Nigerian delegates flocking to Super Eagles Training Camp

Adeola A

Nigerians will never fail to amuse you.

The team is hanging on a balance after dropping all 3 point to Argentina in its first match.

A coach was hired and he’s been paid millions of naira every month. He has a job to do and his job is tough.

But you see Nigerian delegates in South Africa at the Eagles training camp and you see a very rowdy pre-training and training session. Everybody has an idea and they don’t stop giving their suggestions on the pages of newspapers or through useless interviews in Nigeria and South Africa-they go ahead to invade the training sessions.

What do they want? I am sure some of them are posing for photographs with the players. Some of them are looking for handshake and other sorts of useless acknowledgement from the players and coach.

You don’t have to go to the training field to show your support for the Eagles. Get a Green-White-Green jersey and buy a vuvuzela to join the noise-making crowd.

Who are these delegates? What is their mission? Don’t they have any important assignment to do back in Nigeria?

There are serious problems with the Eagles. Add the problems of the delegates and what you get is a team that is on its way out on thurday evening.

Hopefully the delegate will stay behind to play the 3rd meaningless game IF that is what they want.

Give the Eagles a break and let them concentrate on the match with Greece. Too many cooks nko?

My take is simple, the better and more prepared team should always make progress while the unserious ones should pack their bags and go home.

2 thoughts on “Nigerian delegates flocking to Super Eagles Training Camp

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