Jos, Crises Without End

Adeola Aderounmu

When I heard about the recent uprisings in Jos, I didn’t show any interest in blogging about it.

Some friends have read tiredness into my recent attitude towards Nigeria. They have asked me not to give up.

I am not giving up. I am writing my book and looking after my family.

For the records there have been series of killings and counter killings in Jos in the past few weeks alone.

I actually have a feeling that people are killed everyday in Jos since the end of the 2007 elections. I have a feeling that there are thousands of unreported killings and extra-judicial killings.

The killings that make the news are the ones that leaked and could not be covered.

More than ever before the government of Nigeria and the Plateau State governor specifically must find a permanent solution to this mayhem.

But what is the solution or what are the solutions?

Since I don’t live in Jos it will be hard for me to proffer a solution especially on the short term basis.

But on the long run there is a lot of work to be done on education of the citizens and massive public enlightenment on the nature of the problem and the need for the citizens to eschew violence and embrace peace.

The politics of Jos has been mixed with its religion. The results continue to be fatal. How do we resolve this particular issue without arousing sentiments in fanatics on both side of the divide? It’s a precarious situation.

But I’m convinced that there are permanent solutions. It may take time but the crises can all be resolved and the people can live together, tolerating one another and enjoying themselves in peace and tranquillity.

Jos today is not a haven for anyone. That is unpalatable.

The people must be involved at the grassroot level as we seek lasting solutions.

Those useless politicians instigating unemployed people and the illiterates must be fished out. They must face prosecution for the crimes they have committed against humanity. The signals will be strong and definite when people are sent to jail.

That’s the hardest part of the Nigerian judicial system. We don’t send guilty and corrupt people to jail for fear or sentiments that are best known to the political or ruling class. We run our states and national issue like we are mafians.

Certain rotten and useless political Codes must be broken if we want peace in Jos and progress in Nigeria.

Now I’m digressing but I want to stay on this Jos crises.

There are ways out and the governor and all the stupid people capitalising on the ignorance of the people know that there are ways out. But because of the benefits that the political / ruling class get from the ignorance of the people, they prefer the status quo no matter how many people have been killed or how many more that will be slaughtered in the days ahead.

Our country is a peculiar one. We live always in one dilemma or another.

If I am the president of Nigeria I would abandon all the owanbe parties that I have planned or been invited to, I will go to Jos and live among the people for a few days, get a feel of the situation and proffer that everlasting solution. This may mean provision of infrastructure in every community, it may mean provision of good roads, good schools and massive employment opportunities.

I believe that there are ways to take peoples’ minds away from violence and religious fanaticism-find them something to do and give them their sense of dignity. Return to them all forms of social justice and ensure that there is something for them to look ahead to, a bright future.

One thought on “Jos, Crises Without End

  1. Hi sir
    Am really impress, so we still have people like u in d country? I suggest we both d masses have to do sometin abt wat is happening in our country.. Pls can I have ur e mail add??
    Tanx ur brother ABUBAKAR ALI


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