgraces he made for himself.

    Recollecting IBB’s case with Abiola was terriblye with all fingers pointed to him as the killer, and a sorry a… fool, and the embezler of the Nigerian funds with Obasanjo.

    Yet he is wandering around pullng his idiomatic muscle (for being a military junta) with fellow barbarians and scamps such as he is. IBB, Has the temerity of announcing running again? Why?????????? Aren’t we sensble enough to collectively demand some sort of laws passed to deal with these baseborns?

    What are the so called kings and the Nigerian leaders doing? Gosh, May God bless Late Oba Akinsanya of Ishara (penny a year Oba) in his grave for sticking up to his salary in the name of etiquet and his people. Who the heck are these eyesores, liars and thieves telling other clean handed runners not to run for the presidency? By heck! some of the bast… need to be sent to prison and used as examples so that the others can learn.

    It appears to me that we love purnishment, I can only say we are going to have bundle of it if IBB rule that country again.
    I am disgusted with these people. To hades with each and everyone of them.


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